Sheryl Underwood Asks Why Anyone Would Want “nappy” Hair; Accused of Hating Herself


sheryl underwoodBy Nomalanga Mhlauli-Moses

I have spoken before about having the only Black women on major talk shows, such as The View and The Talk being comedians. Sheryl Underwood is one of those comedians who does not seem to understand that she was invited on the panel of The Talk because they must have realized she had the potential to offer the CBS audience a great deal of buffoonery while they yacked it up and she looked like a fool.

Instead of being a funny Black woman who can deliver both some significant and meaningful commentary of her experience as both a woman and a person of color while throwing in a few laughs, she is instead more like the circus monkey that everyone tolerates while it breaks things because every now and then it does something that makes them all have a great laugh or at least keeps them mildly amused.

The Twitter-verse is upset, and rightfully so, because Underwood decided to add her two cents to a conversation regarding Heidi Klum and Seal’s bi-racial children.

According to,

“Underwood railed against “nappy” “Afro” hair during a discussion about Heidi Klum saving her children’s hair after it had been cut. Klum’s children with ex-husband Seal have “huge Afros,” as she described them.

Upon hearing that Klum saves their hair, Underwood responded, “Why would you save Afro hair?” She went on to imply that nobody wants that type of hair, saying that you never hear of a woman in a hair shop asking for that “curly, nappy, beady” hair.”

While we can all appreciate that most of the time, Underwood is saying things just to get laughs, she went too far this time. Under all those wigs that Underwood wears, I’m willing to bet that there is some “curly, nappy, beady” hair as she puts it and I fail to understand why she would mock, not only herself in that way but also the rest of Black people who also have hair that is naturally curly.

So, a major questions is: Does Sheryl really hate herself? Well, I find it hard to say “no”. All of us may, at times, stretch ourselves in terms of how far we will go to feed ourselves and our loved ones but I feel like Sheryl has not only gone too far; she jumped off the cliff! A spot on a show with a panel of smart and accomplished women is something that many of us aspire to but if we must act like a circus monkey who hates herself to sit on that spot, then the price for the spot is too high.

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  1. Just because a women wants manageable, less time consuming hair does not mean she hates herself. Just the opposite, she wants to look good with less time spent. Every woman doesn’t prefer the ‘Natural’ look. Afros are very time consuming if you have long hair. Dreads, Braids, & a Lion’s Mane is not for every women. What ever happened to personal choice with criticizing.

      • The truth is hard to accept. After reading this story while standing in the checkout line at a crowded, well known supermarket I decided to do an unofficial observation- What I noticed was more than 90% of the BW in the store was sporting straight weaves or chemically processed hair. If Sheryl Underwood is a self hater because she thinks natural Black hair is unattractive, then 90% of Black Women are self hater also because they feel the exact same way.

        • NO..90% of Black women are not self haters…maybe it’s just that 90% are just stupidly trying to mimic the “white ” hair look. Women both Black and white and others…do all sorts of stupid and unhealthy things…dyeing and coloring hair, getting breast enlargements.. getting lip enlargement, nose jobs, and on and on and on.

          And..then there’s Al Sharpton. How can I take seriously any Black man who has the need to “straighten” his hair.

          • Why do any of you have the right to judge the other. I say that because I am not judging anyone and as a black woman I see beauty in the faces of all of my brothers and sisters. I embrace and find beauty in us. It is ridiculous for anyone to say that the other is a self hater because they don’t think a “hair style” is cute or it may not be their preference for them or their lover or family member. JUST STOP FOR GOODNESS SAKES! It’s all hating!!! How about I like what I like and that’s for me and what you like is for you can we all just live FOR GOD SAKES!!!

          • BARBBF; you got it right this time, no greater turnoff than a black man with his dyed black and processed straight hair. You know there are a few more bro’s that fits the bill while hollering their African American shhh….

          • If you were to be honest you admit MOST BW probably including yourself don’t feel well dressed or attractive unless your hair has been disguised to look other than what is natural for a Black woman. In this case DENIAL is used as your self defense mechanism.

            But, understand this- the problem of damaged self esteem affects BM as well. Black Man’s seemingly insurmountable affinity for straight, long hair is partly responsible for the BW Eurocentric Copycat Behavior. Between Television Shows, Music Videos, Daily Reinforced messages of inferiority and FAKE slave master’s religion it is unlikely Black People will never break the cycle of Inferior Self Image.

          • Why is it we cannot embrace individual express and diversity??? Only someone with personal insecurity has to destroy the other to get their point across. That is psychology 101. There are some real hot women with natural hair and there are some real hot women with chemically altered hair or weave. I hate that we have to destroy what we are not. I think Sheryl Underwood is an enormous jack a$$. Totally unattractive with here straight hair. She does not speak for the whole black race. What a fool!

        • Her comments only prove that 90% of Black women have not come to terms with the hair that the Divine Energy –The Creator/Creatress blessed them with. We all seem to have forgotten how we came to the Western Hemisphere and what atrocities, our ancestors suffered as a consequence. Those atrocities were/are Physical, Psychological, Cultural, and Spiritual. We were made to hate everything about ourselves and our origins, including our hair. So, no, what she is not funny at all and shouldn’t be excused away because 90% of Black women choose to damage their hair by relaxing it; making it do something other than what the Creator and Nature designed for it

        • Mr. Will you sir are wrong, the reason black women as well as white and other groups, prefer hair that is easy to manage,take care of, and looks good with the least amount of effort.It’s getting up in the morning to get ready for work, school etc. taking care of the house and their children, hair can not take up so much time and energy. Also, sir the reason some women go the wig, and or hair piece route is because of hair loss due to chemotherapy, after a cancer diagnosis. Just think sir before you post.

        • My People- Black People, denial is so entrenched within our culture it is doubtful we will ever rise from this quamire. From our hatred for the appearance of our natural hair to the embarrassment we feel for our dark complexion.

          When it comes to physical appearance we, Black men are not nearly under the same pressures as Black women. Black women won’t admit it but, most only feel beautiful when their hair is straightened and skin is lightened. That’s why foreign hair shops make a killing in Black neighborhoods.

          I feel the problem begin with the fake religion we were forced to practice. You were tricked to worship a man- as God- with pale/white skin and straight hair. Think about the psychology of that for a moment. The book (Bible) that you read and study says you were made in his image but, you look the opposite of the one you worship- Black vs white skin, kinky vs straight hair.

          No wonder Black people are so confused. The good news is there is a better way.

          • @BigWill -while I’m on the fence re the worship/religion theory, I’ll certainly give it some thought. But with regard to the rest of you statement, I wholeheartedly concur. Pls read my previous posts. Admittedly, I feel terribly sad about it but, no truer words were ever spoken. I’ll speak for myself ( and all of my sisters who are in denial about it) when I say a resounding – YES! I don’t feel well dressed or attractive unless my hair has been disguised to look other than what is natural for a black woman.

            And the fact that men; especially black men, don’t find me attractive in my natural state, is repeatedly confirmed throughout my days, weeks, months, years and decades.

            Now, with all of that said, I never saw a woman more stunningly regal than, Viola Davis owning her natural glory at last year’s Academy Awards. But check what happened the very next day – Wendy Williams stated “The Oscars are about over-the-top glamour. We don’t tune in to see the Room 222 ‘look’, Viola.”

            I was floored. In one fell swoop, she tried to tear the woman down on one of the biggest nights of her life and, confirmed for every black female with Viola type hair that – ‘Yes. Just as you suspected. No matter your beauty;because of your hair, you don’t measure up.’

          • I respectfully disagree. I’m 44 and have worn my hair relaxed and natural. I enjoy both. Sheryl does not have to be one who hates herself but someone who does not like natural Afro hair. Or maybe it was for laughs. I don’t see how one view can define a person. Many BW are content with manageable straightened hair. It has been an American culture for decades. The history of BW fitting in with WW is a battle, in the past BW could not easily wear kinky styles and be taken seriously. It was a must in some work places. Braids were not accepted nor abstract Afros. There was a point in time where the Afro showed a sign of militant thinking. I say all this to say, Yes some have image issues but for most it IS preference no matter what the reason and what’s important We Can Choose. So don’t judge in either case. To all Naturalistas and Non-Naturalistas, wear your crown with your head held high. Stop knocking the next person’s CHOICE it’s just not that serious.

