Sad: Teen Who Went into a Coma After Breast Implants Is Unable to Talk or Move


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Linda Perez was just 18 years old when her life changed completely. She underwent plastic surgery to have [email protected] implants in August of 2013 and subsequently fell into a coma after complications from the surgery. She is now awake but cannot walk, can only speak a few words, and cannot do anything for herself now. She is skeletal thin but is off of her feeding tube which has given her mother hope that she will be able to make a good recovery. Perez has periods where she is depressed because she knows what has happened to her.

Just an hour after her surgery Perez suffered brain damage. The doctor who reportedly has a squeaky clean record as a plastic surgeon has ordered her past medical history to be gone over. He feels that she purposely left out information from him in order to avoid being denied the plastic surgery. When she gave birth to her son at the age of 15 she is reported to have had complications from the anesthesia that was given. According to her surgeon, if this information had been given to him, he would have either denied her the surgery in the first place or would have gone a completely different route with her anesthetics.

The parents of Perez have petitioned to become the legal guardians of Perez and her now 4 year old son. They are also planning to file a lawsuit against the doctor that did her surgery. It is still unclear as to what exactly happened that caused the brain damage. The surgery was performed at the Coral Gables Cosmetic Center and was done for $2,800 which is roughly half of what the normal cost would be. The parents were told that her heart had stopped during the operation and that she was clinically dead when they transported her to the hospital. The investigation is still ongoing and Perez will have a long recovery road ahead of her.



  1. So, so, sad and tragic. Many women have been brainwashed into believing that they must undergo all manner of cosmetic procedures in the vain attempt to be “perfect”, or fit someone else’s “ideal.” My heart goes out to her parents and her son.

  2. This is so sad. Be glad with what God gave you. Looking at the before picture prior to surgery, her breast don’t look that small. If and when she recovers from this, it’s going to be a long time.

  3. Why would they sue the doctor? She did not disclose all information to him and now they needs funds to care for her they’re going to sue. She knew the consequences of this procedure. She brought this on herself.

  4. sharon anthony on

    This poor child, why on earth would her parents let her do this, or did they know before hand. There is always a risk with a surgery. For an 18 yr old to go through a totally unecessary procedure, only to have larger breasts, and how many young women are having these kinds of things done? Makes me wonder if there was a boyfriend somewhere who urged her to do it.
    Young, and some old, need to accept what God gave them. Cosmetic surgery should be used for necessary procedures. ie. cleft palate, too large of breasts, etc. Not just for “beauty”.
    May God give she and her family peace and comfort.

  5. Don’t be trying to sue the Doctor for information she left out on purpose. People try to pull slick stunts on Doctor’s hoping he will know what to do while their under and that is not the case. In the case of using anesthesia, the Doctor need every bit of information about you right down to your weight. Some people believe that anesthesia is something that puts you to sleep like a sleeping pill, when in fact it works on every muscle in your body.

  6. Pretty,girls have options and hazards that many women don’t encounter. Certain careers demand a thin body and large breasts that don’t often occur naturally together. If she wanted to be an exotic dancer, the job may have insisted on the surgery and even arranged the discounted price.

    • Why are you qualifying her decisions? Is it to justify your own actions?? You comre off as a prime example of ignorance. I trust this young girl recovers

  7. The family is gonna lose the lawsuit because their stupid daughter didnt tell them about her complications with the anesthesia when she was 15 and had a kid.

  8. She is 18 years old and already starting with that plastic surgery business? Her parents should have been talking to her and reassuring her that she was fine the way she was. I agree with @blkfootblaque when he says they should not be trying to sue the doctor because she left out pertinent information that could have helped him when giving her the anesthesia. Be happy with what a God has given you and keep it moving.

    • Ms. Dez, I want you to try & explain the importance of putting gas in someone else’s car after you use it or to mow the lawn when you see it needs to be mowed & not only when your told to a 18 year old. The explain to me how you tell 1 to not have plastic surgery. Also the medical team are supposed to rely on “pre-surgery” blood work & test not on what a patients tells them, you have any idea how many people have no idea their allergic to opiates or penicillin, some medical teams try to save money by skipping the “blood work”, this needs to be examined to see if this was the case. Wow you people that have been on this earth for about 25 minutes swear you have all the answers & things figured out

  9. Why are these young girl’s so sexual at such a young age? A baby at 15? Breast augmentation at 18? Why such a hurry to be an adult? So sad, but these were choices she made and consequences she must suffer!

  10. I agree she Really Didn’t need To try an change Her Body! But she Did and Her family Needs All of whom Ever has Had The Displeasure of reading Her Story! Let’s pray and Keep praying The Lord blesses Her To Get Better and she’s able To Talk To other women of All Age’s So This Save n HELP Them To Make The Right Choice Amen!

  11. Oh my Lord people is sexual identity worth losing your life. Lord have mercy on this young lady and her family…give her a second chance like you have given so many of us!

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