Secrets of Productive People: How They Get Everything Done


By: Krystle Crossman

When you have a giant list of things to do every day it can become overwhelming and sometimes will make you lose all motivation to get anything done. Here are some tips from productive people on how they are always able to get things done and cross off everything on their list.

1. Write down the list of things that you need to do. This will help you to visualize it and will also give you a sense of accomplishment as you cross each one off. You can “write” them down electronically as well. Set calendar reminders on your phone so that you don’t forget about what needs to be done.

2. Prioritize things like emergencies. Having a list written down helps in this situation as well because it will allow you to pick up where you left off in case an emergency does come up and you are distracted from working on the list of things to do. It will help you to keep track of what you have done and where you are at should a distraction arise.

3. A LinkdIn survey showed that % of artists believed that they have done a good job knocking down their daily task list every day, while 91% of agricultural professionals such as farmers feel they have done their job well. The structure and regimen that some professionals such as farmers have may prove to be a challenge for those who enjoy being creative and spontaneous. It is said that it takes at least 20 days to develop a new habit, so start with your productivity. Add some structure little by little so that eventually it becomes a part of your day and doesn’t feel like a chore.


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