        • While I’m still a Sheryl fan, I wont totally let her off the hook because she seems to be a proud sista half the time, then she’s raving about being a Republican because she loves the tax breaks although she admits that its a racist party. Imma give her a pass and say she talks fast even when shes not telling a joke so I bet she regrets the statement even if she never says it out loud. But come on Sheryl! SMH
          And yes, My wife loves her Indian Remy hair which I sometimes question her motives. But that’s the world we live in. Nappy hair is beautiful if that’s the look you were going for and not just giving a dam. LOL

      • hey Kenneth, all these names for a black woman, I bet you would step all over Sheryl to get to that nasty fat white woman. you make me sick

        • every blackwoman that mimic a white woman look is basically
          promoteing that whitewoman look upon a blackman that lead them
          into the arms of a whitewoman.if a whitewoman rocked a afro,you
          would call her a racist,but who is the real racist here ?.,and by the
          way i thought it did not matter who you date,fat white,or skinny
          hollywood blonde.cant have it both ways.

    • It’s all swell to want to weave or put wigs on, if that’s your “personal preference”… but also what about women who’s “personal preference” is to wear natural styles. Why is having curly hair “undesirable” “unattractive” or “unappealing”. If she wants to rock wigs and weaves THAT’S FINE. But if a woman wants to rock an afro or dreads that should be equally fine and respected. That’s the point.

      I do feel that Sheryl went a bit too far regarding nature hair just for laughs. Why is it when black people get on tv they start throwing the entire black culture under the bus? I just wish she would have showed a little reverence for what is a natural African feature. She could’ve worded her opinion differently without sounding so coonish

    • I totally agree with your statement. My problem, however, is that she is SO negative about natural hair. I am a naturalista myself, who on occasion takes styling breaks ( I wear wigs during that time) because natural hair is a crapload of work, but her comments were not cool. I’ve never been a fan if hers, but this was the nail in the coffin for me.

    • I agree with this point. There are also those of us who CAN”T wear afros. The only one I can obtain is an extremely short curly afro. After it grows so long, then it’s just straight–unless I want to put in the time to wet, braid, and then curl it on a regular basis. By then I might as well just flat iron it and go on about my business. It’s not fair to characterize everyone who likes straight hair as a self hater. Sometimes it’s just a matter of preference or convenience. It’s okay, just chill.

    • S. Sebrenia Brooks on

      Wigs, weaves and perms aren’t more manageable. In fact, there is more work in terms of up keep than natural hair. The amount of products to keep processed hair decent cost more than the products needed for natural hair, most of which are in the kitchen cabinet. Ms. Underwood is describing dislike of her own hair….and it’s sad that she cannot embrace both. Going natural is not a journey everyone is mentally and spiritually equipped to take. Hope she gets it one day…

    • Keep it real, evidently you have never had an Afro. An Afro is not hard to manage. In fact it takes less time than permed hair does, when you have to curl etc. the permed hair. Perhaps it’s you who have self hatred, or you just repeat what you hear.

      • LOL, you are right who wants gray hair, I don’t like it since I see mine is sprouting out all over the place and evenly. thats why they sell hair color LOL,, Cheryl Underwood need to quiit while she is a head, this is America , we do what we like , has anyone told her that her accent is country as country can get , now that’s funny

    • I think that the issue KeepingitReal, was not for whether the desire is to have manageable hair (mine is quite manageable) or straight. What I hear and correct me if I am wrong in my understanding is that to question why would a woman would save not the baby’s hair but the baby’s coily, kinky, nappy or just plain afro-centric tresses with the non-european texture?
      Everyone is entitled to their opinion and personal choice. But keep in reality that the guilty hollers the loudest when the rock hits.

    • Of course it’s time consuming when you live in a fast placed, heavily stressed out artificial/un-natural, plastic environment like America. I guess God made a mistake when he made our hair curly. African hair curls in a SPIRAL, it’s SPIRITUAL. Everything that has life from storms: tornados, cyclones to phone cords to energy waves travel in a spiral, in a wave like motion, not STRAIGHT. There’s a science behind nappy, curly Africans that many people of African descent are not understanding, given that we are LITERALLY the only type of people or species for that matter on the planet with this type of hair.

    • U r missing the point honey…how is it that a person doesn’t look good in the hair that they are born in…hello that’s an ignorant statement….and thepoint that the writer is making to Sheryl is don’t put down our hair and uplift fake hair or curly hair….talking about more manageable hair….all hair is manageable…u r brain washed…

      • Yolanda you are so right. I wear my haur natural and I love it and myself abd it is my choice Sheryl has truly spoken out if place she needs to keep her mouth shut just like Chris Rock when it comes to Black hair the thing that is never said is that Black hair don’t get LICE UNLESS WE USE SOME ONE WITH WHITE HAIR COMB OR PUT ON A HAT OF THEIRS AND THAT’S A FACT…. I WILL KNOdW LONGER BE WATCHING THE VIEW OR SUPPORTING MS. SHERYL ANY WAY WHAT HAPPEN TO HOLLY ROBINSON- Pete? SHERYL YOUR REALLY NOT FUNNY YOUR MORE OF AN EMBARRASSMENT!!!..

        • Sheryl Underwood is on The Talk, not the View. That show has Whoopie Goldberg (au natural) and Sheri Shepard (wearing wigs she designed/created/sells).

      • Amen my sister and lets not forget everyone had good hair. That’s what’s wrong with our young ladies now they all think they have to have fown their back. Or you hear I wouldn’t look g ood eith my hair in dreads or natural. PLEASE GIVE ME A BREAK. It’s what God gave you so work it and start really being black and not a sometime black. How much money would you save by cutting out the weaves snd perms.

    • Victoria Rowels on


      Copyright by Victoria Rowels ©2011

      Young black slaves with beautiful dark skin,
      Violated by white masters again and again.
      They had white women to whom they were publicly wed.
      But they preferred to rape black women in the slave shed.

      A painful history we all want to forget,
      But we can’t because of the children born of it.
      Their hues range from black to white,
      With hair sometimes straight and other times tight.

      Evidence of a crime and justice never received.
      Centuries have passed and yes, we still grieve.
      But we must love the black rainbow that we have become.
      We are the original hue-mans and should unite as one.

      From the middle passage to every denied civil right,
      We make the best of our trying plight.
      But brainwashed to hate our African origin,
      We began to hate our beautiful black skin.

      From European standards of beauty to the paper bag test,
      We have been encouraged to take part in a self-hate fest.
      Now is the time to stop this genocidal game.
      God loves us all and we should do the same.

      A young black girl wanted to be fine.
      She bought hazel contact lens and now she’s blind.
      Some black women put glue in their hair,
      To hold long straight weaves that blow in the air.

      We shouldn’t do destructive things like that.
      We are a beautiful people and that’s a fact.
      Sisters and brothers we must love our natural state.
      We must love the black rainbow and stop all the hate.

    • You see, this is the problem. Who told you that natural hair is LESS manageable or MORE time consuming than chemically treated hair? No one in their right mind would tell you that because it is not true.

      Ignorance is also Cheryl’s problem and many of us, natural and non-natural sisters alike would appreciate it if she’d shut her mouth and stop looking like an idiot in front of the nation.

    • Part of what you are saying is correct, we do have the choice to decide what works best for us as individuals, but with that said we should not put down what we as black people were born with. I have done it all with my hair and now I am back as I started with my natural hair and I am loving it. I do not understand why we self hate, we need to embrace ourselves and who we are and teach our young girls to love themselves more and not try to imitate what they perceive as beautiful. I am tired of seeing so many black women with long false hair. It has become so unattractive, everybody can’t wear everything just because they like it.
      Sheryl Underwood really shouldn’t talk about hair when she is sporting a weave that takes just as much time to care for. Shame on you Sheryl i will never watch or listen to Mr. Ed again.

    • Greetings:

      We have no idea how ingrained the self loathing is and how it manifested in Cheryl’s response. Cloaked in poor humor it is very telling. Choosing to have our hair in any texture we are inclined is one thing, but to feel that our natural textures are “ugly, unwanted and have no value in the realm of beauty is by design part of the conditioning to see our skin hues, hair textures and even our history as less than.

      These feelings are part of the unspoken residuals of yes, slavery. Whites created artificial “self” worship, while systematically work to demean and devalue “color” and its varied presentations. This is how racial superiority works: elevate one and devalue another. I’m working now with my 4 year old grand-daughter and her Kindergarten friends. She decided she loved her natural texture and went to school proud and deeply in love with her hair, she returned “broken” after classmates ridiculed and demeaned her natural look. We mobilized quickly and recovered but it can be devastating. Kenneth and Mamie Clark, renowned Sociologist documented the self loathing we take on at early ages: ***
      Cheryl made a really bad joke but confirmed that we need to do the conversation inhouse and stop waiting on the “oppressors” to have a national debate on race

      • The Whiterace rejection of other races looks ,culture,and anything
        opposite of them is based upon white survival.They cant be
        superior if they for example adopt the african big nose,or darkskin.
        This would represent the dissappearance of the whiterace,so they
        must reject other genetic diverse norms in order to keep their
        race valid.This is the reason why the klan is so upset.They would allow a few,but not many

    • Ms. KeepItReal, We all should get the hair that we want, for whatever reasons we want.My objection with Ms.Underwood’s statements is she does not have to knock nappy hair, I guarantee you under all her long silky wigs there is nappy hair.It’s just like black men who knock black women as their excuse/reason for dating white,latina, or oriental women. Date who you choose,wear your hair the way you want, just don’t denigrate others who choose differently. Classic examples of “self hate”.

