Risks of Being Obese That You May Not Know About


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

You may know about the risks of being obese such has a higher risk or stroke or heart attack, but here are 8 risks that you may not think about when you think of obesity.

1. Migraines: In a survey performed at Johns Hopkins, 4,000 people were studied and it was found that those with a higher BMI were 81% more likely to get migraines, up to 14 per month, as opposed to those at a healthy weight.

2. Cancer: Those who are obese were found to have a high risk of developing cancer. This is purely circumstantial at this point, but doctors have a theory that the excess fat cells in the body may incite more tumor growth due to hormone changes.

3. Infertility: The more obese you become, the higher the chance that you will be infertile. The more fat you have in your body, the more hormonal issues you will have, which leads to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and infertility.

4. Premature Birth: Those who do get pregnant have more of a risk of having their baby prematurely or having severe complications during pregnancy. It is speculated that this is because the fat cells weaken the uterine wall and cervical membranes.

5. Sleep: Excess weight can cause some serious sleep issues such as sleep apnea. This is when the excess fat around the face and throat compresses the airway during sleep and the person gasps or stops breathing for a moment. This leads to less quality sleep.

6. Love: The number one reason that people are bullied is because of weight. This bulling leads to increased depression and suicide rates. Often the source of the bullying comes from loved ones, who are supposed to be supporting you, not teasing.

7. Doctor Bullying: 67% of men and women say that they have been bullied by their doctor at the office for being overweight. This makes the person not want to receive healthcare like they should.

8. Money: An expanding waistband shrinks the wallet. Not only do you pay more for food, but you also pay much more for healthcare visits due to all of the medical problems that are caused by obesity.


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