Refugee Becomes Successful Franchise Owner and Real Estate Developer


By Victor Trammell

An absolutely beautiful West African woman from the nation of Liberia has achieved the unfathomable in the franchise restaurant and real estate industries.

Adenah Bayoh (pictured) was once a Liberian refugee who fled her country during the nation’s grueling civil war. Bayoh escaped the danger of this crisis situation in Liberia when she was still in her teens. During Liberia’s most recent civil war, the country was invaded right before the 21st century by the Organization of Displaced Liberians. This group made their incursion into Liberia from the African nation of Guinea.

A full-fledged military struggle ensued after this that put many innocent Liberians in danger. Through all of this chaos, Bayoh was still able to immigrate legally into the United States of America. By the time she was 27-years-old, Bayoh acquired an IHOP franchise, which was one of the most successful in the U.S. state of New Jersey.

At that time, Bayoh was the youngest IHOP franchisee in the U.S. Her store was successful and it wasn’t unusual to see Bayoh doing the “dirty work” to support regular patrons from the customer service standpoint. She also paid her way through through college at Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU) by working hard as an IHOP franchisee. When Bayoh graduated from FDU, she struck off on a path toward becoming a major real estate developer.

Bayoh went on to acquire around $200 million dollars in urban redevelopment projects.

Last year, this gorgeous woman got appointed to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York Advisory Council on Small Business and Agriculture and was also named to Ebony Magazine’s Power 100 list, according to Bayoh has two children that she is raising. According to Pix 11, Bayoh’s children are her “greatest accomplishments.”

Bayoh also has a free breakfast program for children that are under 12 years of age. She regularly hosts seasonal dinners during the holiday season for deserving families in impoverished communities. Non-profit organizations are key to Bayoh’s charitable activities associated with IHOP.








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