Seven Deadly Weight Loss Methods


By: Krystle Crossman

Losing weight is a money-making industry. People are determined to shed pounds quickly without doing it the proper and healthy way. Enter diet pills, surgeries, and weight loss fads. The problem is that all of the quick-fix diets and treatments out there are harmful to your health and even deadly:

1. Tapeworms – Some people will swallow a tapeworm as a way to lose weight. They are said to ingest all of the food that you eat before you can digest the fat. The problem is that they are also taking valuable nutrients from your system and starving you. They also can eat their way through organ walls and cause infections and death.

2. Surgery – Gastric bypass surgery is a common weight loss method but is mostly for people who are in danger of serious health risks or death. There are many risks involved with the surgery though so if you don’t absolutely need it, it is probably better not to have it. You can develop blood clots, have a stroke, or develop a deadly infection from the surgery.

3. Low Calories – You need to eat a certain amount of calories per day or else your body can go into shock. A fad diet had popped up that claimed that you could eat just 500 calories per day with the foods that the company provided. One woman in the UK died 11 weeks into the diet because her heart had become so weak from a lack of food.

4. Overtraining – If you eat a low calorie diet (1,000-1,200 per day) you need to be careful about how much you exercise. If you push yourself too far your body could give out at any moment like one woman did while driving through a busy intersection.

5. Eating Air – Yes, people have tried eating air as a diet. They eat minimal amounts of food and then take large gulps of air when they have hunger pangs because they feel that it will sustain them. It doesn’t and they end up starving themselves.

6. Internet Pills – Buying pills for anything off of the internet can be dangerous but buying weight loss pills can be deadly. You never know what is in the pills that you are taking. One woman in the UK took pills that had a deadly herbicide in them.

7. Botched Plastic Surgery – Liposuction is a common procedure that many have to try and lose a few pounds quickly. The problem here is that it can be expensive and if people are desperate enough but don’t have a lot of money they will find a doctor that is less than qualified. This could lead to severe and fatal infections.


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