Research Says Men Want Wives To Fail Otherwise Their Self Esteem Suffers


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Think your man is 100% supportive of the career advancements that you make or the promotions that you apply for? He may be a little less supportive than you think. A new study shows that many men want to see their wives or girlfriends fail every now and then when it comes to their careers and business ventures. It makes them feel a little bit better about themselves. When they hear that their partner has just gotten a huge raise, or a promotion, or gotten a better job offer, it makes them feel like a failure somehow. They need to be the ones who are getting all of the great offers for their careers and making the most money.

These feelings of self-doubt often come about when women show that they excel at something that their partner has previously failed at. For example if a couple is losing weight and the woman loses more than the man does he may feel that it reflects badly on him and his ego will take a blow. He may even feel threatened by her success.

The study performed at Florida University did a series of five experiments with 896 participants. During one of the experiments 32 American couples who were college students were asked to complete a test that would show their social intelligence through problem-solving. After they were done with the test they were told that their partner either had the highest or lowest score but what they were told was not true. While the participants would not admit to being affected by their partner’s scores a test that measured subconscious self-esteem showed that this was not the case. The men who had been told that their partners had done well on the test showed that they had lower self-esteem than the men who were told that their partners had lower scores.

Another interesting part of the study is that women do not feel threatened, nor is their self esteem negatively affected when their husbands or boyfriends perform better than them.



  1. Can you add links to the original research study?

    How sad that men are so fragile they need a woman to fail. This is one reason low-income communities have so much dysfunction. It’s hard enough dealing with hostility in the larger world. People don’t need to encounter this lack of support in their home, especially since their progress will benefit them and their family.

    Men who are like this need to grow up.

    I am not surprised about the study reporting that women do not feel threatened, nor is their self esteem negatively affected when their husbands or boyfriends perform better than them.

  2. I’m sick to death of these stupid so-called, “studies”. My dude has my back 100% and I have his. When he got laid off a few years back I had his back and helped him out financially, and when I needed to take some course for certification last yea, he paid for those courses and they weren’t cheap. Tired of these negative azz articles about us.

  3. James Roseau--Danbury, CT on

    This so-called research study is absolutely ludicrous, and it further helps to divide families. While some men may have hidden jealousy toward their spouses, many genuinely care to see their spouses succeed. What types of samples were targeted for this study, and what are their ethnicities or races? The reason being, I certainly do not suffer from any “crab-in-a-barrel” syndrome. Perhaps the lead researcher suffers such a syndrome, which he or she may be desperately and selfishly trying to present to the world or a specific group as a common issue among the male or female species.

  4. James Roseau--Danbury, CT on

    Why did this researcher limit his or her so-called study to the male species? It is a common fact that jealousy, which is one of the human emotions, affects the entire human race–not just the males species. I am certain that some wives are often jealous of their husbands’ successes.

  5. I agree with the both of you. I’ve been married for 37 years,been together since we were 16 years old.We have ups and downs doing this time but still always had each others back.We are now teaching our two daughters and four grand kids to do the same.The systems always try to find a way to separate us. Stick together,Show love, Peace within each other,and Always support your Black Prince or Black Princess.

  6. Those are some truly sorry ass men. If my wife excels we excel as a couple. If I excel we excel as a couple. A couple is not about individuals. It is about commitment to the marriage.

  7. dickens toussaint on

    These men are not real men but little boys. A real man want successful women one of my biggest turn women complain about bills when you first meet her. It shows me her life not together

  8. I appreciate the comments here, as they are so much more rational that this article, or the so-called “study” it comes from.

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