Serena Talks About Her Hidden “Talent” and Body Image


serena-williamsBy: Krystle Crossman

You may know a lot about world champion tennis star Serena Williams but did you know that she is a seamstress? She gushed all about her sewing talents in an interview with DuJour. She said that her mother taught her to sew when she was 2 or 3 years old.

Back when she was a child, Williams used her talents with a needle to make doll clothes. Now she uses these skills when she has a wardrobe malfunction on the court. She had to put her sewing know-how to use at a recent photoshoot. She was jumping for an action shot and her dress tore right on set. She asked someone to bring her a sewing kit and fixed it by herself, making it look brand new again.

Not only does she have skills with a needle and a tennis racquet, but she is also an actress, an author, a certified nail technician, and a fashion designer as well! She has so many different talents and excels at so much in life. You would probably never guess that she had self-esteem issues.

Williams states that she wasn’t always a confident woman. She dealt with body issues for many years just as most women do. She said that she kept comparing herself to her sister Venus who was skinnier and taller. It didn’t help matters that magazines would often compare her build to that of a “monster truck”. Williams said she just began to feel more confident about herself 6 or 7 years ago.

She now loves who she is and encourages others to feel the same way about themselves. She said that it wasn’t easy, and it took a while for her to finally feel that way about herself.


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  1. Tiffani Chanet on

    I can relate to that. It is hard being compared to your older sister. Trust I know all about that. The best part is when you recognize yourself as an individual and define your self worth. I remember the comments made in the beginning. People are not always aware of the foolish rubbish they allow to release off of their stained tongues. However; others are fully aware. I respect Serena and Venus for sticking side by side in a world conditioned to destroy and dissipate. #teambeyourself. Peace.Love and bundles of Hugs.

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