“Scary thin” Biggest Loser Winner Admits She May Have Gone Too Far


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Biggest Loser winner Rachel Frederickson was on the cover of People Magazine this week and during her interview she admitted that she may have gone a little overboard with her weight loss. She said that she was working out pretty much all day, every day. She is still happy with her weight loss and proud of her journey but was really shocked at all of the negativity that was thrown at her after the finale aired. The negativity came after the Biggest Loser winner was seen by many as being “scary thin”.

Senior Editor for People Magazine Michelle Tan said that during an interview with Rachel she could see that she looked much better than she had on that last finale. She looked very healthy and had a glow about her that was refreshing. Rachel denied that she had any type of eating disorder and was making very healthy choices with her life.

Dolvett Quince who was Frederickson’s trainer on the Biggest Loser told her that she needed to find a balance between eating right, working out, and knowing when too much is too much. As of right now, she works out six hours per day, but he wants her to minimize that to 90 minutes per day. If she can find the right workout and balance that with healthy meals she will be able to keep the weight off and still feel great.

People magazine is usually a big supporter of the Biggest Loser but this year after the season was over they decided to do a story on the ways that NBC could fix the show. Some of the suggestions were that the trainers could help the contestants more at home once they are off the ranch and that workouts should not be as severe while they are taping the show so that the contestants lose weight more gradually.


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