    • Agreed KeepItReal!!! My sentiments exactly..I get up, dampen my hair, shake it out, run my fingers thru and go!! Five minutes…done!! Saves me about half hour every day!! I do it because I like it, and I also happen to think the world of me!! I had no choice after losing most of my hair because of medical conditon and medication. I had a choice…I chose the easy stuff!! I am not saying Cheryl Underwood was right for saying what she did, but I don’t think calling her a circus monkey is warranted. However, this is one woman’s opinion, and she is entitled to it.

    • I agree with keepItreal. I used to relax my hair, but the chemicals were to harsh on my scalp. So I decided to go natural and let the relaxer grow out my hair…I’m all natural now, natural is beautiful but very hard to manage sometimes I cry trying to get the comb through all the tangled mane

    • I think a person should wear what they like but some of these style don’t fit everybody . I wore the Afro back in the 70’s when I was a young girl but I would not wear it now . I believe as you grow you realize just because it’s a popular style doesn’t mean you should wear it. I agree with KeepItReal. Natural hair is not for everyone and I don’t think Sheryl Underwood hates who she is . However she tells it like it is without sugar coating anything and thats what I like about her. She keeps it real.

    • @KeepItReal,
      this conversation is NOT about personal choice! its about a black woman putting down anyone who would choose to wear their natural hair. its about a black woman calling natural hair nasty. its about ignorance and self-degradation in front of the world. Pay Attention!

    • “Just because a women wants manageable, less time consuming hair does not mean she hates herself. Just the opposite, she wants to look good with less time spent. Every woman doesn’t prefer the ‘Natural’ look. Afros are very time consuming if you have long hair. Dreads, Braids, & a Lion’s Mane is not for every women. What ever happened to personal choice with criticizing.”

      –You are right wanting “manageable” hair doesn’t mean you hate your self. (I really don’t even like using the word manageable because it suggests that African American textures of hair are not manageable which indeed every texture of hair is manageable depending on the personal knowledge and technical skill of said texture)

      –I want to further delve into suggestive language which is a lot of time the issue with African American hair. I have returned to having natural hair for 2 years now it’s no different from when I had a relaxer my hair was of similar texture so it was a waste of money for me to continue to get chemicals that are harmful to the body on my head.

      The Issue with Sheryl Underwood’s statement was that there seem to be an issue with saving hair that is of various African American’s textures. Her use of the words “curly, nappy, beady hair” in the context she said suggest that she might have some self-esteem issues about her own self that she hasn’t quite dealt with yet. Versus saying who wants to save hair she went into a full out negative description on the hair that wanted to be saved which was unnecessary and suggests negative things about her own personal choices.

  2. There is nothing wrong with wigs! I like my Afro Hair. It is people choice to do what they want. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. So who is she to judge.

  3. I agree with this article 100%. I went natural after seeing how beautiful black women looked with natural hair. It was the best decision for my scalp, because my Mother started perming my hair when I was three and my scalp was damaged.
    Sheryl Underwood if anyone remembers was losing her hair around her edges and she had implants installed. She said is was due to alopecia, but I believe it was from covering her real hair with wigs and weaves. She would actually help her hair if she went natural and gave it a break from the chemicals and the weaves.

  4. Yolonda Lovelace on

    Ouch! You cut rather deep in assumptions about Ms. Underwood. Her comments were unnecessary and rather distasteful, I wouldn’t go as far as to say circus..I don’t like when people make comments about natural hair because its feels as though you are saying you don’t like who I am, or I need to change it to appeal to what is considers beautiful. Bad bad Ms. Underwood dont belittle our traits as black people.

    • natural hair is harder, to me, to manage. it does not mean that Sheryl hates herself or any black person because she does not want to keep that hair. the question is why “would Heidi want to keep that” it will not do any thing but mat up and be a blog of mess. throw it away. I like my hair a little more manageable. now, some things Sheryl says embarrasses me but I would examine heidi and seal and see what each of them saw in each other. ew!

    • Yolanda, it’s not Sheryl that undermines us black people or our hair, check out your black man, he would leave you with your nappy hair and run over to the stringy head fat white hag, then come onto this blog and say something negative about what Sheryl says about nappy hair. because of how the black man runs off with the white hag is why black women sometimes feels less pretty. blame the black man for what Sheryl says. he probably been so negative about her hair and appearance that she only gets attention if she says something stupid. “look what that African seal went for” most of the pro ball player; most rappers: anything with a little money” a black man with money will step over you to get to that straight hair.

      • Dee are we related? you said it my dear. It’s ok to date who you choose, just don’t knock your own race to justify your decision. The same with hair styles, and newsflash white women wear weaves, wigs and pieces too, trust me.

  5. Having natural hair is not only a journey but a truth to the wearer. One must be comfortable with their natural self in order to “rock” afros, locs or any other natural style. I understand wanting to have manageable hair, however, natural hair does not have to be represented negatively. In doing so, it appears that the negative connotation of having natural hair is ugly and unworthy of replication. Who are we really?

  6. Sheryl Underwood is one of those “Black” Americans who is suffering from 300 yrs of slave conditioning. She, along with many other pathetic blacks, has been brainwashed to believe that something is wrong with our NATURAL hair, and we should exchange it for European type hair. Our hair is naTTy, not naPPy. I will proudly continue to support naTTy hair in all its forms, and will continue to encourage others to accept, nourish, and cherish their NATURAL roots!!!

    • Excellent advice you’ve given her, now the question is… will she listen to it. Going natural is good for the scalp,brain, etc. Besides….who knows what is in those chemicals and plastics. Finally, seems that she is in dyer need to learn of her true history…coming straight from the bible. This way she’ll learn that Christ too had hair of wool. What a blessing! Sure hope she takes your excellent advice.

  7. Gregory c Hamblet on

    This lady has a long history of exhibiting a self loathing mindset, particularly in the area of politics. This so-called comedian is about as funny as a train wreck.

  8. I have had natural hair for over 20 years. I have had braids, twist and currently have a short afro. I receive compliments all the time and it is very easy to take care of. I use no chemicals and have very healthy hair. Why would someone want nappy hair? Because it is the type of hair God gave me and I dont spend all my time and money at salons.

  9. I’m nappy and happy! I feel bad for African Americans that feel that having natural hair is unattractive. I personally feel that wearing wigs, weaves, false eyelashes is unattractive. Who are you fooling, anyone can tell it’s fake. Spending billions on a false image. Making Koreans rich. We as black people need to learn how to love ourselves. Our natural selves. So concern with wearing fake hair, but not concern about our health. Instead of spending monies on being fake, how about spending monies on a good nutritionist, or a gym memberships.

  10. I agree that Sheryl is allowed to think and feel anyway she chooses, but to tell the nation that no one wants “curly, nappy, beady” is going too far. African-American women are beautiful, no matter what the hairstyle. Beauty comes from within. How about we put as much focus on fixing the inside as we do the outside, so we can create a better world. Be natty and natural or relaxed and straight – be the absolute best you you can be, and the world will be a better place.

  11. I love natural hair, wish I had never put chemicals in my hair. What once was healthy and thick is now very thin. I also liked my hair permed, it was much easier to work with. I never lost my self esteem with or without my natural hair. I try to be beautiful from the inside out.

  12. Be Happy that you have Hair! If we could all understand that not supporting these shows and artists who do not bring forth pride and positive images that reflect the Black community. In addition write the network or just stop watching and supporting their numbers. Their advertiser supporters want to sell their products to you!

  13. I don’t think she hates herself, she is the product of her upbringing, to believe that to have straight hair is good hair and anything besides that was is not. A lot of people want to look like what society calls beautiful. So does Sheryl.

  14. I heard the comment when Sheryl made it and she had no problem say it as if it was a fact and her reality. Yes it made me feel some kind of way when one can speak that way about our hair on TV…the issue she has with her texture of hair is real pathetic when she has to take off those wig and …there it is. What is the deal black women? God gave you nappy, curly hair that is just as good (if not better} than the straight flowing hair. Give me a break because hair is only hair and I like my natural hair, and that is my choice. I don’t have to flick a wig and claim that I am beautiful, what is going on with you black women… Have we not gotten the memo that natural is in rather you get it or not! Sheryl come your own hair once, you might realize that it can work just as good as that wig…hello!

