Relationships: Wendy Williams Discusses Working With Her Husband On Her Talk Show


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Wendy Williams is a very busy working mother these days. She has just signed on for her fourth season of the Wendy Williams Show. She has also signed a two-book deal that she says she is really excited about. She is the mother to one child, her son, Kevin Jr., who is eleven. Not only is she a hard working mother, but so is her husband who works as well, with her!

Working Mother recently interviewed Williams on how she is able to manage her home life and how she works with her husband. She also threw in a few extra tips about life and having girlfriends.

– On working with her husband on the Wendy Williams Show: Williams says that they have a great relationship. He is her manager and also an executive producer for the show, but when they met eighteen years ago they were just a regular guy and a girl who fell in love.

– Managing home life: She is a normal mother, and the primary caregiver in the home. She says that she attends his parent-teach conferences and keeps up on things such as when Kevin needs to go to the dentist to have his braces tightened.

– Handling hot button topics with her son: Williams says that she has a great relationship with her son and there is not a question that she won’t answer because nothing is taboo in their family.

– How she and the show have changed: They are in a new studio for the show now, and she says they are all feeling really confident. She wants to get back to writing.

– Her greatest satisfaction with her career: She loves when someone will come up to her and just start telling her their personal story.

– Her best Girlfriend tip: Choose your friends wisely. Don’t listen to the advice of every mother because everyone has a different experience at home and everyone’s kids are different. Pick friends who have similar lives and circumstances because they will be more understanding of you and your life situation.


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