Researchers in FL Claim to Have Found “magic pill” With Same Results as Exercising


mel b swimsuitBy: Tyra Seldon

Hours at the gym, counting calories and weighing in may one day become obsolete. The Scripps Institute in Florida is reporting that its researchers have found a protein, REV-ERB, that leads to the same results as exercising.

During the investigative study, mice were injected with the protein. Scientists discovered that obese and sedentary mice were able to lose weight at a faster pace than mice that were not injected.  The pill led to minimal side effects. The results have left scientists optimistic that humans could use the pill to achieve similar results.

With the average American woman exercising over 2 hours every week, this could lead to a major breakthrough.  Women would have more time to focus on things that they enjoy. This pill would also be advantageous for women who are physically unable to exercise or who do not like working out in public spaces like gyms and fitness centers. Not to mention, the money that will be saved by forgoing gym memberships and proprietary weight loss plans.

It is still too early to tell if clinical trials with humans will be approved anytime soon. Before the pill ever hits the market, it will have to undergo numerous human trials before it is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  With additional time, resources and research, there is even speculation that the pill may one day be available to children.

Some skeptics may dismiss this new discovery since over the course of the last several years, there have been numerous drugs touted as diet wonder pills. They also suggest that it may be years before one can determine the long-term side effects of such a pill.

Regardless of one’s thoughts about the pill, obesity is real and very dangerous. Obesity is often associated with acute and chronic health concerns like diabetes, health disease, high blood pressure and joint pain and pressure.  For women who have tried everything with minimal, to no, results, this pill may offer them hope that help is on the horizon of a medical breakthrough.




  1. I cant wait for it to be approved if it do because there are so many diet pills out there that says it helps you lose weight but it really doesnt so i will love to spend my money on something that actually works.

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