Sheryl Underwood Is Going Vegan; Does She Know That Means No Bacon?


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Comedian Sheryl Underwood is following in the footsteps of an ever-growing line of celebrities who are adopting a vegan lifestyle. She says that she doesn’t want to do it to be part of the “in” crowd, she wants to do it for herself. She wants to lower her blood pressure and be able to give her metabolism a kickstart without taking pills or going to extreme measures. Although, as an avid bacon lover, switching to a vegan lifestyle would be pretty extreme.

When you go vegan you have to cut all meat, all dairy, and pretty much anything that could possibly come from an animal. Underwood has been preparing for the switch for over a month by switching out foods such as butter for olive oil. She has also been cutting down on her meat consumption and eating less foods that are processed. Steve Harvey has been a source of encouragement for her. Her inspiration to get started with this lifestyle change was Sarah Gilbert who had written a book about switching to veganism.

Many find it tough to switch to being a vegan especially if they have eaten meat their entire lives. It is even harder when you cannot have anything that is an animal by-product either which means no eggs, no milk, and no cheese. Everything has to be carefully inspected before consumption because sometimes meat products are hidden in the products. Beyoncé recently stated that she was going to be doing a 22 day vegan challenge to help her get back into shape after the birth of her daughter. It seems that this lifestyle is becoming a trend among celebrities. Underwood says that while she is serious about making the change, she is not giving up alcohol!

Would you ever consider going vegan to improve your health?



  1. Actually after Sheryl’s jokes on Black Hair and a repeated disdain for the Black Lifestyle, her jokes are less funny. Her smooth skin Dark lady appeal has left and wish her well in her effort to become another skeletal looking whence clone off A Kardashian, or Osborne. Enjoy your ride but, personally she became a non M.F. Factor

    • You sound “feeble minded” she cracked a joke about children of a “White German” Mother & a “Black British” Father, the Germans & the British aren’t upset so why are African-American’s. I also have been a vegetarian for 8 years & it doesn’t make you “skeleton thin”, a little knowledge is dangerous

      • She made nasty comments about “afro hair”. Theres a ytube vid showing her making the comment. This big gum, horse mouth bitch can go to hell.

        • She was “cracking a joke” about Hiedie Klum keeping her kids with the singer Seals cut hair. Duh she’s a comedian & was once Basilius “President” of one of the countries largest & oldest “Black Sorority’s” but the stupid & weak minded took it somewhere else just like you did with your ugly comments

      • Won’t waste my time with your analysis of my opinion, and I suggest you should not waste your time commenting on my opinion. If you are a Sheryl Underwood apologist or a supporter, please note I never heard her joke referring to the mixed nationalities families.
        My comment was a reference to Sheryl Underwood’s disdain with Black Hair another feeble joke attempt made a few months ago. Whether you are currently vegan is upon you, personally you and your diet habits are none of my concern.
        Regarding Sheryl Underwood, my opinion upon her is that although Plump by some standards he had a pleasant appearance with smooth Dark skin. It is known within the Black celebrity community that Black Women often attack others for their appearance most recently Wendy Williams and Sheryl Underwood are doing such yet they possess many of the same traditional features that they attack. These celebrities then go on mad diets, exercise programs and alteration surgeries in pursuit of looking like a Kardasian or a Osborne.
        You madam I do not know or care for your opinions on my opinions and whether you think they are feeble.

        • If you weren’t so “feeble minded” you would understand that you can’t take the time to go in great detail with a joke & also since the subject on the “View” @ the. Time of the “ill fated joke”, was Hiedie Klum being photographed on vacation with her children & “body guard” turned “boyfriend” in an adulterous affair the less stupid could assume. I’m no apologist for Ms Underwood or anyone else but she is an ex president of a “Black Greek lettered Sorority” & I’m a members of an “Black Greek lettered Fraternity” & feel some kinship. I also deplore how the most ignorant & uneducated of our culture feel they are the “pole bearers” for the African-American community & most importantly it was just a “damn joke”, how many times has Richard Pryor said “Nappy Ni##gers”, that’s my era of comedy

          • Sorry Al Hill Jr. For calling you an apologist for Sheryl Underwood, but, it seems like you did it for the second time. I also asked you to man up and get off my jock and stop being so concerned about my opinion on a quasi-celebrity. I have previously stated I was unconcerned with you and your diet, now it seems I need to express my lack of concern with your membership in a Black Greek Lettered organization. I note you seem proud to defend Ms. underwood by stating she was a president of a Greek Lettered organization, I am unconcerned as to whether she was National President or some local chapter of 8 or 10 people. Everyone in the world is born under one of 12 zodiac signs, do you run in defense of the other 500 million people who share your zodiac sign.

