Relationship Check: Are You Toxic or Dating Mr. Toxic?


tyler_perry_temptationBy Staff Blogger

If you are planning on dating someone long-term, you want someone you can bring home to Mom and Dad right? Also, if you’re going to attract “Mr. Right” into your life, you also have to make sure that when he shows up, he won’t run from you. Below are some toxic behaviors for both men and women:

1. The Material Girl – It’s all about the money, money, money. She is only looking at your car and bank account instead of the real you. If the money ever runs out, so will she!

2. The Dependence Queen – If you like making all of the decisions in the relationship this may be the girl for you, otherwise you should run. She will always look to you for advice and answers and make you decide on everything.

3. The Critic – This woman will pick you apart from your clothes all the way down to your shoe selection. She is a perfectionist and will never stop nitpicking.

4. Madame Bitter – Everything in her world sucks. You suck. She sucks. Life in general sucks. If you are looking for someone who is happy with life, you won’t find it here.

5. Miss Demeanor – When you are alone, she is great. She is funny and charming. But if you go out into public and she is not the center of attention at all times, she goes from zero to nasty in two seconds flat.

6. Mr. Can’t Grow Up – He is older, dresses older, but when he is around his buddies- watch out! It is the college dorm room all over again.

7. El Cheapo – Money is always an issue. He doesn’t want to spend it and so you will spend most of your time talking about cost effective ways to eat dinner. By the time you figure it out, you aren’t hungry anymore!

8. Mr. Egotistical – It’s all about him. He is the king of the world. He will talk non-stop about himself and never let you get a word in.

9. Mr. Control – If you want to be in a relationship with the FBI, date a federal agent. Otherwise steer clear of this one. He will have you under surveillance 24/7 and will not ease up.

10. King of Broken Hearts – He says he is over his ex, but don’t let that fool you. If you notice that he is becoming distant, it may be best to break things off now.


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