She’s Back: Aretha Franklin Back on Stage After Mystery Illness


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

The Queen of Soul is back. She had been out for an illness for a long period of time but has since bounced back and is feeling great. She didn’t disclose the nature of her illness that she had been afflicted with. Her first concert back will be a performance in her hometown of Detroit. It will take place in December. MotorCity Casino Hotel’s Sound Board will host the concert on December 21st.

Aretha is also in the studio right now recording an album for the month of November. She is working with talent such as Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds and the album is being produced by Don Was. She said that she was having a rough time when she was ill and the side effects from the treatment that she was getting were harsh but she feels great and is ready to be back on stage again.

Memphis, Tennessee-born soul singer Aretha Franklin turned 71 this year. She has had many health issues that have kept her from performing as she loves to do, but she has always bounced back. Her last album titled A Woman Falling Out of Love was released in 2011 on her own label, Aretha’s Records. Before that she had released The Great American Songbook in 2011 under the Arista Records label.

Her studio albums have been numerous and she has certainly earned her title as the Queen of Soul. She unfortunately has had many tragedies and hardships in her life. She became a mother at the age of 15 and then had another child at the age of 17. She lost her father and also lost her goddaughter, Whitney Houston. Through all of this she has persevered and has triumphed at whatever she does.



  1. I grew-up listing to “RE-RE,” I love her, pray for her. She has brought so much joy to my life,

    Thank You, Queen of Soul

  2. I’m happy the Queen is doing great! My prayers are with you. You are the GREATEST and I look foward to the next CD. (I enjoyed listening to the last cd while in Greece last week!)

    LOVE YA!

  3. Glad to hear Aretha is back, love listening to her music, grew up on her songs, they just don’t have the talented singers like they used to! Yes they scream and holler thanks to the electronic instruments but hey, they can’t sing! Welcome back Aretha!

    • I agree. It’s ashamed what they have done to the music industry. You don’t have to sing anymore. All you have to do is come out on stage half naked and gyrate to the music and you become an overnight sensation.

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