Research Says Women Can Be As Hyper$exual as Men


By: Krystle Crossman

There is an old myth out there that says that men are more s*xual than women. They think about it more, they do it more, they want it more. However, a new study shows that this myth is not true and that women can be just as s*xual as men. Usually we think of s*x addicts as men but this is not true either. Just as many women are hypers*xual as men. Woman have fantasies, fetishes, and k!nky likes just as much as men do. We just don’t hear about it as often because women don’t generally brag about their lives in the bedroom.

In the study a group of 988 women were asked about their s*x lives. They were all in their mid-20s. Some of the survey questions were things like, “I feel less lonely when I do something s*xual” or “S*x thoughts take over and disrupt my everyday life”. They also had other questions about [email protected], risk behaviors, and patterns that these women may have in their lives. These other questions helped the researchers to figure out if the answers to the first questions were an actual ongoing occurrence or whether they were purely situational thoughts.

What the researchers found from the answers on the surveys was that women who are more hypers*xual than their peers engaged in bedroom play with more partners, they [email protected] more, and they watched more p*rn. It was also discovered that they tended to engage in riskier behavior such as having multiple one-night stands or picking up strangers at a bar and leaving with them that night. These kinds of behaviors can have serious consequences. The surveys definitely showed that women are as hypers*xual as men and that those myths can be thrown out the window.



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