Say What?: These Women Were Caught Having a $exy Solo Session in Some Strange Places


By: Isabella Carson

Women fly solo all the time but usually it is in the privacy of their own home whether it be in their bed or their bathtub. There are some women however who are a little more adventurous and daring that others and have been caught doing it in some strange places. Here is a list of places that you probably shouldn’t be loving yourself because you could be arrested for it:

1. Starbucks – No self-love during coffee time? Seems like a novel idea. A woman was caught at a local Starbucks chain in 2012 having a little fun in the middle of the cafe. After the police were called it was discovered that she was under the influence of drugs. She was never charged for her solo session but did end up with some possession charges.

2. The movies – 50 Shades of Grey seems to have women squirming in their seats but it is best to save those images for later when you are at home. One woman was making quite the scene in a theater in Mexico and it earned her a trip to jail.

3. The side of the road – Not only are you a hazard when you are parked on the side of the road but there isn’t much cover from anyone passing by. A woman in Connecticut was charged with public indecency when a police officer drove by and caught her with her pants down in the backseat of her car.

4. While driving – You would think that this would be hard to do but think again. A woman in Cleveland had a toy to help her out and a friend with a dirty movie on a laptop in the passenger seat. She was pulled over when she began to drive erratically and was charged with impaired alertness.

5. At the police station – A police department in Puerto Rico was ashamed to find photos of one of their female officers giving herself a little solo session while a male coworker documented. This was while she was on the clock at the police station, in uniform and all.

6. On the back of a bike – A woman in Daytona Beach, FL was charged with lewdness and lascivious exhibitionism after she was seen sitting on the back of a motorcycle in her garage with the door as wide open as her legs. She claimed that she was only drinking and smoking a cigarette but the neighbors saw a lot more than they wanted to.

7. College library – Oregon State University was horrified to find a video of a 19 year old student giving herself a little self-love right in the main room of the library. She admitted to the act and was given a hefty fine and could face up to a year in jail for public indecency.

8. Busy intersections – Do you ever have one of those days where you just feel like stripping down and walking into the middle of a busy intersection to have a little fun with yourself on top of a Lexus? No? Well that is what one woman did in Orlando, FL. She was arrested for exposure and criminal mischief.


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