Relationships: Advice For Single Ladies Who Keep Making The Same Mistakes


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Do you constantly find yourself in an endless loop of bad relationship decisions and horrible boyfriends? Perhaps this is because you aren’t listening to some really good dating advice that others may be giving to you. Here are some of the best tips that many people ignore:

1. Stop reading too much into things. If he doesn’t text you back right away it doesn’t mean that he is cheating, out with someone else, ignoring you, or breaking up with you. Maybe he is in the shower or he is driving. He could be sleeping or have a dead battery. Before you jump to conclusions and pick a fight for no reason think about how far you are reading into things.

2. He needs space. We all need a little breathing room. If you don’t want him to think you are the needy and clingy type, you will want to just back off a little and let him breathe. It is okay if you don’t spend all day together every day.

3. Choose the nice guy. Bad boys are just that…bad. They will not change just because you want them too. If you choose a bad boy you will get bad behavior, plain and simple. Nice guys aim to please and will treat their significant other with respect.

4. Don’t wait for him. If you are waiting on a call from him, stop it. He will call eventually. Don’t disrupt your whole life just waiting for that call.

5. The past is the past and you need to leave it at that. When we date the bad boys we get hurt and that can ruin things in the future for us. We tend to hold a grudge even if the guy we are currently with has done nothing wrong. Let go of the past and focus on the present and the future with the one that you are with.

6. Don’t say “I’m fine” when you clearly aren’t. Tell him what is bothering you. If you can’t communicate openly about small things that are bothering you it will be harder to communicate about bigger things.


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