Signs You Hate Yourself and Your Life (and probably why nobody likes you)


miserable womanBy Staff Blogger

If your life “sucks” you probably have a list of reasons (more like excuses) why it does. Maybe it’s those mean racists at you job or your “baby daddy” (s) who won’t pay his(their) child support or maybe your Mom didn’t hug you enough as a kid. While one or all of the above may be true, you still have the ability to take your life into your hands and do something meaningful with it.

Below are a list of things you may want to stop doing so that you can change your life for the better:

1. You watch television so much it’s like a second job (if you even have a job). Television is just one way that many people waste their time and their life but there are many more. Basically, if you spend most of your time doing some mindless activity that adds nothing to your life, like watching television, playing video games or gossiping and spreading rumors, that might be why your life sucks.

2. You’re overweight and want to make excuses about it rather than do something about it. Have you ever noticed that people who say they have  “a problem with my thyroid” or a “problem with my knees” as a reason for being overweight tend to eat more than most people and exercise a lot less than most people? Even if a person has a thyroid issue, eating smaller and healthier meals will still be better than eating a whole bunch of junk. And if a person’s knees hurt, they can lift some weights…walking and running are not the only forms of exercise.

3. You’re very negative. If you tend to see problems in everything, then you’re probably a negative person. The difference between an analytical person and a negative person is that the analytical person is looking for problems with the intention of coming up with solutions. The negative person, on the other hand, is looking for problems so they can use them as an excuse for inaction or to discourage someone else from doing something.

4. You’re selfish, self absorbed and self involved. In short: get over yourself! The most miserable people on earth are selfish people. Instead of focusing on how miserable you feel, get out and serve or go help someone in need.

5. You’re terrified of making a mistake. Fear of failure is a huge deterrent for a lot of people. Guess what? A lot of people who dared to try something new felt some level of fear but they went ahead anyway. If you think failure will surely kill you, you’re probably wrong but just in-case, take one small step at a time and do something small and then keep doing more until you’re taking bigger steps.

At the end of the day, you only have one life to live so stop making excises and get on with it!


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  1. I have a male friend who displays so much self-hatred that it’s really hard to be around him. He does not get it that his negativity keeps people away. No matter what a good time you are having with him, he will find a way to start a fight and you end up wishing you had never left your house.

    For example, last weekend, we went out for a great breakfast and went back to his place to watch TV. Later he showed me a video on you tube, I liked the song, but just happened to comment on how much I hate lip synching done badly and 70’s white boy afros. He took that as a personal criticism against him, because it reflects badly on him if someone trashes something he likes. Who thinks like that?

    Everything comes back to him and in a bad way.We have had arguments about something we’ve observed about TV shows. I hate the way blacks are portrayed on “The Sopranos” and don’t care to watch it. He says I’m overly sensitive. Many times I just let him talk and don’t put any input into his statements (because its not a conversation when only one person speaks) for fear of saying the wrong things. No one in our circle know what’s the wrong thing to say until its too late, and he won’t let the situation diffuse.

    He has a weight problem and always has a negative comment if I eat something sweet. I really don’t know why I’m friends with him. People like this should have their own planets because they only serve to make others miserable.

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