  15. I don’t think she hates herself, she is the product of her upbringing, to believe that to have straight hair is good hair and anything besides that was is not. A lot of people want to look like what society calls beautiful. So does Sheryl. Sad!

  16. Everyone has the right to comment on anything.Sheryl can say whatever on her mine. For your information she is highly educated and there is no need to say those things about her. Freedom of speech. She font have to represent us in no way at all.

    • Heide, I agree with you she is very educated or she would not be on the Talk Show. Just because she does not like nappy hair and it offends you all that do wear it does not make her any of the ugly names and mean things you are posting about her. How would you all feel if you made a statement and it was blown out of proportion and the name calling started ? I think your personal veiws are just different from hers .That’s her personal opinion , just like you have have the right too yours. I would like to ask all of you that are posting negative and hateful things who sounds the worst you or Sheryl ? You can’t have it both ways .Why should what she say be taken so seriously ? It’s only an opinion .

      • Gregory c Hamblet on

        Just because someone is educated doesn’t prevent them from saying and doing dumb things. Our friends in the Republican Party are proving this point everyday

  17. Poor Sheryl. She is also a Republican. Her thinking is twisted, particularly at this point in our history, when a Black man is president. I am guessing that she probably did not vote for our wonderful president and to me, blacks like her deserve no attention whatsoever.

  18. To udosed the color of her gums are not stained it’s ethnic pigmentation the size of her teeth are genetic as well. I love my natural coils & curls. It’s a shame to have Ms. Underwood in that position. As we all know there are so many other intelligent black woman that would be a better choice. I never watch “The Talk” I prefer the “The View”

  19. It is a choice AND some people are able to wear their hair in many styles, the African American race is one of those. We can go straight or natural. I like the ‘convenience’ of the natural hair, instead of being tied to a chemical induced hair care regime. Underwood is a comedian, and some comedians should stay in a comedian’s place. Go get some new material, new wigs and stop biting Wesley Snipes look!

  20. Joyce Jennings on

    I like nothing wroug with her she funny.stop taking every thing she a comedians
    Get over it my family has many color.get over it.

  21. Jacqueline Eaton on

    Sometimes I wear an “afro”, Sometimes natural, Sometimes Straight, wig, hairpiece, etc.

    I am proud of who I am. Let’s give her a break. What she said was not appropriate and she was trying to be funny. She is a comedian but she is also human. Many comedians make fun of their culture to the chagrin of others. Give her a break like you would do any other struggling comedian.

  22. She was never funny to me in the least. All she does is run her mouth like a blabbering fool to say nothing! I’m not going to even address her statement because she’s a FOOL! I’ve been natural since high school and adore my natural hair! She doesn’t have to like nor do I have to like an obnoxious broad with a James Brown bump and curl!!

  23. For all of you who wear relaxers because caring for natural hair is too time consuming or because relaxed hair is more manageable, for those who believe there is nothing wrong with wearing wigs and weaves all of the time, wake up call: what God put on your head is not less manageable, not more time consuming, and not less attractive. I really feel that people who change their hair or their eyes or their skin to look “better” are actually questioning the wisdom of God. I guess He didn’t know what He was doing when he gave you and many other people all over the world curly, kinky, nappy hair. My hair is natural and it is beautiful. It does not take me long to style it or to maintain it. And it is much healthier and longer than it was when I relaxed it. I am proud to be who God made me. And that includes the hair He put on my head. It is a shame that so many of our people are not. As for the statement that the comic made, she may have been trying to be funny, but not everyone would take it that way. In fact, most people would not. It is such a shame that our people will find so many ways to belittle themselves and each other.

  24. C. Underwood has a serious problem with identifying who she is. The answer to her question, as to why would anybody want natural hair is simple….Christ had natural had,it had the texture of wool! Guess what…under all of that “plastic gook” that you’re wearing, you have hair of wool too!! What a blessing to have hair like Christ, and you either are too blinded by the media, taught to hate yourself as a child, or you are just another “sell-out” joker for whoever you’re desperately trying to imitate. Here’s a proven suggestion for you…take off the plastic, dump the chemicals, and show your beautiful natural hair! You’ll be respected by whoever you’re trying to look like, and finally, you’ll look 100% better!! Check out Rev. 1:14 and 15. Actually, you could benefit from reading the entire chapter, and more. Don’t fall for the media hype, it’s tangible! Respect YOURSELF!

  25. Well what do you expect? She doesn’t speak for black women so she needs to speak for herself. And why is that some, not all, but some unattractive black women are making these kinds of comments?

  26. I first permed my hair when I was 16( my Mom was hysterical) , and I thought I was tough Sh*t, but I wasnt. Two years ago I started letting ny perm grow out, now I’m completely natural. I don’t regret ut one bit! Ive noticed my cycle is regular and my hair is thickening. U don’t judge any woman who decides to keep relaxing her hair, however; you can’t say permed hair is more manageable than natutal hair. Both take effort to keep up. But u rather take my chances with the natural and avoid possibly developing fibroids.

  27. It’s always sad when we get in a position where can make a positive difference and we just….don’t. So many others are probably much better suited to set an example of an intelligent black woman. I’m natural and I love it. I totally disagree with the comment that was made hwew about chemically or heat straightened hair being ‘easier’ to manage. It
    is damaging and easier to get bald headed manipulating your natty hair follicle to be straight when it’s not. I will be praying for Ms. Underwood.

  28. I find it a bit harsh to criticize Sheryl by referring to her as a “circus monkey”. That comment is just as hurtful. Why stoop to lower level of expressions to state discontent! Your way discredits the point of your commentary as now I am disturbed by your terrible reference. Write an article without terrible stereotypes and then I can address the contents of your article.

  29. It’s not good to wear wigs and weaves over natural hair. Our hair is like a plant, it needs to BREATHE and have direct access to sunlight. When you wear wigs and weaves, you’re CUTTING off the oxygen that needs to get to the hair folicles. Balding and allopecia occurs due to lack of oxygen to the head as well as a highly acidic diet. Some of it is genetic and has to be managed in the best way possible but a lot of the balding, especially in Black Women can be avoided.

  30. And she has no neck and a big head. There, I said it. She needs to love herself not hate everyone else. Blah. 🙁 🙁 🙁 😉

  31. Im not surprised at her comments she know what her role is and gladly accepts it just to remain relevant to them for their ratings. she was the one who recently made another derogatory comment that” Black people dont tip” this comment was made in the context of a serious discussion about wages for waitresses and the low wages they receive and the importance of tipping and this buffoon made these untrue comments. I and so many other people i know that are black tip in fact black people are the most generous people on earth we certainly spend the most please enough my view she definitely hates herself

  32. This is part of our African roots.I am from the South–Tennessee.In many black households back in the day,when boys turned a year old,their hair was cut and saved.My mother done this to my brothers and some of my nephews.If Heidi wants to keep her children’s hair,that is her choice.

  33. Ms. Underwood is pathetic, she has nothing to offer to the show or to the audience, except a stupid grin and acting a fool as my Grand Mother would say. She is not a comedian but a clown. She wants to been seen and being loud and grinning is the only way she knows. If she is going to wear a wig get one that looks presentable.

  34. Self hate will make a BLACK destroy their hair, skin color, and each other. Hair and skin color is based environment and genetics. Africa is hot and dry. The is the place that gave birth to Christ, Noah, Muhammad , Adam just to few. Christ hair was like WOOL.

  35. Lynn is back in town! on

    She is entitled to say what she wants per say. Being natural or a return to it, is a mindset. Being natural does take some time but no more than when I was relaxing it and going to the hair shop. It doesn’t have to take hours upon hours to do natural hair. A person must learn what works and what doesn’t. Again, the European standard of beauty isn’t the ONLY beauty authority! It is her choice, but let’s not put each other down over hairstyle options relaxed or natural!

  36. I was in a rush and made some few mistakes . Self hate will make Black folks destroy themselves. Christ was a man who came from Africa and his hair was like wool.

  37. Before any Black woman decides to perm her hair or wear a weave, she needs to perform extensive research on the specific product. There is an increase in fibroids among Black women. Who needs to chance this serious problem? Instead, those fears can be eliminated if she chooses to go natural. It just looks sooooo much better, and it is soooo healthy for the entire body. Check out the latest health reports concerning the connection between permed hair, and the serious risk of contracting fibroids. Surely, M’s Underwood has not done her homework!

  38. I love my nappy hair. But to make the comparison of Sheryl Underwood to a monkey is as offensive to me as anything. How may hundreds of thousand of dollar are spent WEEKLY at the local hair salons because some beautiful sister don’t like the natural look. Hair in and of itself is a dead folicle.
    Sheryl Underwood is a college educated woman who loves herself and respects black women. She said out loud what black when say to and amongst themselves daily.

