Self Control: The People Around You Can Make Or Break You


black womenBy Staff Blogger

Self-control is something that a lot of people have a problem with. It is hard to be around temptations and not give in to them. So how do you go about boosting your self-control and making sure that you are a stronger willed person when temptation comes around?

 First you should try to surround yourself with others who are strong around temptation. Their strong sense of self-control will help you to boost yours. You will be more inclined to follow in their footsteps to feel ‘in’ with the crowd.

 A study was done that included several different experiments and was published in the journal, Psychological Science. During one of these experiments participants watched a video. During the video, words would pop up onto the screen. Some of the participants were told not to read the words and the other group was not told anything about what to do with the words.

 After the video was finished, the participants were told to read descriptions of managers who had low, high, and incidences of both low and high self-control. The study showed that participants who were told not to read the words had a higher opinion of the managers who had high self-control.

 Another study followed 136 couples that were romantically involved. It was reported that people with low self-control dependent on a partner with high self-control.

 A final note on how to boost your self-control is to look at the big picture. Don’t look at the little things that are coming your way. This is useful when you have goals such as weight loss which is often difficult to stay motivated with when you are only looking at the little goals. Stay focused on the big picture of how you will look when you hit your goal weight. Maintain that image to keep your self-control around that cookie!


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