Relationships: What To Do When It is Time To Let Go


letting goBy Krystle Crossman

When a relationship is over, sometimes it is hard to just let go and move on. There are many different ways to heal, here are a few.

1. Know that it is over. Once you have come to accept that the relationship is definitely over, you can begin the healing process and begin to move on with your life.

2. Allow yourself to feel the pain. If you hold your emotions in and don’t grieve properly, you could be hanging on to lingering feelings and hurting yourself more in the end.

3. Learn from it. When a relationship ends, there is a reason. Take the experience and turn it into a positive one by knowing what to look out for with your next relationship and knowing how to fix a problem when it arises.

4. Remind yourself again and again as to why it did not work out. If he cheated on you but you keep thinking that you want to be back together with him, just remember what he did every time you look at him. If you were the cause of the break up, take that and really think about the damage it did to your relationship and avoid it with the next one.

5. Get out and exercise. It can help to relieve the stress of a break up and can also get you into shape and feeling better about yourself. Try something new like Zumba or Crossfit.

6. Visualize what you think letting go of the past looks like and then turn it into action. If you think letting go means getting out with your friends and doing something new, do it. The busier you keep yourself, the less you will think about the past relationship and eventually you will forget about the lingering feelings altogether.



  1. Sometime God is getting ready to Bless you with something better, but as long as we continue to hold on to what has gone, you or I will not receive the Blessings that God is about to give us. Read Roman 8:28 in the Clear Word Bible and see what God has to say about things that go bump in the night in our live. Also check out my website; and see how a few women changed their surroundings forever. If God blessed then, He will do the same for everyone who ask.

  2. I will tell you a story that will help you see that God has great plans for you and me. I once ran to catch a subway that took off before I could get to the door. I stood on the platform crying when a New Yorker said ,to simply step behind the yellow line a wait a few minutes and another train will be coming by and this one will be empty. Praise God he was right. I say that to say this, simply step behind the yellow line of heart break, pain, hurt, anger and turn it over to God and wait for Him alone to send by another train and this train will be just want you need. God is able, simply trust him.

  3. Tonisha Highlyfavored Allsmiles on

    Yes! I was with my ex five years; broke up last year.This hurt is taking a while to heal. I have been back and Forth with this feeling.I was fine until I saw him and feeling i thought was buried and dead arose. I want this emotion to leave me completely concerning my ex. Our relationship ended last year, now he in another relationship this year. I thought, maybe that was to soon to get in another relationship. I still think about him often.I am emotional about him since our breakup because i miss him sooo much. I was ready to grow and he was ready to go!!!

  4. Break agreement with the soul ties, again…get rid of what u have that remind you of him, whatever he gave u…I know u know what to do, but keep doing ya!!

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