    The opinions of Ms. Underwood reflect her own hers alone. Let us refrain from attacking US over petty differences when all we have is us.

  39. Everyone has a right to there opinion. But I will say I get tired of hearing people say natural hair is not for everybody. You were born with it! That’s like telling somebody…those eyes really aren’t working for you. Stop the madness already!

  40. Cheryl Underwood is ignorant. She is trying very hard to placate white folks. It won’t work. They pay her to insult the African-American race and she really doesn’t let them down. I have very tightly coiled hair. I wear the loc style. I have the type of hair many wish they could grow, including Cheryl Underwood.

  41. This person hates herself. Why is it a bad thing to save your babies hair? She has no attachment to her childhood. Mother when I was a kid saved their babies hair because it was what they did when they had their first cut. So to her, she needs to apologize for her statement.


  43. I deliberately don’t date women with fake hair, bullshit weaves or wigs. It me it says something about their psychy. ( it’s deficient, lucky and they have self worth issues) – why do so many black women try (with fake hair) to adopt white women hair styles!

    Yeah – she’s a Baffoon, isn’t really funny and under those wigs has her own natural hair that she disposes!!!

  44. I deliberately don’t date black/spanish women with fake hair, bullshit weaves or wigs. It me it says something about their psychy. ( it’s deficient, lacking and they have self worth issues) – why do so many black women try (with fake hair) to adopt white women hair styles!
    Yeah – she’s a Baffoon, isn’t really funny and under those wigs has her own natural hair that she dispises!!!

    White people even think its funny – black women wear wigs/extensions/weaves etc.,etc., — see this video clip — on major Nj radio station website now!!

  45. I am so sick and tired of all the FAKE OUTRAGE from my people evertime someone expresses an opinion or makes a comment about anything dealing with African Americans. Thats her opinion! Sheryl Underwood is intitled to feel however she likes. I ware my hair natural and short, and I am not the least bit offened by her comments. I get more offened my young black men who will not or can not complete a sentence with calling another black man nigga or black woman bitch.

  46. I am so sick and tired of all the FAKE OUTRAGE from my people evertime someone expresses an opinion or makes a comment about anything dealing with African Americans. Thats her opinion! Sheryl Underwood is intitled to feel however she likes. I ware my hair natural and short, and I am not the least bit offened by her comments. I get more offened my young black men who will not or can not complete a sentence without calling another black man n**** or black woman b****…

    • I’m so tired of people like you who are giving these so call comedians a pass for their unfunny jokes. Have you ever thought to consider if a young child or teen heard or read her comments what kind of impression it might leave on them. As a comedian she has to take responsibility in her so call “jokes”. It seems to me whenever a comedian makes a statement and it doesn’t go over well with the masses… then becomes a joke. Underwood needs to stick with her jokes and leave her narrow minded social commentary in her pea brain.

      • Exactly. We keep giving celebrity a pass when ever they do or say something inappropriate. We pay their salaries, we earn that right to speak up and we need to more…

  47. As having your own personal choice is great, that’s exactly what it means,”personal choice”, so therefore, it was not fitting for Ms. Underwood to make such an undesirable comment or complain about “someone else’s choice” in such a negative manner.

  48. There’s a reason why this funky lookin’ “pig in a hair helmet” gets a national platform to spew this garbage! Please, wake up folks…

  49. Girlfriend, have you ever heard the phrase. Engage your brain BEFORE you open your MOUTH. it is a well documented fact that we as Black Women have a love /hate relationship with our hair. Have you ever seen Bill Dukes documentary “Black Girls?” It ‘s the character on the inside that makes the woman. NOT hair. Look at Whoopie, Viola Davis. I personally feel wear your hair in what is good for You

  50. Zuni Hernandez on

    Why anyone would want “nappy” hair?

    How about: why anyone would want those ape-looking gums (like hers)?
    Take THAT to the bank.

  51. It’s a shame that in this day people in general and some African Americans in particular still hate their physical features. I know when you seen the magazine racks, the covers are filled with largely caucasian women with long flaxen blond hair. Entertainers have a huge influence, and what they wear, their followers will imitate in hair as well. In a society that villianizes black and brown people, you don’t have to be a psyche major to see that young people do not what to associate with images that are projected in a negative light. So they try to look like someone else.

  52. It baffles me as many previous comments of why we as African Americans lose site of our heritage when in the company of unlike ethnicity. When you are in a position whereas your view is indirectly taken as the opinion of the masses…….It behooves one to be careful of any remarks given in the public arena. Never forget…..During a RISE or FALL, we as African Americans need each other. Never mess up home.

  53. Unintelligent sweetheart. This is self hate, why is it that this woman doesn’t like her hair in its natural state? Who told her it is wrong and has to look white? What’s wrong with a fro? Dread, or even twists? It’s self hate anyway you look at it. Next it’ll be her color is too dark, or her nose is too wide… Sad.

  54. sheryl is from the old school,
    Where the truth will come out anywhere. She’s not being a coon, it falls out like that and people don’t like it. Be honest, do you really want the type of black hair that MANY people view as unattractive? When do people other than black people want to wear a fro…during halloween time or at a costume party. Be real. Society views it as ugly, that’s why there are perms, so that those who want straight hair and assimilate to a white society to be acceptable can straighten their hair. Does she hate herself, NO, she’s being honest with herself and with others about certain types of Black hair. Just because this natural hair movement is going on in the black community doesn’t mean that all black women will change their perspective in saying that all black hair is good hair over night. Even I say get a grip on that. As for her being a coon, you all are gonna say that about blacks who are in a position such as Shery’s anyway, so what else is new. Does she hate her hair, NO, she keeps it tucked away because she herself knows what to do when it comes to being in the spotlight. she knows what she’s doing and thats why she’s making the money and not you. If you want to waste your brain cells on something, waste it on something worthwhile.

  55. Sherryl is an college graduate who has decided to perform like a minstrel act on the TALK. Every now and then she uses her intellectual mind to to say something smart. My question is,was she mandated to act like a fool for a paycheck? And doesn’t she know many have paved the way so she doesn’t have to!

  56. What is it about black people (women) and the topic of hair that keeps us at odds with one another? It’s been going on for 400 years and frankly it’s due a permanent death and burial. Sheryl Underwood is a comedian and her role on the show is to do exactly what she does for a living: be a comedian. Will she speak out of turn? Why of course, as most comedians do. But I don’t take what she says as anything to be up in arms about. As for the hair issue, if a black woman prefers to straighten her hair and likes it that way, she is in no way less black or self hating than the natural wearing sister down the street. Hair is just one more thing we black women can accessorize to fit our own personal tastes. Whether we grow it, slip it or sew it on, it’s an extension of the red Hot beauties that we are.

  57. Time spent in beauty parlor getting shampooed blowdried flat ironed and curled-4hrs per week
    Cost per appointment- $65 plus tips
    Time spent each night pin curling and preparing hair for bed- about 30 minutes per day
    Cost of products for natural hair – $60
    How long products last – 3-4 months
    Time spent preparing hair each morning – less than 5 minutes
    Someone as dark and thick featured as Sheryl should heartily embrace everything African American. For those who say long natural hair is hard to manage simply needs to go to a natural hair stylist to learn what to do. Love your natural selves ladies!

  58. White women have just as many or more issues when it comes to beauty and hair as black women—-but to say why would anyone want nappy hair is going a bit far—-because many black women wouldn’t go near a straightening comb—-the beauty of black hair is that it can be styled anyway you choose —-straight, curly,nappy, braided, most importantly it most be clean to reveal it’s true beauty—–PEACE and HAVE A HAPPY HAIR DAY!!!!

  59. Okay, I’m just going to keep this REAL, REAL. I am a black woman and, I HATE MY HAIR. Is it what God gave me at birth? Yes. And, if I’m blessed to make it to heaven in the end, one of the first questions I’ll have is “What was the deal with black hair?”

    Ladies, I am QUITE serious about this. According to the word, he knew us before the foundations of the earth. Therefore, he knew the crown that would be the woman’s hair; yet, every other ethnic group on the planet grows and flows. It is the stuff of mens’ (not just black men) fantasies. But in his infinite wisdom, God chose to give the black woman a crown of embarrassment. Because I couldn’t afford otherwise. I wore my hair short, natural and neat for nearly a decade. And I can say, without reservation that it made me appear older and haggard (and by most accounts, I look at least 15 years younger than I’m supposed to be) – and though I tried to carry it with pride; the reaction from ALL men, told me that I was unattractive to them. Eventually, I started wearing wigs and have now progressed to a weave. And I can tell you that the reaction from, not only the opposite sex but people in general, has been, literally over-the-top, positive.

