Researchers Reveal Surprising Facts About Cheating


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

A study that has recently come from the University of Oslo has found that a woman is more likely to cheat on a man if he has large test!cles. They studied different animals and found that this was the case. They did not study humans however. Here are some other oddities about stepping out on your partner:

1. Shop ‘til you drop: Cheaters love to go shopping, specifically at chain stores. Data was collected from (a site that tells users that life is short so why not have an affair) and they found that more of a third of 50,000+ women said that they shop constantly and spend a lot of money to keep up their appearances for their affairs. In order to hide these shopping habits from their significant other they get a credit card just for that store. The most favored retailers were H&M, Banana Republic, and Macy’s.

2. Facebook: Studies have found that people who are on Facebook are more likely to cheat as they reconnect with old friends and long lost loves, which may spark up old feelings again.

3. Let’s go out to eat: asked over 40,000 women what restaurants they liked to eat at with the person they are having an affair with. The top answers were the Outback, P.F. Chang’s, Chili’s, and Red Lobster.

4. Fake it: People who fake [email protected] are more likely to be unfaithful.

5. France: French people are more likely to cheat. A poll in France found that a majority of the men cheated and over a third of the women did.

6. Get slap happy: A survey was done by the Crime Survey for England and Wales and they found that out of the 38,500 people surveyed, 10% said that slapping your partner is an appropriate reaction when you find out someone has cheated.

7. Blondes have more fun: Studies have shown that blondes really do have more fun as they are more likely to cheat than women with any other hair color.

8. It’s all about religion?: A study that is conducted annually by and shows that people of Jewish faith are more faithful in relationships than Christians.

9. Barry White style: If you have a deep voice, people may peg you as a cheater right off the bat according to a study published in Evolutionary Psychology.

10. Kamikaze sp*rm: When men suspect someone of cheating they release more sp*rm than normal to fight off the sp*rm of another man.



  1. Alqamar Malik on

    What the [email protected](k is this!!!! I swear I have a love/hate relationship with your black world. They have just as many ridiculous news postings as they do informative ones….***sigh*** #MyPeople

    Hopefully the publishers will LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE’S pleas soon and take into account that we NEED quality news, not this kind of BULL CRAP going around.

    -With Love

  2. BuThis article is absolutely ridiculous & seems to focus on speculations as opposed to actual data…this suggests the title is nothing more than a gimick seeking a response…purely pathetic.

  3. This is a dumb ass time wasting story! This makes no damn sense. You want relationship help then read the book. This some bullshit right here!

  4. The Olso study mentioned in the first paragraph did not study humans… So it didn’t tell anything about women, since women are human. It may have studied females, but not women. It is hard to know, since the article does not provide the source of the research.

    You have a great website. Please keep it accurate, and provide details about the sources of research, instead of just “studies show”.

  5. This article is absolutely ridiculous & I am pissed that I even wasted my time reading after the first 2 or 3 sentences. Perhaps Krystle Crossman just needed an article to publish because she is paid based quantity and not quality. Regardless this article is ridiculously stupid. Seriously Krystle, do more research and publish articles that are beneficial and educational. I have read a few other articles by you and I must say you sank pretty low with this one. If you continue to publish this type of crap I will lose all respect for you as a journalist and ultimately stop reading anything with your name attached to it.

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