Should Women Get Paid Time Off During Their Monthly Period?


By: Krystle Crossman

Cramping, bloating, nausea, fatigue. Every month women deal with these symptoms and more. But we push through and do what needs to be done even though all we feel like curling up in bed in the fetal position until it is all over. It can be a rough couple of days but life keeps going on and we need to move with it. A company called Coexist in the U.K. is now creating what is called the Period Policy where women get paid time off while they are dealing with their cycle. There are some who believe that this is a great policy and other who feel that it is ridiculous.

The director of Coexist is a woman. She states that she feels that women who are given time off while they are dealing with a multitude of symptoms. She says that they will be more creative and productive when they are not having to think about dealing with their period over the course of a few days. She also says that she wants to try and break the stigma and negativity surrounding women’s periods.

A survey was taken on the streets in Cleveland where participants were asked what they though about the paid leave for women on their periods. There were a lot of people, including men, who said that they thought it was a great idea. One woman who worked at a pizza shop stated that it would be great to have those days off because it was especially rough putting your all into work when you can barely stand up. A man who was asked about the policy stated that they should get those days off because women rightfully have attitudes around that time.

Not everyone agrees with this policy though. OB/GYN Dr. Linda Bradley says that this is a bad idea. She states that if your period is bad enough where it disrupts your life you should be seeking out treatment from a physician, not days off of work. She says that there are so many treatments and different options out there for women who have especially horrendous periods that women should need to take days off of work. How would they regulate this policy? How can they verify that a woman is on her cycle? Many are saying that it sets a precedent and that it makes women look weak because they are saying that they can’t handle life while they are on their period.



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