    So, call it self hatred if you’d like. My natural, short nappy hair, for me, detracts from my enjoyment and quality of life. And truth be told – I really do question why God only cursed black women in this way.

    • Sayno2Creflo…That’s deep. I’m truly sorry you feel that way. It’s sounds more to me that you want to be accepted. That comes from generations of being told that black is not beautiful, yet it’s constantly being imitated. Who taught you to hate yourself? I suggest you read the Wille Lynch Letter. I hope you come to realize one day that your crown is beautiful. Your comment cut deap. I’m having a discussion about it right now. Take Care

      • Nadia, I appreciate your response. To be quite honest with you, I don’t recall being told “directly” that I didn’t measure up. What I can specifically point to is the celebration, in every community, of long, flowing, silkened tresses. EVERY hair product commercial, including those targeted to the black community, portrays anything but, happy-to-be-nappy. For the most part, even those sisters who choose to live the naturalista lifestyle, tend to have tresses that are, to some degree, what is called “good hair”, in our community. It’s easy to have a full and fluffy lion’s mane, when your “curls” (read “naps”) aren’t recoiling, seemingly back into your scalp – no matter how much you comb it.

        What I find truly puzzling is how ANY black woman feels beautiful – specifically as beauty relates to our hair – when there is little to no re-enforcement in society, that there is any beauty to be found in it. In fact, given the prosperity of Korean hair stores at any given urban corner, I question whether we really do celebrate our “beautiful, natural, God-given tresses” or if many of us, even in this forum, are just talking a good game.

        • Well said, and written, so well written, that I question the validity of the person writing (are you who you say you are?). Please don’t be offended. But you’ve written the truth so eloquently. If this is your truth, or (isn’t for that matter) thank you for speaking for Women of color who can’t or won’t articulate why they process their hair.

          • I don’t know any other way to prove, via these channels, that I am who I say I am; other than to just say it. And, honestly, I’m speaking from the truth of my 52 years as a black woman. Clearly, there are others in this space who’ve come to terms with; are at peace with; and, in some cases, celebrate and embrace their “black hair”, such as it is. And while I’m on the authenticity bandwagon, I’ll confess an envy of the confidence of many of my sisters, in this regard.

            But, again, given the vast number of very prosperous hair supply shops on every corner in urban America; it is clear to me that I don’t stand alone in feeling the shame of having what’s NOT considered – “Good Hair”.

          • Indeed you are correct, for the “unnatural”, as well as the “natural” hair wearers. Almost all women of color use chemicals purchased at those stores. lets not forget that shampoos, hair “grease”, gel, pudding, and everything else. All have chemical. So the debate continues, next……natural vs. natural looking.

          • I respect your honesty. I was actually hurt by it. The reason I say that is because I know you’re not the only woman of color that feels that way. It’s a curse. You spoke on something like what’s targeted towards us doesn’t show us or shall I say our hair as being beautiful. Guess who runs those adds. Why would they? Then you would have no need for them. I wear my hair natural as a choice and I don’t dog sisters out that choose not to. Id rather deal with a process head than a processed mind. We have a long way to go because we’re still stuck on hair and skin color. We are powerful people. Our hair is powerful, if it wasn’t they wouldn’t try to take it from us every chance they get. School, work ect. They even target out babies. I grew up in a house where saying good hair would get you slapped. I just ask that you take time and look a lil deeper. As far as the brothas go, they have some studying to do as well. My crown sets high and I love it. I don’t care what Suzy Q, Brotha Ray or Patty has to say.

    • Lovin My Long Naps on

      I’ve been natural for well over a decade and my hair is to my waist. I never thought of it as a curse. NEVER. As a matter of fact, it’s the uniqueness of coily hair — my hair — that inspired me to grow it out. No one else has hair like this on the planet for a reason. Black men and women are the first people here. It spirals like no other for a reason. Call it the God gene.

      You should google the growing number of black women who have grown their “nappy” hair to the middle of their backs and beyond. They educated themselves about themselves. There are TONS of black women like me with waistlength hair — “nappy” waist length hair. It grows when moisturized and taken cared of.

    • @SayNo2Creflo- you have proven yourself to be the most open and honest person {man or woman} on the Internet. 99.99% of the population lack the willingness to share their fears and disappointment in the open. You are an inspiration to others.

    • I understand your hurt. I vividly remember being bullied (by whites and blacks) about my natural hair. It’s racist mean-spirited behavior.

      Sometimes pain tells us something is wrong. Something is wrong with our world. It’s not the utopia God created where everything WAS very good.

      We can’t underestimate what slavery did. People were stripped of language, culture, and self-love that other ethnicities have. Racist outlooks were passed on from generation to generation. So I realize the ugly comments are rooted in profound ignorance.

      Going forward, you need to be around the right people. Anti-black people will make disparaging comments about black hair, black skin, etc. You need to be around the uplifting people, they are out there.

      As a believer, I know God is for me not against me.

  60. Wow – I am not one to take jabs at another for expressing their thoughts and you all have legitimate expressions to be respected. I do wish that Sheryl would have chosen opinion or insight differently knowing the struggles we as Blacks face on a day to day basis. There is no such thing a good hair bad hair, “I believe” – I just believe that we wear what, we want how we want, and choose to do whatever we want concerning our fashion sense and Black women are beautiful how ever you choose to look. I would say that Shery’s wigs are not appealing nor attractive, and if she wears them not to show her natural hair, then maybe she should seek personal stylists to aide her in that area. Because I am sure some think the same as I do but, have never verbally expressed it. And that is not to take a jab at her, but, I personally think if she did say that, then maybe she should re-cap her statement because her comment is really not nice, not nice at all. However, she is entitled to her opinion, but, if she did say that, she could have been more diplomatic is all I am saying.

  61. This woman like her partner in crime Kevin F(h)art may have some deep-seated low self-regard issues causing them to disparage and denigrate themselves and heritage. As the reggae maestro Bob Marley famously reminded us, ‘you can’t run away from yourself ‘. I do not blame some of them though because they are devoid of the looks. They masquerade and try to compensate their attractiveness deficits with their self-hating farty mouths.

  62. Cheryl Underwood does not know what the hell she is talking about. I am a Black woman and I have been looking for an Afro wig for 6 months. Had my hair not thinned out after having my son, I would be wearing one right now. She is wrong about our hair. I am sure she wore the hell out of an Afro back in the day when we all did. She is just trying to fit in with White America. Poor thing!

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  64. Sometimes I think we’re too hard on comedians…
    Like the little hispanic boy on the commerical that does the knock knock jock…. Queen – Queen my dishes please… It’s a funny.

  65. What’s interesting is that Ms. Underwood was referencing the mother of biracial children who feels so comfortable with having children with the “hair of sheep’s wool” that she treasures their locks. I surmise that if Ms. Klum wanted children with straight hair she would not have married and had all those children with an African man.
    I too kept my 5 children’s baby locks as did my mother who married an African – American man.
    My children all have varying hair textures and skin tones, and I love them all the same. I never differentiated one over the other and we all accepted and loved each other the same. I also feel the same about my grand children, who also are a range of skin tones and hair textures and as with my children I would never allow them to make any difference and for my opinion, hair is “good” because it is on your head and you are good.
    We need to stop the self-hatred and understand how versatility of our hair. We can curl it, lock it, straighten it, braid it, wrap it and let it be natural and it is always beautiful!

  66. I have been natural for over 22 years. I will never ever put a chemical or Chinese/india weave in my head. I love myself to much. When I had the relaxers and fake hair I felt fake. Matter of fact, only time black men wanted to talk to me is when I looked fake. Now that I have been natural for twenty-six years. My white husband of 26 years loves it.

  67. I have natural hair, the comments that it is less time consuming is a falsehood. It takes me at least an hour and a half to wash, condition, twist it for wear the next day. And the hunt for the right product or products for your hair takes a bit of time. Now, for Ms. Underwoods’ statement, i didn’t find it humorous or entertaining. I wish people in the “celebrity status” just shut up. An adage my parents made write and keep on my dresser growing up is one she should internalize “Think before you speak. Think before do things” It has helped me a great deal in my life.

  68. DeepDown South on

    Sheryl Underwood is a buffoon. And she is paid well to act like a clown, and so far, as I’ve watched this show she offers no information of substance. If she is smart she should begin marketing her name/brand with articles of substance.

  69. Sherryl you must have been sweating under that fake expensive wig(s). You would have look more beautiful and real if you go natural. I have long thick nappy, natural hair and I woudn’t trade it for a chemically straight hair. Girl stop trying to be who you are not, embrace your beautiful hair it’s a gift.

