Scary: Minister Convicted of Knowingly Spreading HIV Found on Dating Site


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Last year minister Rodney Carr from Memphis, Tennessee was arrested for knowingly infecting someone with HIV. Now this HIV positive minister is on the website and is looking for someone to be in a relationship with.

Carr infected a woman whose name has not been released sometime between 2010 and 2011. He found out about his diagnosis in 2005. The woman’s physician told her that she should get an HIV test during a routine visit to the gynecologist. As soon as she got the positive results back, she knew who it had been that infected her. She said that he had never told her that he was positive but she trusted him because of his profession.

The woman has a husband and says that he and Carr are the only people that she has been with. Her husband does not have the virus.

Now Carr has been spotted on this dating website. He has two different profiles. One is under the name “MinterWonderful”. She said that he is a creep and is not wonderful in the least. He has not listed that he was HIV positive on either of the profiles. The other profile has his full name listed as his handle.

When he was asked about his status by reporters on WHEG he said that he did not want to answer the question and then said that no, he did not spread the disease. A woman who leads the group, Friends For Life, which is a support group for those who are HIV positive, says that it is not a crime not to list his status online, however it is a crime not to tell someone before you sleep with them. She doesn’t think that Carr can be trusted to tell women that he meets that he is HIV positive.



  1. Don’t tell me nothing about these full of s*** a** pastor’s.
    He must be a pastor from LA. She trusted him is some dumb s*** for a grown woman to say. These fake preachers are people first.

  2. Phoenyx I hear you on all of that and have to add that this is a different time. Everyone must protect themselves as we have creeps in every profession I am sad to say. Cut that thang off !!!

  3. Moral-less land on

    100% rachetness all the way around. Fornication is sticking the knife in and Adultury is twisting it! This form of Christianity practiced today is so morally corrupt! The devil preys specifically on those with weak morality, that way it’s easy for him to convince you to do evil. First of all she trusted this Minister more than G-d, a very dangerous thing to do! If she had any sense of morality, then she would of smelled this ministers game a mile away and reminded him that what he was doing was wrong! If she was having marital problems then she should of sought counseling from the women in the church instead of this foolish minister. What ever happened to honoring the rules that G-d has set forward for our safety. Heck, if your gonna go against the grain anyway, you should at least have the decency to use protection! What is it with Black folk who refuse to use protection??!! Your ignorance will cost you your life now a days.

    • I along with millions of others are observing you Americanized “Negro Christians” loving your White Man Religion. You can never be spiritually free until you seen God internally and cultivate a real Relationship with his spirit of LOVE. Negroes of America you have been bamboozled with Christianity, You have been bamboozled with Religion.
      Your current Bible thumping, scripture spewing, Church going ways have failed to yield anything to you, your people, your community other than JackLeg Preachers, Materialistic preachers, and Gay preachers pretending to be straight!
      The only thing North America’s Negro Christian movement has done all too well is to be SHEEP!
      Negroes in America you must be like the JEWS and never forget! Never forget you were brought here in chains by a Race of people that took everything from you and gave you his religion and taught you the value of being a good slave by being a good “Christian”. To this day “Christianity” is served up to Negroes.
      it has done nothing to uplift Blacks in America.
      Which is why a young woman easily believes a man in a suit speaking Negro Christian Jargon calling himself a Pastor can have her open her legs just as quick as any non believing woman. Black folks you have been blinded by the white lights of a spiritually bankrupt Counterfeit religion sold to you by a counterfeit man. Begin to talk with God and be led in and through his spirit of LOVE through your gift of having a mind to use as spiritual communication to the source known as GOD.

      • Christianity is not a white man’s religion, its a spirituality that is for everyone to receive and for anyone who receives it will be called a son of God and will receive power to abstain from sin and its destructive consequences.I am a Christian and I have used God’s power to abstain from illicit sex and because of it I am HIV free, likewise manyother people including many pastors,evangelists and teachers. just like anything else everyone isn’t going to be obedient to the leading of the Lord and some will. My advice to you is that you open your heart up to receive him today so that you too will have the power to avoid illicit sex and HIV .


  4. Peter D. Slaughter on

    One of the reasons why I avoid these jive talking,jesus,god BS type characters.
    There are many black people who get suckered by somebody talking some slick,jesus,sounding talk.
    All part of some devilish game for sure.
    It makes all the real and true Christians look real bad for sure.

