Scary: Doctors Unable To Explain Why Teen Who Was Getting Tonsils Removed Is Now Brain Dead


By: Krystle Crossman

Having your tonsils removed is supposed to be one of the easiest surgeries that you could have. They put you under, remove the tonsils, and then about an hour later you wake up and begin healing. Sadly for one family, this surgery was not so easy for their 13 year old daughter who is now legally brain dead.

Jahi McMath, a California native, is currently hooked up to life support. She is on a ventilator to help her to breathe. She went in to Oakland Hospital to have her tonsils removed. During the surgery everything seemed to be fine. After the surgery however she began to bleed from her nose and her mouth. She went into cardiac arrest. That is when the doctors told her mother that she was brain dead. They do not think it is likely that she will ever regain consciousness.

The hospital has been trying to get Jahi’s mother to take her off of life support as they do not think that there is anything else that they can do for her but she is refusing. Naliah Winkfield, Jahi’s mother, says that she is not going to leave her daughter’s side and she is not letting them pull the plug on her. Winkfield says that the hospital staff has been very persistent in trying to get her to take her daughter off of life support.

Jahi went in to have the tonsillectomy and the adenoidectomy in order to correct the sleep apnea that she was suffering from. Sleep apnea is when you stop breathing for short periods of time while you sleep. This can be caused by a number of things, one of them being enlarged tonsils and adenoids. The hospital is currently under investigation to see what went wrong.



  1. Brothers and Sisters, please be advised that the number one murderers in America are doctors! Officially, they are responsible for killing over 700,000 people and injuring over 12 million every year! This is well documented information.
    Also, please be advised that there is no such thing as minor surgery! A tooth extraction can kill you. Anytime the skin is breached (cut) billions of life-threatening organisms (germs) enter the body. Most of them, because of the insane and overuse of antibiotics, are immune to almost everything doctors use against them (germs). Since most of us, because of poor diets, pollution, stress and lack of exercising, have weakened immune systems, the bad organisms wreak havoc in our bodies once they are able to invade them. It is a miracle that most of us live as long as we do.
    I am truly sorry for what happened to the young lady. I pray for a miracle for her. But, Brothers and Sisters, we must take much better care of our health. We must do whatever is necessary to strengthen our immune systems. That can be done by being positive, eating right, keeping optimum weight (not getting fat), truly loving God, yourself and others, and living a meaningful and purposeful life.
    As my father used to say, “The best cure for a snake bite is to not let it bite you”. The best way to stay alive is to not need the doctor in the first place. Take care of yourselves. Peace.

    • Knowledge is Power, We must take better care of ourself. @Ronnie said it,change your life Style, be a better you. Live Healthy, Live Long & Stong. To her Mother I pray for her strength, amen

    • My goodness…you’ve summed up just about all I was going to say, and so eloquently said! My heart aches for this child because she was against this procedure being done to her. Now look what’s happene! Her mother will no doubt spend years struggling over that aspect alone. Condolences for this sweet little angel.

    • Absolutely agree
      This is so scarey im going to have a a tooth extraction thinking that alone you Can die from is putting the jeebee’s on me reason also my spirit as been telling me something from previous…. so reading your statement is solidifying what my spirit has been telling me
      Pray to GOD im ok an I can come back to family

  2. An infection during surgery is a possibility for this young girl. Sepsis, is a life threatening infection that will take a life when doctors are stumbling over themselves not seeing the obvious.

    I am a Sepsis survivor, it is scary when doctors look for stupid causes instead of checking for infections fist. God is incharge of each of us, and we should pray daily for the lives of children as those that love them too.

  3. This is a wake-up call to people of color and thier children. Children Hospital has a full staff of prodominalety anglo saxion employees, this surgery
    was not moniter by professional nursing / just for the records a major national consuses is to remove “Black Nurses and Doctor’s and also blacks out of the medical profession. “Wake up “Black People”

    • Not only are Black medical professionals targets for removal, all others are as well. And the sad part about it is that Blacks want to see other Blacks in professions, but we don’t want to support our own by using their services. We go to White doctors, Asian dentists, Latino contractors, etc., (when we have money or insurance) but go to our own when we are broke!

      I’ve had a Black doctor for over twenty years. I go to no other doctor unless my Black doctor refers me. That way, my Black doctor is monitoring my care, and the White man knows it.

      I seek Black plumbers, electricians, roofers, auto mechanics, and eateries FIRST. I go to the White man only if he is a friend or if I cannot find a Black for the work, after search and inquiry.

      We have some of the best professionals in the nation in our Black race. White folk hire them in their businesses and pay them well to help their own people. Our Black professionals need to own their own businesses (clinics, law firms, private schools) in our community to help us!

  4. Sadly, everyone that I know and have known with sleep apnea is/was overweight. May the Lord perform a miracle and let this young woman live.

  5. The mother is right not to let them pull the plug. Four months ago doctors wanted to pull the plug on a relative who has cancer. Her sister wouldn’t allow it, and this woman is alive and talking now. God has the final say; not man.
    That’s why it’s called Practicing medicine. Often they are just guessing. Prayers out to the family. Prayers are p

  6. All of the postings are on the mark. I established an organization that addresses hearts disease and other chronic diseases impacting the lives of minorities. Hospitals factor deaths in their facilities that rank 2-1.8 per year. I guess this death will not push them over their quota.

    As previously stated, knowledge is power, and doctors are ‘practicing medicine. The lie being told is that minorities do not seek medical treatment. We as a people are experiencing health disparities due to the lack of healthcare professionals really giving a care once they see color instead to condition.

    It is imperative to get more people of color into the medical field (doctors, nurses, PA’s etc). This past January I had robotic surgery, got an infection (Sepsis) during surgery that almost took my life. Were it not for a young Black doctor asked to takeover the ill treatment of the Caucasian doctor I would not be sharing this experience today. We MUST take charge of our health and lifestyle changes.

    God bless all during this holiday season, and prayers for strength that will hold this baby’s family together.

  7. Tonsil and adenoid surgeries are very safe but every operation has a small risk. The most serious problem is bleeding, which may need a second operation to stop it. However, bleeding does not happen very often. During the operation, there is a very small chance that the lips, teeth and tongue may be injured.

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