Seven Ways To Put a Big Grin On Your Man’s Face


Boris-Kodjoe-and-wife-NicoleBy Staff Blogger

Sometimes women get so busy with their lives that they neglect the one person who they should be giving their love and attention; their man. Everyone knows that modern women tend to be busy and often have to juggle work, children, PTA meetings, social events and still somehow have the time and energy to maintain a healthy relationship. Below are ways you can put a smile on your man’s face:

1. Listen to him – Sometimes men just need someone to listen to them without any talking back, unnecessary questions, being cut off or having opinions thrown back at them.

2. Cook him his favorite meal – Whether you’re a “traditional” kind of woman or not, this is a great way to put a smile on your man’s face. If you know what his favorite dish is, get in that kitchen and make it happen! If you don’t know what his favorite dish is, either ask his mother or ask him and if you can’t cook, get a friend to help you. Your man will still appreciate the effort.

3. Serve Him His Meal – If you want to add a special touch to that delicious meal you just cooked for your man, get a tray, make him a plate and serve it to him.

4. Love His Children – Whether your man’s children are also your children or not, nothing puts a smile on a man’s face than seeing his woman give his children some love and nurturing. If his children happen to be another woman’s that will make your love that much more special!

5. Do His Laundry or Iron His Work Clothes – It is okay if you’re not the traditional type and your man is used to throwing his own laundry in the washer and dryer. Even then, you can surprise him by getting up a little earlier one day and ironing his shirt and pants for work or you can surprise him with a “wash and fold”. What ever you do, your man will appreciate it.

6. Greet him with a long $exy kiss – When your man comes home, greet him with a long $exy kiss . Ask him how his day was and and ask him how you can make the rest of his day pleasant. He may not need or want anything but the fact that you asked and were willing to make his evening easier will make him smile.

7. Wake him up with a massage and “happy ending” – Wake up before your man and then send him off to work with a big grin on his face.



  1. Yall crazy, women work HARD TOO and all the things we can do for them, they can also do for US!!! Take this trash DOWN!!! We are tired of feeling that it is up to us to keep a relationship strong in the words of Tamar Braxton “GET YOUR LIFE” Peace!!?

    • Dee, if you really feel like you have just posted, then the chances are your man is lacking in some area that you are either unaware of, or in denial of. Relationships are about pleasing one another, but this article was written to when on some things they could do to please their men. If the article were written for 7 Things Men Can Do to Keep A Big Smile on Their Women’s Face, would you have the same response? Instead of making excuses or belittling men, lesrn to praise them because if you don’t someone else will I can assure you.

    • Agetha Broussard on

      I agree with u 100%. We’re suppose to put a smile on HIS face…..What about putting a smile on OUR(ladies) face???

    • I had to sign up just to let Dee know that women have chosen to be hard workers A Man is supposed to be a hard worker . Go back in time and look at the divorce rate before women wanted to be like men … We are different … men and women …we have different roles in life we as bearers of children are to take care and nurture. A man the one who brings the sperm also brings the money and protection when it is done this way.. The whole advice makes sence. If you are choosing and are in a situation where you are working hard like a man then it does not apply to you … Love peace and happiness

  2. Whats wrong with both of you find away to please one another. I say no your role. It not just about the mans satisfaction it is also about your ladies. It’s better to give than receive!

    • Erica,

      You may be on to something. There are many men who have women who are kind, compassionate, supportive, hard-working and very good sexually. However, many just want to have variety. Also, women are so willing to do “tricks” and lower there standards just to have a man. Never has it been so hard to be and stay married because a man really doesn’t need a legitimate reason to cheat anymore(ie she stopped having sex with me, she put on 50lbs etc…..) The only way a man can and will be faithful is only if he chooses to. Love God and yourself and by all means treat your spouse well!!!!

  3. Most of what was written should already be happening. You may be sharing some responsibilities, but there is nothing wrong on this list. Most of us of a (certain age), grew up seeing it in our communities. If you are communicating, you’ll know what each other is in need of, just as PastorMic said, it’s about pleasing each other.
    I really believe, it’s the simplest of things, that can makes us happy. Everything listed is simple, it’s just a matter of giving.

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  6. I don’t have a man but I do believe that. It really works both ways. Some of you ladies need to stop putting men down cause some men are good and willing to help out. Be patient!

  7. I see its a lot of bitter ass women leaving can always tell who’s lonely with no man..We appreciate the women who actually take time out of their day just to please their man..its the small things that count in relationships..small gestures go a long way!!!!

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