“Rogue” Gynecologist’s Secretly Records Patients’ $ex Organs, Commits Suicide


By: Krystle Crossman

The Johns Hopkins Health System in Baltimore, MD has had to pay out a hefty sum for the actions of gynecologist Dr. Nikita Levy. It had been discovered that Levy had been using small cameras to secretly record the private parts of his patients. Hopkins had to pay out a $190 million settlement to the victims. Levy had been working for them for 25 years. He was promptly fired after the discovery.

In February 2013 one of Dr. Levy’s co-workers alerted her supervisors to a small pen shaped camera that he had hanging around his neck. They never had time to arrest Levy for the videos that they found as he committed suicide a few days after the evidence was discovered. They conducted a search at his home and ended up finding over 1,200 videos on his computer as well as 140 images.

An attorney for some of the women who were victims of Dr. Levy said that they were having a very hard time with the information and it had put them into dysfunctional states in their homes and at work. When someone breaks your trust like that you not only feel violated but can feel paranoid as well. People who have been s*xually traumatized like this can also end up ending relationships because they separate themselves from their partners.

There were 62 girls who were victims of this crime and when Dr. Levy had examined them he broke protocol. He would send the chaperone (a nurse of physician’s assistant) out of the room which you are never supposed to do when doing this kind of exam on a minor. A spokesperson urged people to realize that the actions of this one doctor did not define Johns Hopkins as a whole. It serves a cautionary tale to ensure that doctors are watched over so this kind of thing does not happen.

This class action lawsuit is one of the largest in history that deals with a doctor and s*xual assault. It will be settled by insurance. More than 8,000 women came forward in the suit and claimed that the clinic should have known about this long before and that they weren’t paying close enough attention to Dr. Levy. When the information was discovered Hopkins sprang into action immediately and informed the local authorities and escorted Levy off of the property.



  1. Diana Martin on

    Things go on like this because people keep a closed mouth. I studied Medical Assistance and was a Certified Nursing Assistant for over 20 years. I know and so do all of them that a doctor NEVER examines a patient especially a woman without another female nurse in the room. When these nurses were asked to leave the exam room these nurses should have spoken up and possibly had him caught much sooner. We have to say something if we know something. I am very sorry for these victims.

    • I was attacked in an ER by four males – one of whom was an orderly – in full view of the attending physician,and a phalanx of nurses and other personnel, who stood around watching as if viewing a movie. The entire ordeal was a case of IGNORANCE and BIGOTRY writ large.

  2. This man’s selfish act has tainted the reputation of a great institution and I am personally very happy that he took the ultimate responsibility for his actions. Although it was cowardly, he can’t hurt anyone anymore.I applaud Johns Hopkins Hospital for taking immediate action and responsibility in this matter and hope this does not deter black women from seeking preventive medical care which is very necessary. African Americans are historically negligent in being proactive regarding their health and this is incident is another poison that will enter women’s minds and cause them harm. African Americans tend to listen to untrained people and old wives’ tales and ignore sound advice which lead to early death from preventable causes. I personally have a female GYN after a male for many years. He was very effective, caring and professional with an easy manner but I personally prefer a woman and I feel better having her examine my daughters. I am also very aware of the rules regarding chaperones being present and most women should know that and do a better job of educating themselves.

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