Silent S*x: The Amazing Results


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Many people who have been with the same partner over a long period of time know that it gets more and more important to “keep the flames alive”. Some women decided to try silent s*x. No talking, no moaning, no toys, nothing except for them and their man. This is what they had to say about the experiment.

 Subject 1: She recommends that you do not replace real communication with silent s*x, but it felt like she and her partner were connecting on a deeper level. She said it felt almost as if they were having a torrid one-night stand affair. She and her partner were in a fight at the time and she said that being silent was a helpful way to take some time out from the fight and ease the tension a bit. She stated that is was a very satisfying experience, many times over.

 Her partner stated that since they were in a fight when they tried this, it didn’t seem awkward because they didn’t really want to talk to each other at the moment anyway and it ended up being a mix between make-up s*x and angry s*x.

 Subject 2: She recommends the silent s*x technique to couples that are often very verbal about their feelings and what is going on. She said it forced them to make direct eye contact and act out how they were feeling as opposed to just blurting it out. She said it also made it feel somewhat taboo as they had to be quiet, almost like a throwback to being a teenager who had snuck a boy into her room. The only downfall she found was that her noisy neighbors became the background noise for s*x which was a little strange.

 Her partner said that the experience was a little strange because you were able to hear everything else going on around you. He believes that a little bit of conversation during sex is a good thing.


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