School Kids Mad At Mrs. Obama For “Nasty” Lunches


By: Krystle Crossman

High school students all over the country are in protest over new school lunch requirements. Many are placing blame on first lady Michelle Obama. One student in North Carolina stated that she was glad that they are trying to get the students to eat healthier at school but the way that they are going about it is causing more problems than just eating extra calories. She stated that kids are throwing their lunches away because they are so “nasty”.

These new lunch requirements have been noted by the nutrition directors at high schools who are now asking that the Department of Agriculture loosen the reins on their requirements. A high school senior in Georgia says that it is Mrs. Obama’s fault but also must the fault of others as well. He said that he is sure the servers are just doing what they are told and that it can’t just be one person’s fault. He stated that most of the students will deal with the lunches they are served but a lot of them bring their own lunch now instead of getting it through the school. Most of the complaints are that the “healthier” food does not look edible.

The law that put these new standards into schools around the country is called the Healthy and Hunger-Free Kids Act which was put into action by Mrs. Obama. School cafeterias are worried for the students as they are not eating a lot of the food they are given. It was found however that the problem does not lie on Mrs. Obama’s shoulders. The Department of Agriculture made the standards and some of the schools are having a hard time adjusting. One student sent a message on Twitter showing a photo of a sad-looking chicken sandwich and a carton of 1% milk stating this was all they had to each for lunch. The school however was not in compliance with the new standards as there were no fruits or veggies given.

The new requirements are that the meals must offer:

– Whole grains
– Low-fat or fat-free Milk
– Fruits
– Vegetables
– Protein

The students can decline two out of those five requirements but they are forced to take one veggie or fruit. That does not mean that they will eat it however. The problem is that teens are so used to eating junk food in large portions that they are going to be dissatisfied no matter what the new requirements are.



  1. Ann Garrett on

    If the parents taught their children the proper foods to eat by the time they entered the school system, they would already be eating them, now just like everything else, the school system has to try and teach fat albert and the gang what they should be eating! Because all their parents know is the drive thru at Mickey D’s.

    • Jeanie Bates on

      You have not idea what you are talking about. This lunch food deal goes further than you can even imagine. The Federal government is requiring School Systems to buy food from certain vendors. The food is terrible. I would suggest you go eat at a school near you before you judge these children. Most school systems are losing money because they are having to feed those on free lunch and they are not getting the needed income from those not on free lunch. They are in the red. One example of this nasty food is mechanically separated chicken nuggets. Some schools are having these nasty things two times a week. Do your research before you start blaming “fat” children. The food is not fitting to eat. Taste wise and nutrition wise either. Lunch in some cases is the only food some children have all day. Why shouldn’t it be fitting to eat????

  2. Diana Martin on

    When I was in school the food was enjoyable and we had choices of other things we could buy with money and eat. However I have seen what they feed the children now at my daughter’s school. I would not want it either and we have a very healthy lifestyle. Plain and simple most children do not eat things like whole grains and veggies on a regular. Now the argument is not whether or not they should. It is just a reality that they don’t especially those in the inner city. I am not saying to give them junk but we had things like fish, pizza, burgers and spaghetti at my elementary. I think they should change the menu to fit the children and their taste. You are not going to force them to eat healthy by giving them things they are not used to eating. They will just wait till they get home and eat. Like my daughter does.

  3. Most of these children were raised on McD’s and more junk because most of their parents are too lazy to or can’t cook.

    PopTarts, Fruit Loops, and other sugar loaded products is what they [children] desire.

    The drive-thru is not the family kitchen and you wonder why the scholastic levels are the lowest it has been in 40-years. Diets and food choices have been linked to several childhood learning disabilities.

    This country has the FATTEST people in the world (proven) and this proves that healthy food taste ‘nasty’.

    • Jeanie Bates on

      Instant potatoes and parboiled frozen chicken legs is not healthy. The fruit is not “fresh” fruit it’s unsweetened applesauce in small pull off containers. Do your research before you blame McD’s! School systems should not be required to buy from Federal Government approved vendors. They should be able to get local produce and they should be able to serve good food.

  4. I think it’s important to feed children what the like in a healthier way. Do away with fried foods and opt for oven fried, that way they get something familiar that is healthier. Not every parent has the means feed their children so this exposure at school is just a shock to the system.

    Secondly, herbs and spices do a lot for these items. You don’t have to use salt to make something taste good. If the food is good, the “healthy” part doesn’t matter to a child that just loves good food.

    • Jeanie Bates on

      Here is one of the vendor. Read this list. See any “fresh” Veggies or “fresh” Fruit and look at the portion size. Take in consideration that this is being eaten by a child from age 4-18 years old (and teachers) and it has to last them until they get another meal and sometimes that’s never. Some children are going hungry.


  5. Lashaun Brown on

    I honestly agree with that one student. I am in 8th grade and the lunches are just reheated from yesterday lunches. #ThanksMichelleObama our lunches are not even cooked….We only eat the lunches because, we either starve or eat. I only ate food once and that was the last time I ever ate it. One kid from Western Heights Middle School got food poisoning and never came back. Michelle thinks she can change our food well guess what I eat chips, icecream, and rice krispie treats for lunch everyday. I only go in line for the drinks the food I just throw away so #ThanksMichelleObama.

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