Research Suggests Women Cheat On Men Who Don’t Help Clean The House


By: Krystle Crossman

Gone are the days when a woman’s only job was to stay home, take care of the kids, and do the housework. Now with more women than ever in the workforce the household duties fall on the shoulders of both parties in the marriage…or they should anyway. A study in France from a website called Gleedon (France’s version of Ashley Madison) showed that women were more apt to cheat on their partners if they felt that the housework was not being properly balanced.

The poll included 10,000 females from the website who were located in multiple countries. They were all asked questions about why they were on the website and why they were no longer faithful to their partners. An astounding 73% of the women said that the fact that their partner did not help with the chores as much as they would like was the reason that they cheated. These chores included washing clothes, doing dishes, mopping floors, vacuuming, etc. Out of all of the women who were polled, 84% stated that housework duties sparked arguments.

The amount of chores that were done by men varied in different countries. Men in Britain contributed to 31% of the household chores (although black British men contributed to 40%). They would spend an average of six hours per week doing household chores and cooking as compared to their partner who put in 14 or more hours. In France no matter what the race, men were still only doing a third of the chores, if that.

The Office for National Statistics put out a study that showed the average number of hours per week spent on household duties per gender. Women spent an average of 7.62 hours a week cooking, 5.85 hours with transportation, 2.4 hours per week doing laundry, and 4.67 hours on childcare. Men spent an average of 3.65 hours cooking, 7.21 hours on transportation, 0.39 hours on laundry, and 1.89 hours on childcare. The transportation category is the only one where men spent more hours than women did per week. When you think about all of the chores that need to be done at your house, do you and your partner break even or does one shoulder more of the responsibility than the other one does?



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