Scientists Made Chocolate With Half The Fat Content, Same Silky Texture


chocolateBy Staff Blogger

Chocolate can be a woman’s best friend and worst enemy all at the same time. You know how that time of the month rolls around and all you can think of is eating a big hunk of chocolate, but then feel guilty after because of the high fat content? This may not be an issue for much longer!

There is a new technique that was developed by the University of Warwick in the UK that cuts the fat content of chocolate in half by using fruit juice to make it. The study was published in the Journal of Material Chemistry. Scientists injected tiny fruit juice bubbles into chocolate, which cut the fat in half but still kept the creamy texture of the chocolate.

The tiny droplets of cranberry, apple, and orange juices were infused into the chocolate. Milk, dark, and white chocolate were used in the tests. Normally cocoa butter and milk are used to make the chocolate and both are high fat ingredients. The scientists are very hopefully about their discovery. They have developed the chemistry to help make chocolate a little bit healthier so that people can enjoy it more often. Another benefit to the chocolate being infused with fruit juice is that they have a longer shelf life without the while milky film that chocolate can often get when kept for too long.

There is a downside to this new process. Some of the chocolate will retain the fruity taste along with the chocolate taste. They have been working on a remedy for this where water with a small amount of ascorbic acid added can be substituted for the fruit juice. Sadly fruit juice is still loaded with sugar, which will still cause weight gain.


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