Relationships: Divorced Porsha Tells RHWOA Co-Stars Cynthia & Peter “Go to counseling”


By: Krystle Crossman

Newly divorced Porsha Williams has some advice for couple Peter Thomas and Cynthia Bailey. Since joining the cast of Real Housewives of Atlanta we can see that Thomas and Bailey have a lot of work to do on their marriage, but is the best advice that they can get from someone who just ended their marriage in a very messy and public way?

Williams says that their communication is what needs work. She sees a breakdown and advises them to seek professional help in order to get the communication back into their marriage. She says that she hopes that they seek help from either a therapist of a pastor to get them back on track. She also says that the couple needs to look back at where it all began and remember why they got married in the first place. Going back to the basics and starting fresh, that is what Porsha recommends.

On the show we have seen Thomas fight to get his own apartment so that when the couple fights he has somewhere to go if he needs to cool off. Porsha does not think that this is okay. She says that he shouldn’t have a place to run to if they get in a fight, he should stay there and talk it out with her. She is definitely right on this one, you can’t solve problems by running. They need to be worked through as a couple.

We have also seen in the show that Cynthia has been working so hard all the time that she is exhausted at night and often turns Peter down when he wants to get intimate. Porsha says that she knows that Cynthia is working hard but unfortunately marriage needs to be about give and take. Peter needs to be there for her to balance things out.

All in all despite her messy break-up, Porsha seems to have a grasp on some of the key things to keep a marriage together…just not her own!


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  1. Porsha mind your own [email protected] business. Peter threw the whole relationship and trust out the window when he allowed his mind to wonder into filthy territories, and hanging out with so-called friends with no integrity, no respect for his wife, no respect concerning he is in a new marriage and relationship.
    Peter can’t be trusted at all, pay attention Cynthia, you didn’t get this far into your career being stuck on stupid and its time for our blackwomen to rise, not fall back into the old-ways of turning our heads and looking the other-way / denial… and remember birds of a feather flock together…

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