            BTW there were Black fraternal organizations long before there were Black Colleges that were all men or all Women and then about 40 years after there were Black Faternal Colleges there became a few Black Faternal Greek Letter Organizations.
            Plus you seem to repeatedly use feeble minded as a expression of condemnation did you learn anything in your Black Greek lettered organization other than how to wear military boots and to stomp to the beat.

            Please instead of replying to me and being concern with my opinions, might I suggest that you post your resume of personal accomplishments. It appears that is your motive.

          • You have corrected me your not “feeble minded” your an complete “idiot”, most “Black Greek Lettered organizations” are over 100 years old & yes most founded @ HBCU’s because 100 years ago we were primarily legally allowed to attend college there, but some also founded @ state colleges like Butler University & Indiana University. The strolling around parties “stepping” & the Step Shows & Parties, are just traditional recruiting tools & fund raisers, we are International “Community Service organizations” & raise 3X the money & Man-hours to charity than UNICEF or the NAACP. As a national president Cheryl Underwood has supervised 100’s of thousands of dollars & “man-hours” to charity, what is the last thing you’ve done for your community, next month I will have been a member 28 years & idiots like you are the reason were so exclusive & pledging so tasking. “On your Jock” I’m the Man your parents wanted you to be 6’2″ svelte ex-collegiate football player with a Master’s Degree & a Chicago Business owner, I’m just sophisticated enough to not turn on & insult one of my “sisters” because I didn’t get a “joke” & give the world more ammo that African-American’s have no unity & are an naturally combative ignorant people

          • The more you speak, the more you show your ignorance. First Richard Allen founded AME church and other fraternal groups beginning in 1797. Second Prince Hall Mason was founded in 1800’s Third Spelman and Morehouse College predates any Black Greek Letter Organization by 35 years.
            As previously stated I don’t care about your accomplishments, but since you have revealed them, let us compare Iam 6’4″ I weigh the same 220 lb. that I weighed when I graduated from a fraternal Black College in 1974. I and my family have operated a Black service Business in my community since 1920, I played three sports in High School, but spent my time in College working in the newsroom of a newspaper in a major city, being President of Student Government of a predominately white college, challenging national known racist on their political stance in 1970.
            Three of my four children have Law or college degree, and helpful in my youngest son pursuit of a career as a professional golfer. So sir, I promise you as a legacy graduate of Morehouse, my parents would not want me to trade my life with yours.
            Plus I promise you I am no idiot. BTW, in November I went back and forth for several post in defense of a personal acquaintance Oprah Winfrey, you seem to like riding my Jock, IJS I got as much time as you are willing to spend. BTW who is the idiot it ain’t me.

          • I said “Greek Lettered” organizations not “Fraternal” organizations you stupid “piece of sh!t”, I am also a “Prince Hall Mason” as was my Father, Grand Father, uncles & many of my Fraternity Brothers, leave uplifting our race to us genetically capable, please just shut & don’t breed my hands are full with the young men I mentor on the West Side of Chicago, you émbicile

          • No one cares about any organization youre a member of You must have seen a different show from the rest of us. We know what we saw and heard. She SAID, “WHO WANTS AFRO HAIR, YOU CANT DO ANYTHING WITH IT!” Do I need to post the video and prove you wrong???

  2. I’ve been a practicing Vegetarian for 9 years & am “lactose intolerant” so don’t consume much dairy but can attest that a short term endeavor won’t have much health benefit but hope it can spear head a healthier lifestyle path

  3. She needs to stop lying, she like that NASTY PIG to much which is GRAGAGE eater and eats its own feces(y’all didn’t know this? yep its true..there’s a reason GOD said, don’t eat SWINE..BECUZ eating the swine will KILL YOU!).. the pig that’s killing black folk by the 100 of thousands yearly..strokes/high blood pressure/heart attacks and direct connection to CANCER.

    ..its a gig and the pay is good for her..I still don’t like her.. she’s still a mammie on the show..that’s what she was hired to do IMPO and the other black girl is the educated one..

    • @ Carolyn M – did you see that mess, insulting people because we don’t agree with him! yeah he’s LETTERED all right, the closest he gets to letters are the ones on the back of his prison jumpsuit, PROPERTY OF THE STATE.

  4. Good you referenced your prior point my prior reference was before yours where you stated your affiliation with Black Greek Lettered organization. My point was that there were Black Faternal organization prior to Black Colleges, and that those also predate Black Greek Letter organization.
    You mentioned Black Greek Lettered organization because you were assuming an apologist for Sheryl Underwood because, the topic of my original comment was regarding Sheryl Underwood eating bacon and becoming a Vegan. My original point was I had no concern with Ms. underwood whether she became a Vegan. I Expressed disdain with her because of recent comments, not jokes she made regarding Black Women and Black Women hairstyle. I
    I added that Ms. underwood could continue following the Kardashian’s or Osborne’s with that skinny whence image until eternity. I was indifferent as to her outcome. BTW I have been able to respond to your repeated name calling and insults without ever lowering myself to your feeble behavior.

