Sherri Shepherd Says Money Hungry Husband Stole 20K


By: Krystle Crossman

Sherri Shepherd has been going through a lot lately. She has been dealing with divorce, surrogacy, and the birth of a surrogate child. Now she has a whole new set of problems as she claims that her ex-husband, Lamar Sally, allegedly stole $20,000 from her bank account. She said that she was not aware that any money had been missing until she took a close look at her bank account.

Shepherd is not only stating that he stole money from her, but she is also contesting the contract that they signed together regarding the surrogate. She allegedly stated that he was only doing it for the money and that she didn’t want anything to do with the newborn baby who was born on August 5th. Sally states that she knew the money was coming out of her account and that it was used for trips to visit the surrogate who lived in Pennsylvania. He said that Shepherd has not spoken to him since the baby was born.

While this does not make Sally look good in any way for allegedly stealing money it looks even worse for Shepherd. She signed a contract and agreed to bring a new life into the world but is now deciding that she wants nothing to do with this new child.

While Shepherd has decided not to see the new baby, Sally is loving being a new father. The baby is named Lamar Sally, Jr. but he calls him L.J. for short. A source who is close to Sally says that he misses Shepherd and wishes that she could be there with him. Shepherd however is still contesting that she was tricked into the contract and that she should not have to pay child support. She believes that he was going to divorce her all along and tricked her into signing so that after the contract was legal he could divorce her and take all of the child support. The judge on the case has not issued a dismissal at this time. Sally states that he intends to raise the child as a single father but still thinks that Shepherd should be helping as she was a part of the contract too.



  1. Gregory c Hamblet on

    These two should sit down privately and work this thing out and stop airing their dirty laundry in public. Their personal differences have gotten nasty AND I DONT THINK EITHER OF THEM REALIZES———- most of the world is laughing at them.

  2. Old boy needs to get a job and man up. It’s unfortunate that a child has now entered the picture. It must be taken care of. Sally needs to find himself employment to take care of HIS CHILD. Sherri May have some contractual obligations that her lawyers will have to work out. But child support for 18 years for a No Working Lazy Man ….is out of the question.

  3. Sherri, this reminds me of the last Black woman they had on the “View.” She bragged on her man constantly right on up until the news hit they were getting a divorce, both of you appeared to be desperate women looking for a man. Take the time to get to know your man, have a true conversation with the last woman he had a long term relationship with and don’t be afraid to ask her the hard questions. I feel sorry for the baby that is involved after all he is the true innocent in this situation!

  4. Gosh people are so judgemental. First, she is not nor has she aired her dirty laundry. She is a celebrity and people media wanted to know about her private life. Just like so many of you that do not care for her “private life” have an opinion on it?! Wow! Just like many woman ( men) wealthy or not have made poor choices in their partners. We hear more about women because the Pickens are slim. With a man he settles his loss and befor you know it has another gf, wife or partner (before or while) the court proceedings are done. This guy hustled her. It happens. Why shouldn’t she be happy when she was getting married? Jenny Maccarthy is excited about marring Donny Walhberg and has gone public on the view often. No big deal. But when a black woman does it here comes the haters. Go to sleep..Goodnight.

    • What drugs are you on? She has aired her dirty laundry in the past. What do you call numerous abortions used for birth control?

      • Gregory c Hamblet on

        If they are not airing their laundry in public, how the hell do you think WE know so much about their situation? How do we know about the baby, the husband not having a job, or his allegedly stealing money from her? What planet are you on ?

  5. Nikki from The Bronx on

    Nikki from The Bronx wrote:
    My first reaction to this enlightening article was the comment that one of the staff writers made (cannot address his/her name since it’s not listed); however, the comment was made that perhaps Sherri was being petty since she has made $1.5 million on The View (at least someone was working). I’m sorry, even if Sherri was making $10.00 per hour at a fast food chain, she was legitimately making a living for her family as she has always done. In fact, Sherri’s father has stated that on more than one (1) occasion that he didn’t like her husband because he didn’t work speaks volumes of the kind of man he wasn’t. I think Sherri is doing the best thing for her and Jeffrey. Sherri probably wanted to apprise her husband in trying to have another child; however, I do believe she had his best interests in mind to try and make that happen for him. Although, if she has put it in her marital pre-nup that she wouldn’t be responsible for this child if the marriage fails is her recourse and the courts should uphold the contract (after all, the eggs are not hers). It would seem that some people will think that Sherri is walking away from this child and the responsibility of raising this child; however, I’ve stated before that those eggs are not Sherri’s. Remember, her first ex-husband asked and received alimony from her so I think Sherri thought long and hard about not repeating the same mistake twice and I applaud her for making an appropriate decision in protecting herself from someone who is able and capable of inking out a living and not live off of their exes! I think she’s doing the best thing for herself and her family. He wanted a child since he hasn’t had one so be the man and father that you pretend to be to this child and raise her and move on with your life! If you’ll remember he was trying to get Sherri’s ex to say that Sherri was a bad mother so that he could get child support from her. He’s not worth a grain of salt to claim himself a man yet a father. Although, I wish Sherri would have done some due diligence instead of her relying on her friends. Your friends are a good source to meet prospective partners, but they don’t live with them and you really don’t know what’s behind closed doors. So lesson learned is that no matter who the friends are, do your own homework and check out that person spiritually, mentally and financially and don’t let your guard down (if you know what I mean sexually). Give the relationship a moment to grow organically.

  6. Ms. Shepherd, you do You! Keep doing an excellent job of raising your beautiful son Jeffrey, and forget the small folk’s you meet along the way (your ex’s). For in no time flat, they’ll be in your rear view mirror of life!

  7. I feel so sorry for sherri..I too believe hrr that she was tricked and used for money. This man needs prayer and a church home

  8. Leonia Cyiark on

    That man that Shepherd married that (Mr Low Life ) had no intentions of staying married to her. He took her as his meal ticket for almost 3 years until he talked her into having a test tube baby then he felt he could have more money child support and spousal support . That B****rd haven’t work while he was with Shepherd probably have another women and feel they can live happily after on Shepherd’s money

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