  70. I am fortunate to wear nappy hair braids and wigs. I wear shoulder length locks during the hot season and wear wigs during cold months. I twirl my hair around my head and place a stocking cap over the locks and put on a wig.

  71. Afraid I don’t fine Sheryl funny and before she degrades Black natural hair, she should see an oral surgeon and do something about those gums, Sheryl in case you did not know, a little surgery will do you good and why must you always be the first one in line feeding your face when the Chefs come on? In other words stop talking about natural hair being nappy because you have a lot going against you too, including those too long wigs that do you no justice.

  72. Now, when Martin Lawrence as a comedian calls Pam (Tichina Arnold) “beady bead”, and when DL Hugley came out and agreed with Don Imus and them that the Rutger basketball girls were nappy headed hos no one said anything and accepted it as a joke. Now Sheryl says it as a comedian also and you all say she hates herself. Come on now you all! I don’t like it when anyone says it, but why do we pick and choose who should have a license to say that? Yes, she is bufooning, but Martin Lawrence and DL Hugley is too then. When Beyonce gets up there and pretends that her hair never gets nappy she is making an implicit statement, and under neath all that wig her hair doesn’t look any better than Sheryl’s.

  73. Naturalandlovingit on

    Whatever happened to personal preference? IF Sheryl wants straight hair it’s alright. I happen to love the fact that so many of the younger Queens are choosing to go natural (I have been for 8 years at least), the time has come. However everyone’s choices should be respected…so that we can move on to the really important things, like what is inside our heads rather than on our heads.

  74. Most of us (Black People) have been conditioned to believe,that beauful means to look european, hence it’s difficult for them to see the beauty in themselves, has one of Gods most beautiful creation. Love thy self because the creator LOVE’S you!!!

    One Love!!

  75. Take a look at all of the beautiful black women on Pinterest sporting natural hair. There are so many, I can’t keep up with my pins anymore. Shame on Sheryl Underwood.

  76. I’m 1 year natural and LOVING it!
    Beyond the hair thing, why is she going so hard on someone elses parenting? Its not uncommon for mothers especially, to hold onto their childs hair after their first haircut. More over, her children are biracial, so they’re not going to have “nappy, beady hair”. It’ll be kinky, but curly hair is hard to manage. It is definitely harder to manage than a weave! You cannot wrap a natural, and most of us steer clear of stylists due to the difficulty in finding one with this specific experience. ….anyway, Sheryl is a disgraceful mess.

  77. This is funny, because most black women was born and raised up with their own hair. Whether it was nappy, some curly and some not so nappy hair, it was still their own hair and they managed what they had. Why is now all at once since the Koreans and india sells wigs and straighten hair why do black women feels so free wearing hair that’s glued, sewed in to their brains. I have natural nappy hair5 and I love wearing it. Its a money saver and its my mine. Plus its saying to th3e white people that I want hair like you have and is not happy being who I really am.

  78. Negroes like Her are Bought & Paid for! She is a Republican that’s all you need to know! Her stand-up is LowDown & Rotten to say the least Go along to get along & a Self Hating Negro who wants Attention,it seems as though they are pushing this interacial Dating thing in Hollyweird so be cool & stay Black! Because Uncle Ruckus is always on your Corner Drinking the Whiteman’s Poison! There is nothing more Beautiful then a Blackwoman with a Brain because y’all are already Fine! Learn to love yourself B4 you leave this Earth & Give the Slavemaster back his sick mind that he put inside his once slave! Insanity it got to be! Sad excuse for a Black Female we will be back on the Plantation real soon Dummy!

  79. I think the things done to hair is simply technology. Who among us walks to work if it’s across town, or takes a horse and buggy? Who among us is living off candles and not electricity. I teach my girls to embrace their natural hair, but tell them they can relax it when they get older if they choose. I love to see my sisters work different hair styles. I’ve never worn a weave except to boost some braids but then again I can grow long hair, some folks can’t. While there are some who do despise their hair, and have self hatred, for many of us it’s just the convenience of it. I don’t hate myself or my hair b/c I relax it. I love having options. I love all the styles I can get even with relaxed hair that white folks can’t get.

  80. Mrs. Mhlauli-Moses–Did you really compare Sheryl Underwood to a circus monkey? Does anyone else see the irony here? Shame on you, Mrs. Mhlauli-Moses. Your issue with Sheryl Underwood is the same one you have with yourself.

  81. It was painful for me to watch Sheryl Underwood’s ugly, insensitive, degrading comments about African American hair. However, let’s face it! A vast percentage of blacks–both women and men–subconsciously feel the same way. I am 68 years old. I’ve worn my natural hair since I was 22. I can’t begin to tell you how many remarks like Sheryl Underwood’s have been leveled against my natural hair. I simply pray a pray for God to forgive them, for they know NOT what they do! They have been brainwashed and programmed relentlessly. For centuries, this nation has achieved its power and wealth on the backs of black folks and on the basis of black self-hatred, coupled with the myth of white superiority. It has been to America’s advantage for us to hate ourselves; thus, the ridiculous self-hatred pours forth from our beings as easily as our life-giving breath. How sad! How terribly sad!


  83. I don’t believe that comment Sheryl Underwood made means that she hates herself. I get so tired of natural hair wearing Black women accusing other Black women who don’t want to wear kinky hair of hating themselves. For some women, it’s just preference. Some actually do hate themselves when they look in the mirror and realize they don’t have fine textured hair. But I don’t think Sheryl hates herself, just doesn’t like nappy hair and that’s HER business. However, I do believe that she should’ve considered how insulting her strong comment would be to other Black women. I’m not offended, but apparently, lotta Black women are. Bottom line, she is certainly a buffoon and needs to take that coon shit back to BET. I’ve seen a few episodes of that show with her on it. Aisha Tyler is funny in a fun and quirky way while remaining intellectually relevant on the panel. Sheryl Underwood is just coonish and cornbreadish with her “jokes” and seems to always be looking for a way to force some laughs.

  84. Jah Larry Dread on

    “some women go the wig, and or hair piece route is because of hair loss due to chemotherapy, after a cancer diagnosis”…Let us all pray for those who suffer from cancer. There is no discrimination when it comes to cancer. Earlier today I went to visit a friend. He introduced me to his girlfriend and she immediately started apologizing about her hair looks a mess. Just meeting her I got a little angry with her! I stated, “will you please cut it out! You are at home! Many black men don’t care if you hair is not combed in the house! What’s really important to many of us is your pretty face, and a nice body! You can put on a baseball cap and solve your problem!” Keep in mind Sheryl Underwood is a comedian. Most of the time jokes have a lot of truth to them. Remember the Chris Rock’s “Good Hair?” In the Asian store he could not sell a bag of black people’s hair in its natural state!

  85. Jah Larry Dread on

    Many black women (some men) make good morning doing hair…That’s a good thing. However, if you put it on the table how much the Koreans are making selling weaves, wigs, extensions and the entire BLACK hair care business on a whole: Black people are making peanuts!
    Remember the Chris Rock’s “Good Hair?” In the Asian store he could not sell a bag of black people’s hair in its natural state! The truth hurts but was real.

  86. Jah Larry Dread on

    Many black women (some men) make GOOD MONEY doing hair…That’s a good thing. However, if you put it on the table how much the Koreans are making selling weaves, wigs, extensions and the entire BLACK hair care business on a whole: Black people are making peanuts!
    Remember the Chris Rock’s “Good Hair?” In the Asian store he could not sell a bag of black people’s hair in its natural state! The truth hurts but was real.

  87. Sheryl Underwood is self-hatin. Not because of this hair comment, but if you listen to her (IF you can get past the yelling and screaming and acting ignorant) everything she says about herself sounds like self-hatred. She’s one comedian I can’t tolerate.

  88. I am so pleased to hear all of the excellent comments. How far we have come. Remember too, the source that coined the phrase ‘nappy hair’ is the seem source that coined the ‘N’ word. There is no such thing as ‘nappy’ hair. We have beautiful ‘tightly curled; hair. I have worn my hair natural over 40 years and learned how to manage it well. Maybe those that can’t are trying to manage their hair with ‘white folk’ hair gear. Natural hair is the most manageable of all. Particularly when you are wearing braids, locks, etc. With straight hair, one has to untangle, look out for the lice (if it is naturally straight. It’s going to take some serious reconditioning for many of us to come back from the brink of a ‘loss culture’.

  89. Don’t blame the black woman for straightening hair, because she’s in denial of her black heritage, and hates herself. If true, where or earth did she get that notion? From the Black Male. It’s hard to think your are beautiful, when, you are the only one who believes that you are beautiful. Finally, does Sheryl hate herself, or was she just telling the truth? Last time I checked hardly anyone is buying the “kinky” hair at the hair stores. The silky straight is selling like hotcakes.