  5. Not to throw stones, but that is what she gets for cheating on her husband. As for this minister, God is going to deal with him. This is another reason why people do not trust the church anymore. We are so busy doing crazy stuff like this. Makes me angry. I praise God that He is not like this. If it was not for my faith in Him, this would most certainly deter me from ever getting to truly know Him. He is nothing like how we are acting. And as for dating, this is another reason why I do not trust the dating scene. Too many crazy folks doing crazy things. I think I will stay single; thank you…

    • Annette Jackson on

      I concur with you, it is important to have an intimate relationship with God because we all fall short and evil is ever present. However, I believe that pastors and ministers should be held to a higher standard because of their position and if that is too difficult for the person to achieve they should step down until they get their life in order according to the word of God. And I too am afraid of the dating scene for the very same reason you mentioned and in addition to that, I have zero tolerance for non-sense. But, as Christians, lets band together in pray for this pastor because something is seriously wrong with him psychologically and spiritually.

      • I too agree with you both, I too am also afraid of the dating scene and have long stopped dating as a result. There is just way too much going with men and it is no longer worth dealing with any of them… They lie about the following:

        THEIR AGE
        DRUG USE

        Why be bother with dating when you have all of this noise and drama to contend with?

        Never mind those that lie about their NAMES!…Oh no, forget it!

    • you are right!! This is why GOD says to study to show thy self approved. We go to church to fellow ship amungst one another. never let what someone else do detere what GOD has in store for you. Women should stop being desperate because waiting on a whole man sure beats a piece of man. Please lets go back to the old days, when a man courted you, treated you like a lady, and romanced us because thats what we deserve. Demand respect and I gaurantee the game will change. The ball will be in our court then we can call the shots. As long as women settle, why should a man give his all.
      Think about it. UUMMMM!!!

  6. Michael Jackson on

    Lol she thought an Adultrous “Minister” was trustworty because of his profession!……Am i being punked!!!? Are you [email protected]#%ing serious whats wrong with our people and these bootleg preachers? Yet Jehovahs Witnesses get doors slammend in thiers faces for actually TEACHING people the BIBLE. Wow!!!!!!!??

    • Michael I do agree peoples are just they were in noah time ‘ just don’t believe it will happen also when Christ was here on earth did not believe him but murder him for telling the truth

  7. Sometimes we reap what we sow.Sad she contracted the hiv virus,(having unprotected sex with someone who is not your husband) but when you don’t respect your vows you open the doors for every negative thing to come in . You not only have a death sentence you exposed your family to it . The pastor got you at a possible vulnerable time and took advantage. This whole thing is sad on so many levels

    • marva Lightbourne on are right, she is wrong ( cheating on her husband).. & he ( being a minister or not.. he is still a man.) & is a liar & KNEW WHAT HE WAS DOING you said, this is a sad story on ALL LEVELS !!..chairwomen concerned citizens committee, inc. miami,fla.

  8. anyonethinking? on

    how can you trust a person for there profession when what they are doing is a blantant contradicton to that profession. what true minister would be practising adultery to begin with? wake up you wil know them by thier fruits.

  9. To me this is SAD and NASTY, whether its her cheating on her husband, of the “Reverend” being HIV Positive, and sleeping with as many women as he can.

    Besides being a Fake Ass Pastor – He is a Killer. If he doesnt take your life, he kills every deam you may have had.

    LADIES- Protect yourselves!

    Look at the CDC’s numbers:

    African American males have 7.8 times the AIDS rate as White males.

    African American women have 20 times the HIV rate as White women.

    American Indian/Alaska Native women have almost three times the AIDS rate as non-Hispanic white women.

    Hispanic females have 4 times the AIDS rate as non-Hispanic white females.

    Native Hawaiian / Pacific Islanders are 2.2 times as likely to be diagnosed with AIDS as the White population.

    • Traci, you have been misguided. Only public medical facilities that have the majority of minority patients are surveyed by the CDC. This is what the CDC doesn’t tell you.

      The CDC collects data from public medical facilities where blacks, asians, hispanics,etc. or poor people go to be treated.

      The CDC does not collects data from private medical facilities where white people are the patient majority. That is why the percentages are misleading and do not reflect the real percentages.

      More white people are infected with diseases than black people and minorities because there are more white people and behavior and activity are contributing factors.

      So do intelligent research and stop spreading lies.

      • Amen!!!

        In history and in taking certain classes at a HBCU, we are tought not to believe statistics, especially among other races verses caucasions because its a known fact that African Americans will be singled out every time. We have to continue to know our history, get educated and follow our own toolage.

  10. preacher or not, we should not trust anyone unless we have been tested TOGETHER, at the same time. seeing the results from the doctor at the same time…. IF your life is important to u.

  11. Just because people label themselves as pastors and ministers, it doesn’t mean they are. The Bible clearly defines the qualifications needed for these roles. I mean come on, who’s stupid enough to trust a minister who is willing to commit fornication /adultery? Get real.

  12. I wonder why this article focuses only on the pastor. The woman put her husband at risk so she was just as guilty as the pastor. There were two evildoers in this case.

