She Didn’t Know Coding But Still Created An App, Now She’s A Millionaire


By: Krystle Crossman

Tara Reed moved into a new apartment and decided that she needed to have some artwork on her walls. She wasn’t sure about how to find fine art pieces that would compliment her and her style without using a lot of time on research or visiting museums to get ideas. This is how she came up with her idea for an app that would help people find pieces that would fit in their homes and fit their personalities. Suddenly Kollecto was born.

Reed has worked in marketing for a long time. She has worked with Foursquare and Microsoft on a host of different projects. She does not however have any coding knowledge which is often essential for developing an app. Reed didn’t let that stop her. She used bits and pieces of the technology that she had at her disposal and created the app. While it was not perfect when it started up it was functional and gained a large following fairly quickly. Reed said that it was a great way to throw together an app to help others because she can easily go in and make quick fixes when problems arise while still keeping customers happy.

The app works by offering surveys to the user to get to know their tastes and what they like or dislike. Once the user takes the survey the app will offer suggestions on fine art pieces that it thinks they will like based off of the answers. Every week you can get personalized recommendations from the app as well as the galleries that you can find the art pieces that are suggested. You can also give the app a budget so that it will recommend pieces that are in your price range. It selects pieces from new artists and established artists. You can visit the website as well to get suggestions.

Reed has been selected to speak at TED conferences about how she made the app without coding knowledge so that she can help others do the same thing. Between the income that she has brought in from this, the app, and the website, she now has a net worth that makes her a millionaire. She is excited that she is able to help other people who do not want to pay large amounts of money for an art advisor.



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