Relationships: What To Do When Jealousy Is a Big Problem


downloadBy: Isabella Carson

Jealousy happens in every relationship at one time or another and is perfectly natural. When it gets to be an all the time thing or becomes very intense there may be a problem. Your marriage will suffer greatly when one partner is so jealous that they keep you locked away from everyone so that they don’t have to worry about you running around on them. There are some ways that you can deal with this and help your marriage at the same time:

1. You need to continue to show affection to your spouse. If you never hug them, kiss them, or do little things like hold their hand they may think that you are doing this with someone else or aren’t attracted to them anymore.

2. Building trust between one another is a very important step and is something that needs to happen in every relationship. There are many ways to do this but once you have built that trust with your partner the jealousy will diminish. You need to be able to trust one another no matter what and building that trust starts as soon as you enter a relationship.

3. Talk to your spouse about their jealousy to try and figure out what is going on. Try to understand why they are having trust issues and what you can do to help them. Sometimes people carry trust issues over from past relationships and feel that their new partners are going to do the same thing their ex did to them. Once you have figured out what the trust issue is you can begin to work on it together.

4. Communicate every single day with each other. Communication and being open and honest is the most important part in any relationship. It helps to reassure one another that they are trustworthy and respect the opinion of the other partner.

5. If none of this works and the jealousy is out of hand it may be time to talk to a counselor. Professionals are there to help you learn how to communicate more effectively and can also help get to the root of the problem to figure out why jealousy plays such a huge part in your relationship.


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