    So, the sister is just as guilty as the brother, but Krystle Crossman is only blaming the man. Shame on you Krystle.

    This is a perfect example as to how information about the spread of diseases fail to change behavior in some cases because one party is blamed when both parties have done something wrong.

  13. They both deserve each other, I always said women will fall for the three ‘P’s …..Police….Preachers…..Players,….Deal with it!

  14. Dianne Wallace on

    Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. Matthew 7:15-20. God seems and hears all things!!!!! He is not pleased with either of them!!!!! You live by the sword, you die by the sword!!!!!

  15. May God bless the Husband not to be infected and bless him with the sense to Haul -Ass from that cheating woman. If they have children someone has to raise them so I pray for the Brother.

  16. The Bible is forfilling, People you can’t Play with the devil, he out to destory,and kill. Ladies and Gentlemen know your place in GOD, and GOD will build a fence around you and protect from demons(wolves).

  17. Ok is it me or does this woman want sympathy? First of all I am truely sorry for what happened to her because this is no joke. But, I thought when your married you don’t go on dating sites looking for other men let alone sleep with them unprotected. Now she is angry. You reep what you sow. As for the pastor he is a murderer and should have a death sentence on his life, the old testiment, an eye for an eye. Remeber to all people, we are living in the last days and even the devil knew the bible verbatum. GOD bless and please stay mindfull because the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, it just has a new feel for a short period of time.
    C. Lee, New Orleans,La.

  18. HIV is not the culprit. The killer drugs like AZT are the real killers !!!

    [ Revelation 18-23 ]

    23 – And the light shall shine no more at all in Great Britain BABYLON ; and their shall be no more marriages in Great Britain BABYLON : for Great Britain BABYLON’S businessmen were the great men of the earth; for by Great Britain BABYLON ‘S
    ( Sorceries / Pharmacies ) were all nations deceived !!!

    Check out Dr. Peter Duesberg’s Book

    “Inventing The Aids Virus ” ( 1996)Revelation 18-23 is real…Many are on the Broadway of destruction.
    upliftdarace_144 at yahoo!

  19. Good for you you deserve it for foolin around while being married lord don’t like ugly I hope you have a very painful end, as for dip sht spreadin the sht he’s gonna touch the wrong girl and someone is gonna send his a$$ to the moon. DUMB A$$ES ALL AROUND SMH.

    • B…be careful what you wish for…YOU just may GET it…

      You have a bad heart…to wish someone a very painful end? Guess I’ll consider the source…

  20. This type of BS is a Slap in the Face to the Whole Black Nation & Shows the World that it is Negroes who Don’t care for Self or their Own Kind! This idea run’s Rampant Amoungst the ignorant Braindead Negroes if I get it I’m going to give it to Everybody? Dumb Asses! To you ignorant Ass Female’s KEEP YOUR LEGS CLOSED DUMMY! What does the Church do in the Hood besides sell a Fake cracker God & these Preacher’s are nothing more than Glorified Pimp’s & Con-Men!!! There are Real Preacher’s Find Them Dummy! Stay out of Daddy Long-Stroke’s Church Dummy! To the Husband Dump that Skeeza & find you a Real Woman because she ain’t the One! These Kool-AID drinking Negroes kill me the White Man got these Self Destructive MF’s on Remote Control they would Never Follow Marcus Mosiah Garvey because he was too Black? This only shows that something is Wrong with us Mentally We’ve been Whitewashed Dummy! But the same ignorant Negroes will go follow Jim Jones & Drink that Kool-AID??? Damn Dummies! Or Any Black Leader Who tried to Educate & Free Black Folks they don’t want it because they are Scared,just call the list Booker T Washington even MLKing Jr because he gave his life for us to get Free!!! The Honorable Elijah Muhammad who gave all he had to free us Mentally & Spiritually & Went to Prison Twice for Black Freedom,but we don’t care I ‘ll see you Kool-Aid Drinking Negroes later? SMDH We dropped the Ball Somewhere & lost our Moral Compass back in my time I would have listened to my Granny or Grand Paw about Female’s & what to do! Today that extended Family structure has been Destroyed by these Enemies & we watched it Happen in the 1970’s I feel sorry because some of these Cats are Dumb as a Brick????

