Relationship Advice That Wrecks Marriages


headacheBy Staff Blogger

Friends and family just love to get involved with other people’s relationships and they love to give advice. While they mean well most of the time, this advice can actually lead to the end of a relationship. Take what people say to heart but, in the end, understand that their advice may not be that useful and could even be detrimental to your marriage. Here is some bad relationship advice that may sound good but sometimes isn’t:

Have a date night – Forcing yourselves to have a date night will not get you very far. If you already do not want to be with each other in the house, what difference would it make being out and spending money on a tense dinner? Instead of forcing dates, try saying thank you a few times a day to your significant other, and also being more courteous and considerate. This will help them to feel appreciated and shows that you are noticing that they are doing things for you.

Communication is key – Well no kidding! Trying to sit down and hash out your feelings is often not the easiest thing to do. Many women make the error of thinking that if they talk more, that means they ar edoing a good thing.

Relationships are much better when you do not say every little thing that you are thinking or feeling at the moment. You may end up saying something that you regret in the heat of a fight and make things worse. Instead try to zip your lips when your husband does something that you feel the need to chastise and just let it go, sometimes.

Go to marriage counseling – Not all marriage counselors are created the same. A therapist may hate her husband and pass that on to you, or at least try to. If a therapist is inadequate, someone may leave a session feeling ganged up on and beaten up. Try going to someone who has a happy and successful marriage or relationship instead-most of the time, the proof is in the pudding.


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