Serena Williams Marrying White Man, Says They “treat women better than Black men”


By Victor Trammell

One of the most dominant figures in the world of women’s tennis has stated that she is planning to marry outside her race for reasons she says are attributed to the flaws of black men on the dating scene.

According to various media sources, tennis champion Serena Williams (pictured left) and co-founder Alexis Ohanian (pictured right) got engaged in December 2016 and are publicly enjoying a happy relationship in the public eye.

Williams (a black female) and Ohanian ( a white male) are obviously an interracial couple. Williams has been in a number of high-profile relationships with men over the course of her professional career in the public eye. A few of them have been with successful white men, such as big-time Hollywood producer and director Brett Ranter.

However, a larger number of these flings have been with well-to-do black men, such as Drake and Common (two famous rappers), as well as Lamar Arrington and Amare Stoudemire (two famous professional athletes). Williams has apparently shared her comparison of black and white men on the merry-go-round dating path she’s been on throughout the years.

A blog called 18 Karat Reggae recently reported that Williams, 35, expressed that she feels white men treat her better than black men do. She allegedly stated that Ohanian, 33, in particular, is a far better gentleman to her than any black man she’s dated in the past has ever been.

“When I date someone I never see color,” Williams said, according to 18 Karat Reggae. ““I date who I have chemistry with, but I must say Alexis has treated me better than any Black man I have dated,” she continued.

The Daily Mail published an article earlier today, which showed pictures of the couple enjoying themselves bringing in the new year together at a location in  Auckland, New Zealand.

“Although peering at her phone, the athlete appeared in high spirits as she followed her beau’s lead to their luxurious mode of transport in a pair of tiny denim daisy dukes,” read the Daily Mail’s article.

Hopefully, the sexy tennis star has found a new love that is true and suits her well.

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