  21. Now if he a pastor so much how in gods name he having sex outside of marriage… I won’t anyone claims to be of god and not acting godly… crazy… he should be ashamed to make a disgrace of god…

  22. Preachers hid behind God to get what they want they are men first .all they do is think of ways to get over on people mainly women . And we like fools fall for them. Because the speak of GOd … I married a preacher and he was the bigges freak I have ever met . After a few months I started hearing things about him so did my own investigation on him . When we met he told me he had no kids… I found out he had five kids and had been married before and he like men too and had been to jail before to .this man lied to me the whole time and he was on the dating website as well saying he still had no kids . This man is not scared of God at all and he calls his self a preacher and has a church flock following him .. lAys the only man I trust is GOD he’s my husband

  23. I dont feel sorry for the cheating married hoe or the slick preacher. Screew both those nasty fukkers. And some black women are too loose with their cooch. Either start telling these random male side pieces and jump offs to wear condoms or keep yojr damn legs closed. The whores husband should beat both their asses to the bone.

  24. This so-called Preacher is using the Ministry to deceive and get all the s.ex he wants. Women should stop being so gullible. This particular woman should never have cheated on her husband and possibly spread the HIV to him.

  25. Oh b the way the lying paster I married I filed for an annulment and won !!! On the grounds of fraud … The sick bastered found out he likes men and little boys . He’s going to pay in the end … So say GOD

  26. I wouldn’t want to sit under the spiritual leadership of someone like that. First of all, he call himself a minister? If this story is correct, he’s going around sleeping with women, outside of marriage. Last time I checked, this wasn’t the kind of conduct that was becoming of a minister, at least not one that’s preaching the Word of God. Secondly, if he refuses to stop his deviant behavior, then his status should become public..which should put a halt to all of his action, online or off.

  27. Yall sistas will kill us for calling out yall religious pimps (passas)!! F. U . C. K em all!! If a man don’t work how is he eating? Yall are feeding him! But ull look down on ur brother without a job. I guess the dopeboys said it right” I ain’t giving that nicca shyt, he hustlin just like I am and u can’t hustle a hustla. !!”.. u can learn a lot from just opening ur eyes and using common sense and wisdom..oh but passa is only real man in the world!! Sick…Ptah Ra…

  28. Gregory Simmons on

    Many people on this site do not want to face Raality, they continue to keep their heads in the sand.

    listen up- the so called ‘christian religion is a dirty, filthy, criminal society created by terriosts who murdered killed women children and babies, the parasite who set this was none other than a faggot named Constantine at the conference of Nicea 325AD when they created a white ‘Jesus’ by the way there was never ever anyone who lived on this earth by that name- FACT.

    The issue/problem is that many pastors bishops preists etc lack any historical foundation- right kowledge of what they have been told in their foolish theological sunday schools, as a result end up spewing out the same /nonsense garbage time and time again..

    This is clear from the multitude of comments on this forum , who talk about , ‘it does not matter what you believe in-etc there are are good few who speak th absolute truth like -I Muhammad( I am not a muslim and will adress those crooks too very soon ) all those pastors etc should watch a film caled ‘Hidden Colours part 1 & 2 , read books such as metu neter part 1 and get educated..

    The bible ( basis instruction before leaving europe/england) is wrong, the koran is wrong, the Torah is wrong, the Vedas is wrong all interpretered by killers of Akikans , who in turn hide behind titles etc…

    Afrikans need to wake up fast and return to our ancient way of life, we should be able to marry more than one wife upfront rather than hide like rats infecting people with diseases which never came from Afrika but from filthy homos FACT,,,,’truth has no friends and truth has no enemies’-.tehuti raa). remember that…folks. there are no devils; only those manufactured to promote lies and deciet in minds already polluted by ignorant information.

  29. I Hope And Pray It Will Not Be Too Much Longer Before Father God And Lord Jesus Take All These Worthless Pieces Of Trash Pastors, Preachers, Teachers, Racist Trash And Ignorant “niggers” Right Out Of This World. I Wish They Would Let Me Do It For Them.

  30. What this Pastor did, and is doing, is wrong. But what she did was wrong too. Her husband trusted her to be faithful, honest, etc., but, just she went sleeping around with the Pastor. She didn’t even have the decency, to even use protection. Furthermore, she let him come inside of her. She got exactly what she deserves. I thank GOD that I’m single, childless, living in my own home, paying my own bills, and putting food on my own table. What in the world, made her believe, that she could be unfaithful, not to mention, untrustworthy, to her husband, and that someone would be truthful to her? You just can’t trust people like you used too. Too many diseases too.

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  32. Preston T. Smith on

    I am not surprised and this is why I am not a church goer. At a very earl age I didn’t want to go to church because I remember my pastor not going to see my grandmother when she was dying. My grandmother lived and breathed the church she went to. My grandmother lost an eye to cancer and had R.A. in both legs. She lived on the top floor in a tenement bldg in Harlem NYC.From Sunday to Wednesday she was a devoted member of that church.She was a missionary a member of the senior Choir. Good old Rev never came to see her. Rev sure could ask for more money for his vacation when he wanted go on vacation. Please don’t get me wrong I believe in a creator but I don’t want to be Bs’ed

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