    • Once again your showing your ignorance Cheryl Underwood’s “joke” wasn’t in reference to “Black Women” but toward 2 “interracial children” being raised German & not African-American. Black women just took it on themselves to attack her because it was easy & she doesn’t exemplify the “Queen B” prototype, that in their eyes can do no wrong “vacation in a communist enemy country dance provocatively & scantily clad on international TV”. There were vegetarians & vegans long before the “Kardashian’s” (Lisa Bonet, Lenny Kravitz, Erykah Badu & Maxwell). As a senior members of my Fraternity, Lodge & a Marine Corps veteran of the 1st “gulf war” & a survivor of the Streets of Chicago, I’ve learned that often in the African-American community stupid people can be lead to believe their geniuses unless someone informs them their “stupid” & you sir are “stupid”

  5. Mr. Hill unfortunately you must be a shoot from the hip type person or an extreme Narcissist.
    Yesterday you insulted someone named Devon who stated that if you go to you tube you can see Sheryl Underwood’s comments about Black Hair. I have stated on more than one occasion that I had no knowledge or concern with the mixed nationalities joke that you continue to reference.
    I methodically restated my points, my issues and the reasons why I stated my original opinion. Dare I not remind you how often I have suggested that you publish your resume of accomplishments and family history since that seems to be your agenda.
    I have repeatedly uncorrected stated MY DAMN OPINION ABOUT SHERYL UNDERWOOD, how you and your issue continuedly get interjected is unbelievable.
    My one insulting statement is actually a question. Do you usually spendso much time on yourself and your personal life and seldom and almost NEVER DISCUSS THE ISSUE OF THE CONVERSATION?
    I would ask you why you repeatedly express yourself by logging insults at people that you disagree, yet dont know. But, I think the answer is obvious, I hope this is not the example that you teach the children of Chicago that you claim you mentor.
    Your point about stupid people believing they are genius is very interesting. When someone told you that had you just spoke and gave another of your off the subject rants.
    Sir, you have missed the point and issue on so many different level

    • You saw were I said I’m a “combat marine” so yes I “shoot from the hip” & yes I’m extremely confident & have been called a “Narcissus”. I actually saw that episode of the “View” live on my Tablet in my truck & traffic, not the “youtube” clip you claim gives you full context (such an idiot statement). I’ve been mentoring young men on the West Side of Chicago since 05 with 4 college graduates not 1 incarcerated or in the grave & an 18 year old son also in college. Your making an argument without “full context” & you truly don’t see how stupid that is. I really can’t stand you “social media lambs”, real life is about facts, calculations & verifiable data, not the post of people you let their emotions lead their direction, I am now going to cleanse my intellectual pallet with an conversation with someone who doesn’t use “youtube” as a “reference source”

      • NIGGA PLEASE! You arent the only person who posts here who went to college and youre not the only one to not go to jail, you soft shoeing coon. The [email protected] you think you are, insulting the people on this forum just because we don’t agree with you??
        REAL TALK – Why dont you saddle up Trigger, my bad I meant Sheryl, hop on her broad azz back and the two of you azzholes can giddy up and gallop off into the sunset, and take your tap shoes with you.

        • That’s just it your a “NIGGA” I’m a “Black Man” please stay off my “time line” & out of “grown folk” conversation, you shame our entire culture

  6. Mr. Hill the you tube reference was not mine. Your repeated testimonies about your life seems to obvious cause you to never understand my point and my opinion. I WAS TALKING ABOUT SHERYL UNDERWOOD and her becoming a VEGAN. I STATED I HAVE DEVOLPED A DISDAIN FOR HER BECAUSE OF HER JOKES AND COMMENTS ABOUT BLACK WOMEN AND BLACK HAIR.

    Mr. Hill was never the subject of my comment or opinion. mr. hill responded to my comment and my opinion and has spent a dozen or more paragraph discussing Mr. Hill, his background, character, upbringing, military experience, and various other manuchia. Yet speaking upon the comment and opinion I have expressed has seldom been discussed. Quite ironic because if Mr. Hill did not want to discuss the topic being discuss he should have called the help line, because his logic surely needs it.

    One final question you repeatedly refer to “THE VIEW” I am confused because SHERYL UNDERWOOD IS ON “THE TALK” television show.

    BTW since you make reference to verifiable data, I then can only assume that all these tidbits of information about Mr. Hill are boisterous talk from a social media lamb.

  7. Way to go Ms. Underwood. Leave that pig alone along with everything else that breathes as well as their by-products. I am on your side!!! So proud of you!!!

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