Shea Mositure Under Fire For New Ad That Offended Black Women


By Victor Trammell

A hair care company has brought itself under fire after a recently axed promotional ad caused outrage among the black community.

According to NBC News, Shea Moisture recently organized its #EverybodyGetsLove marketing campaign, which featured a minute-long promotional ad that was posted on the brand’s Facebook page.

This ad video featured a number of women describing their so-called “hair hate” and how Shea Moisture’s products changed their situations for the better.

However, public backlash erupted after it was seen that a blonde-haired white woman, two red-headed white women, and just one fair-skinned black woman was featured in the video.

Shea Moisture’s hair and skin care products are predominantly supported by black women. This is why many black women took to social media to express their disappointment with the lack of diversity in the new promotional ad.

“When I get home all of my #sheamoisture products are going in the trash. Y’all are gonna learn the value of the black womans dollar today,” posted a black female Twitter user named Shiann.

Another black female Twitter user named Dee Dixon posted a hilarious meme that showed a mock Shea Moisture advertising photo, which bears the image of Rachel Dolezal, the disgraced former NAACP leader who was exposed as a white woman after trying to pass as black for years.

In an attempt to quell public outrage and save their brand, the CEO of Sundial Brands, Shea Moisture’s parent company released a statement to NBC condemning the failed marketing strategy after scrapping the promotional ad.

The statement partially reads as follows:

“[Creating outrage among black women] was not our intent. And I understand how that feels to them. While the campaign is heavily representative of women of color, we didn’t explain to the community what the larger campaign is about, which is about women’s hair challenges. Women are concerned that as Shea Moisture grows, they want to make sure that we are not abandoning them or leaving them for a larger audience. We’re definitely not going away from that, we are increasing our intensity in serving them.” (Richelieu Dennis , founder and CEO of Sundial Brands)

You can watch the now defunct Shea Moisture promotional video ad here and judge for yourself.






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