Serena Williams Just Just Made History As She Won Another Wimbledon Championship


By Victor Trammell

Multiple tennis champion Serena Williams (pictured) has just added another extraordinary accolade to her long list of sports achievements.

However, Serena’s latest championship win did not come without struggle. She lost three straight major tennis tournaments before winning the Wimbledon Championship by defeating Angelique Kerber on Saturday (July 9th). Kerber was ranked number four overall in the tournament prior to her loss.

It’s safe to say that Williams has redeemed herself with this latest win. The wins that are achieved after a temporary struggle are always the best. Williams scored the match¬†7-5, 6-3, to win Wimbledon. She ties Steffi Graf for the most career Open-era Grand Slam wins, which is 22 of them.

“I had a couple of tries this year, I lost to two great opponents — one of them actually being Angelique,” Williams said in a press interview after the match. “It makes the victory even sweeter to know how hard I worked for it,” she continued.

This is the seventh Wimbledon win for the 34-year-old Williams. This is another record she had tied with Steffi Graf. Martina Navratilova holds the record for most Wimbledon wins of all time. Navratilova won the title nine times. Williams said she feels a sense of comfort at Wimbledon when she competes there.

“This court definitely feels like home,” Williams said.

The match between Williams and Kerber was very competitive and Kerber definitely put up a fight. However, Williams continued to impose her dominance using her incredibly strong serve, which proved to be too much for Kerber to handle in the end.

Willams lost to Kerber in an Austrailian Open finals match that occurred this past January. She definitely wanted to even the odds by winning this Wimbledon match against Kerber.

“I love playing her,” Williams said in her interview after Wimbledon final. “She’s such a great opponent. She really brings out great tennis in me,” she continued.

Williams plans to break Graf’s record at the U.S. Open, which goes underway at the end of next month.







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