Scientifically Proven Ways To Boost Your Confidence Even When It Is Low


By: Krystle Crossman

There are going to be times when you feel less than confident in life. You may feel like you aren’t doing anything right or that you can’t do what you are setting out to do. Here are eight tips that are scientifically proven to boost your confidence even if you have none:

1. Stand tall and proud. Even if you aren’t confident in what you are doing, you should be standing tall with proper posture. This makes you appear to be more confidence than you may really be. It will help you to act with more authority than you normally would.

2. Take a little more time in the morning to really get your appearance to what you would like it to be. Confidence will start when you wake up and get yourself together.

3. Learn a foreign language. This will help not only to boost your confidence but can also help you to get a pay raise at work because you are able to speak with customers that others can’t.

4. Make some time to listen to some songs with heavy bass. Studies have shown that you are more confident in yourself when you are listening to a song with a heavy bass beat.

5. Think about your favorite celebrity and write down all of the qualities that they have that you feel that you possess too. You will be able to look and see that you are not that different from a person with a lot of confidence in front of others.

6. Choose your clothing wisely. There are certain types of clothes that can make you feel more powerful. A study was conducted that showed that participants who took tests wearing a white doctor’s coat performed better than those who didn’t.

7. Think back to a time when you had a lot of confidence or felt like you had a lot of power. Think about why you felt that way and try to recreate the feeling for everyone.

8. Stretch out those muscles. Studies have shown that when you stretch your muscles you help to increase blood flow and improve your posture. You will be more alert and more confident in no time.


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