Sherri Shepherd’s 2nd Marriage Is Over; Her Husband Is Divorcing Her


sherri and sallyBy Nomalanga Mhlauli-Moses

I used to watch The View very regularly and I can remember when Sherri Shepherd reported that she was leaving her first husband, who is also the father of her one and only child, her son Jeffrey. Now, sadly, the talk show co-host’s second marriage appears to also have failed.

According to TMZ, her husband, Lamar Sally, has filed for divorce after only three short years of marriage. The court filing is reported to have  been done on May 2nd.

Here are a few reasons why, while I am saddened by this news, I am not entirely surprised by it:

1. Timing – Sherri and her first husband (of nine years) went their separate ways in 2009 and by 2011 she had already met, dated and married her second husband. In between relationships, we generally need time to heal and process what happened. Of course there is no clear cut number of months or years that anyone is supposed to take but it seems that maybe Sherri could have used more time.

2. Probability – There is no denying that when  a couple decides to get married today, the probability of the marriage lasting forever is lower than it was in past generations. The probability of a second marriage working is even lower than that of a first marriage.

Mark Banschick, M.D., a psychiatrist and author of The Intelligent Divorce book, writing for Psychology Today says,

“Past statistics have shown that in the U.S. 50% percent of first marriages, 67% of second, and 73% of third marriages end in divorce. What are the reasons for this progressive increase in divorce rates? Theories abound. One common explanation is that a significant number of people enter a second or marriage ‘on the rebound’ of a first or second divorce.”

3. Fame – Sherri Shepherd has had what I perceive as a pretty successful career and I would go so far as to call her famous. Unfortunately, many relationships that famous people enter, including marriage, tend to fall apart soon after. In fact, it could be said that a lot of people do not expect famous people who get married to stay married and unfortunately, many of them don’t. Some call it the “Hollywood curse”.

4. Female breadwinner – I can not say for certain that this was an issue for Shepherd and Sally but I will say that, while relationships where the woman is the breadwinner are becoming more common, we can not assume they will necessarily work. Shepherd was obviously more famous than Sally; in fact, until the couple announced their engagement, I had never heard of him. Then, being an actress, author, comedienne and a host of multiple shows, we can safely assume that Shepherd was the primary bread winner. Unfortunately, while we may want to believe that “times have changed”, many women will often come to the sobering realization that they have in fact not changed as much as many people think. There are men who can handle being with a woman who out-earns them, btu then again, there are those who can’t and maybe Sally was one who couldn’t. For the sake of fairness, I might also add that there are also women who can’t handle being the primary breadwinner and maybe Shepherd was one of them.

It’s not clear why Shepherd and Sally are going their separate ways as neither of them or their publicists have released a statement, but as with all divorces where famous people are involved, it will unfortunately, most likely be revealed.

Here is the discussion in Nomalanga’s words in the video below:

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  1. I cannot speak on Ms. Sheppard’s relationship, but in general, most men do not like, or tolerate very well, a woman who “out earns” them — be it a high or low profile couple.

  2. Be it as it may, my heart goes out to Sherri, for she seem to be HAPPY. Whether it’s because of Financially earnings or not; some bodys’ got to work and this should have been clearly discussed and agreed upon before any steps go down the Aisle. I’ll be praying for her because when a person is hurt and in the public eyes; we need to pray for them instead of being so OPINIONATED. At least she’s making it clear she does not want to spend life alone. Encourage her.
    A. Smith

  3. Ladies I am a 62 y/o black man and I don’t know any brothers that have a problem with their woman making more money than then. None!

  4. If he’s being respected as the head of the house, whomever is the breadwinner shouldn’t matter. Ijs

  5. I don’t know where this writer got their statistic but it is known and documented that Men who divorced get married within 2 years after they are divorced. So I don’t see a probable of a woman getting married 2 years after they are divorced. Men have a tendency to remarry quip we because we take care of them and they are accustomed to that.

  6. The fact of the matter is that he has filed for a legal separation and full custody of their child she is about to have.And if the problem was her making more money than him that would have been an issue a few years ago. She was as famous as she is now. IDK exactly what drove him to this but to try to take full custody of their child that is not even born yet? And he is also having his Attorney look into their Prenup.

  7. Thank you Dondi, you are right. This dissolved relationship has more than meets the eye. Sally inside of the filed divorce papers wants to “FULL” custody of their unborn son due to arrive in July 2014!! I mean WTF kind of man wants to take their child from the mother before it’s born? It is a surrogate birth, but come on Sally…. You couldn’t be trusted from the beginning. Sad situation all the way around. Especially for her older son whom had developed a bond with this no account man Sally!

    • @amazing grace – the answer to your question… two words… child support.
      For someone to be that greasy and try and get custody of a child before it’s born?? What is he going to do, be there with a baseball mitt and custody papers while she’s in the delivery room?

  8. Well Donnie i am 67 and i could not agree any less with you. Both my daughter and i were higher bread winners. She is now in her 3rd marriage and i just gave up after. 1 and settled for dating. My aunt many years ago discussed this issue when i was just a teen and she was a grade school principal. Not sure who your friends are but. Keep looking. money is a big issue when the woman makes more. You are better off just not disclosing this and just sharing bills or spending. My aunt had accounts we never knew about until her death and her husbands died before her twice. It should not matter, but it does


  10. You can believe there is more to this story than meets the eye.Fraud was also mention now in what way I don’t know but I find it strange that he would file if it was about money rather than him.

  11. SoooooooSAD!Perhaps, during the separation they could find the will to work through their difficulties because they seem to love each other and cherish their family. Don’t act in haste. Dig deep and give yourselves time to heal before considering a divorce.

  12. A woman needs a man. A female needs a male. Women please marry a man so that you both can understand that marriage is hard work. TV marriages do not last. Get it? Now pray, PREY.
    I could tell you some other vital things too, but you all are hard of hearing, because some of the comments tells me that there are HOLLYWOOD minds present on this blog platform. Still pray, prey!

  13. Monte Moire on

    Sadly we do not know the reason why they got divorced. But if it were me being married to Sherri, I would be just like Oprah’s boyfriend; just chilling. I would show my face once a year while my sexy wife did what she does on TV or on the comedy scene. There is no way I would be upset because she made more money then me….that is just dumb!

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