Relationships: Tyrese Gibson’s Custody Battle With Ex-Wife Gets Ugly


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Tyrese Gibson’s divorce and custody battle have taken a very ugly turn as his ex-wife. Norma, is trying to call him out for being an unfit father. She is allegedly using his longtime friend Paul Walker’s death as a bargaining tool for her side of the story. She says that Gibson ran off to Dubai after Walker’s death and he should have stayed in LA with his daughter instead. She claims that this makes him a bad parent.

Immediately after the death of actor Paul Walker, filming on The Fast and the Furious 7 was stopped. Gibson escaped to Dubai with friends to help deal with the grief he was feeling. He also went to Dubai for appearances and meetings that he got wages from. His status updates on social media did not really confirm any of this, so it is unclear as to whether that is what he was actually there for or not.

Gibson was criticized for constantly finding ways to link Paul’s death into his different escapades. A memorial was held for Walker in Dubai. He met up with someone who owns the Bumblebee car from Transformers and became choked up in a video because there was a sticker on the back of the car with a quote from Walker.

It was also said that Gibson may have converted to Islam while he was over in Dubai. An Islamic religious video entitled The Purpose of Life – Muslim Spoken Word was seen on one of Gibson’s social media feeds with him saying “This gave me life!”.

All of this aside it seems that Norma is going to have to do a lot more than throw this in the ring to try and prove that he is an unfit parent and the battle, unfortunately is likely to get uglier as they almost always do in Hollywood.



  1. I may have missed something because so far I haven’t heard or read anything solid that proves Mr. Gibson is an unfit father. The reason given that suppose to have labeled him unfit is ridiculous. We all are aware of the statistics about dead-beat dads, and absent fathers. Particularly our black dads and fathers. Whether living in the same household or missing period. When we see a black man ( or any man ) trying to be a Dad/Father, ( as he should ) he should be given that respect. I think it’s pass time a lot of us so-call adults, mothers, and fathers act the part…..

    • @Lenneta B.

      I don’t know which sounds more confusing, the article or his X-wife. But Mr. Gibson is not at all what they are portraying him to be, something is not right. This is an article to walk away from right now, not enough information, probably doesn’t need to be addressed at all.

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