Self Professed “Stinky Girl” Tips for Controlling Body Odor Naturally


By: Krystle Crossman

Body odor is a terrible thing to have. For most deodorant takes care of it through the day, you shower, and then you are good to go. For others the smell just does not disappear. It gets worse on hot days when sweating. Writer Kimberly Lo said that she noticed that she had a really strong odor and no amount of bathing and deodorants would get rid of it completely. She said that even a doctor told her that she had the most memorable sweat the doctor had even smelled. She tried everything to control the body odor and finally found some approaches that kept the smell at bay for a while.

– Wear linen or cotton that is all natural. Natural fibers breathe easier and allow you to cool down quicker than synthetics. This means that you will not sweat as much and you also will not be trapping the smell in your clothes. There are some times such as after a heavy workout where you have been sweating constantly that the smell will stick to the natural fibers. Lo suggests that if the smell hasn’t come out after the second wash, it probably isn’t going to.

– Baking soda is great for picking up odors out of clothes and fabrics. It is better than talcum powder or cornstarch most times. Lo says that she will use a powder puff to apply the baking soda on her armpits right from the box. It is a cheap way to help get rid of the odor in your shoes as well. Simply place a few teaspoons of the baking soda in the shoes and leave it there for a few hours before shaking them out.

– After you work out or get a heavy sweat going, try to shower or bathe as soon as possible. Try within an hour of the workout. If you can’t make it to the shower just try to take a washcloth and wash the areas where you sweat the most.

– If you are in a pinch, try putting some vodka on. Take a cotton ball and rub vodka under your arms. You can add a little glycerin and essential oils so that you don’t smell like a walking bottle of vodka and will be protecting yourself from body odor.



  1. Also try using a shampoo that contains zinc as a bath soap. It kills hair and scalp odor, it may work for other areas too.

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