Should You Go To The Gym When You Are Sick? That Depends On These Factors


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

When you are sick the last thing that you feel like doing is working out. You just want to lie in bed with some fluids. Some people have a specific workout regimen that they don’t want to mess up just because they are sick. There are instances where it is okay to get up and go to the gym and others where you should just stay at home.

1. Flu/Fever – This is one sickness that you should stay at home with. If you have a fever you are going to dehydrate much quicker than you would normally. This could cause a big problem while you are working out. If you have a fever that is higher than 100 degrees and you go to the gym to do your workout you could actually increase your risk for and inflammation in your heart. You should be resting when you have a fever and make sure that your fever is gone for a full 24 hours before you try to go back to the gym. While you are trying to fight the fever and all of the other symptoms that come with the flu your body uses a lot of energy which is why you end up feeling so tired. If you work out that energy has to be split between your workout and fighting off the virus that has invaded your body. The less energy spent on fighting the sickness the longer it takes to get better.

2. Cold – If you have the sniffles and mild symptoms that don’t include a fever you should be fine going into work out. Depending on how bad your symptoms are you may want to dial down your workout until you are feeling better so that you don’t exacerbate the illness. Instead of doing the full-length workout that you may normally do try doing half the time instead or if you want to work out for the full time make sure that you are not as intense as you usually are. Make sure that you are aware of germs being spread. When you have a cold you are contagious for five days so make sure that you take the necessary steps to ensure that you don’t spread the cold around.

3. Stomach bug – You may want to stay at home and close to a bathroom when you have the stomach bug. Working out will not do you any good and could make your symptoms worse. Not only that but it could lead to a very embarrassing experience at the gym. Wait until your stomach bug is gone to resume your routine.