  90. I heard those same type comments in a movie Chris Rock did called: Hair or Good Hair ( whatever the title is it’s about hair). I wouldn’t go to the extreme and say that because of a single statement that that translates into self-hate.I will agree that there does appear to be a specific formula used to hand pick a Black Woman to ” participate ” in these type television shows.

  91. So does she think the wigs make her look any better?? She need to check that, black people are they only ones with negative comments about their own..and then get mad when someone else says something

  92. I’ve been on both sides. Fore years I permed my hair. About a decade ago I decided to let my hair go natural. Lasted almost 2 years. I couldn’t do anything with my hair. So went back to perms. I hair soon began to break off again. So went back to natural. But what to do with it? It’s too thin to hold curls, doesn’t grow in nappy enough to dread. I had two choices, fade it or dread it. My sister said my head was to big to fade it. LOL I discovered Sistah Locks. Locks I do with a tool. I locked my hair and haven’t looked back. My hair is longer than it’s ever been and looks good and low maintenance. As some said before, locks aren’t for everyone. But they worked for me. I think people are putting too much importance into hair. After all if you cut it all off it just grows back. It will be alright..

  93. I’ve read some of these post & comments & have found some them incredibly ugly & visceral. Mrs Underwood was once the Basileus (president) of 1 of our largest & oldest Greek letered Black Sorority’s I doubt seriously if she’s a self hating “African-American” but she is an comedian. When did “Black Folks” lose the ability to laugh at ourselves, I have no doubt that Richard Pryor would have said that to get a laugh

  94. How did this article on self hate turn in to natural verses unnatural hair debate? So let me add to it. Not to anger those who consider themselves Natural hair wears. If you buy any product from the Korean hair store or similar chains, to “tame your tresses”. more than likely it’s not natural (read the label). So you are in fact wearing chemicals too. Does that make you unnatural? or is Natural a style or perception, and not “really” natural? Something to think about.

  95. Unless you can survey every Bw in the US you cannot generalize this thought all think this way. Everyone s different if one person does not like their hair sadly it is their issue.

  96. It is a personal choice. There are so many texture of hair.i’m wearing my hair braided,no perm in 6 months. When I come out of braids straight to my perm so I can take care of it better..oh by the way I love my self.

  97. khalil as-samad on


  98. In Love I say…I’m Happy I’m Nappy! I have been pressed, permed, weaved…colored, fried and Dyed. This is stupid…to each his own…It is all about loving yourself! Mr sorry…Mrs Underwood has the right to have her own Opinion…Remember Opinions R like Assholes…everybody has one…Or can be one!

  99. In all the statements that I’ve read thus far, everyone seems to be missing the point. Sheryl’s statement read:

    “Upon hearing that Klum saves their hair, Underwood responded, “Why would you save Afro hair?” She went on to imply that nobody wants that type of hair, saying that you never hear of a woman in a hair shop asking for that “curly, nappy, beady” hair.”

    I understand she is a comedian and flaps her mouth for a laugh, and although she is entitled to her opinion – she was completely out of order when she said “nobody wants that type of hair” clearly she is mistaken, many women are leaning toward natural hair, and should not be ridiculed because they decide to do so.

    Just to stoop to Sheryl level for a moment, I can see why she is not a fan of natural hair, some people are a mess no matter what type of hair they sport.

  100. Geri Ifabimipe Byrd on

    I don’t watch that show because sherry underwood embarrasses me. She is not funny. I cringe when she speaks.

    • God Bless you. You are why I stop talking on here but it stayed on my mind. All this ignorance on here is uncalled for. Statements like Harriet Tubman hair lets us know we have a long way to go. There are bigger things in this world going on, such as what you’re dealing with and the contribution Ms Tubman made to the black race for someone to even have the freedom to degrade her. Ignorance is Bliss. I hope you get better.

  101. I saved my own sons “nappy hair” and its still in a box in my closet and hes 26. If she hadnt had all those chemicals processing in her own hair, she wouldnt have said such a thing. Yes she is a self loather..poor thing…just saying the right thing to get that check amongst her white peers…its one thing to be funny…another to just sound plain stupid!! Heidi Klum is a white woman…and loves her childrens’ black hair….so stfu Sheryl Underwood, looking like Wesley Snipes in Too Wong Fu….!!! SMMFH!!!

  102. Oh geeeez. Here we go again about self hate. What Ms. Underwood has done was to simply speak the truth. No one wants nappy hair. That is the main reason most of you wear weaves. (self hatred???) Also, perms and pressing combs. (self hate…huh??) No one wants to walk around with “Harriet Tubman hair” Why?? Because it is NAPPY!! A regular comb will not go through it. I guess Heidi just wanted to keep her children’s hair for memory purposes only. Back off of Ms. Underwood. She spoke the truth. Leave her alone, because you KNOW that she spoke the truth. The truth really hurts badly. Look at all the negative responses. Defense, defense, defense. Take those stupid looking weaves out of your hair before you accuse ANYONE of self-hatred.

  103. Do yourselves a favor and ignore the comments made by Cheryl Underwood. To make such a stupid remark just shows how little she regards her own race. Do I think she’s a self-hater? Not necessarily. I think she’s a clown serving one purpose on the show: comic relief and she’s often not that good. Frankly, her loud voice is annoying and the never-ending sexual innuendos make her look desperately horny. She may well be a nice, even smart woman but her ‘act’ is not amusing. Let me add that if Richard Pryor made such a comment there would have been a lesson to be learned. I never understood why she was a replacement and I still don’t.

  104. The Black aesthete is destroyed. To be beautiful,one must eliminate defining black c3haracteristics – wooly hair,broad noses,thick lips.But White skin elevates those features,see Angelina Jolie, Mick Jagger. Most Blacks are wounded but they don’t know. It is a level of subordination that is so deep that it might be too late for liberation. Bigwill got it right..

  105. Her lips, skin and nose are not equivalent to her hair. Why destroy the Creator’s handy work?
    Doesn’t she realize that helix (black, nappy, kinky) hair is the original hair of the planet?

  106. I wasn’t going to comment on this, but then I read Feniqx comment. No one on this web cares about how Cheryl prefers to wear her hair. She can wear turds on hair as far as most people were concern, but when she made the statement “No women goes to the beauty shop and ask for “Nappy Hair” all I wanted to say to her is: How the Heck she know what people ask for when they go to their beautician? I would go in and ask for the Nappiest Hair on the rack, cause my hair is natural (I am a Black Women) and straight. I wish I could make it stand up in an Afro are you CRAZY. When I am in the grocery store or the mall and I see a FRO, I wish I could get mine like that. So NO tell Cheryl she DON’T KNOW WHAT SHE IS TALKING ABOUT (most of the time) and if she doesn’t want criticism, she needs to SPEAK FOR HERSELF and STOP SAYING STUPID STUPID STUFF. Now how about THAT!!!

    • Robin Montgomery on

      I with you when you’re write (right) girl…Nappy and Happy and Straight if I want to switch up. If Sheryl really was being so critical, I wonder if she knows that there are certain color wigs she should not wear that don’t compliment her skin. certain styles that she wears aren’t flattering, they keep me laughing about her own joke of herself looking like Wesley Snipes in drag, that is not flattering for either of them. Just stay away from so many ethnic attacks Sheryl that’s all.

  107. Everyone does not have a weave. Natural hair is very popular. Those that wear weaves are not necessarily self haters. You can not make broad sweeping statements like that without knowing the individuals. Cheryl underwood was wrong to say no one wants nappy hair. That isn’t true. A lot of people want nappy hair. I love my nappy hair and so do a lot of other people. Nappy does not have a negative value for me. It’s just a descriptive word…just like saying my hair is black.

  108. Robin Montgomery on

    I’m disturbed by the comment and the behavior of Sheryl Underwood, it is fine she has the desire to excel but at what cost? I find at times there is buffoonery in her conduct with the panel of The Talk, at first I chalked it up as her being a comedienne, but now it is questionable. If there is self hate the attack is personal on her behalf, as for me I Love Being Natural or Straight, I am from a variety of “known” cultures and I will embrace whatever Pleases ME…I AM THAT I AM AND I LOVE ME FOR ME!!! We All Have Choices, but We Don’t Have To DISRESPECT one another to establish a point of one’s own self.

  109. What Heidi Klum decides to do with her sons hair is her business. Im a sister and I actually liked that she saved his hair. Its called unconditional love which Sheryl has no clue of and even if it was for laughs, it was not funny. As a sister I like to wear my hair in different styles including afro puffs. She irks me with her self hatred jokes and acting like a damb fool when male guests come on the show.

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