Silly Lies Women Believe About Their Bodies and Fitness


lifting-dumbbells-weightsBy: Krystle Crossman

There are common myths about fitness and for most of us, we don’t realize that they are just myths. Here are some different tips on what to watch out for with your exercise routine:

1. Myth: You can choose where you burn fat – No matter what part of your body that you work out, you will generally burn fat all over your whole body.

2. Myth: Don’t work out on an empty stomach – Your body will burn more fat if you go for a workout before you eat breakfast in the morning.

3. Myth: If you aren’t feeling the burn, it’s not working – Not true. A little discomfort is okay when you are exercising, but you shouldn’t be getting sharp pains.

4. Myth: You need to stretch before you work out – A new study shows that stretching will loosen your tendons and make your muscles feel weaker.

5. Myth: Lifting heavy weights will make you bulk up – This can actually cause you to become slimmer as you burn more calories with the heavy weights.

6. Myth: Exercise machines are better than free weights – Those machines are actually made for men and they isolate the muscles that are working. You can burn more calories by working out freestyle.

7. Myth: Running on a treadmill is just like being outside – Running in the elements requires more energy and burns more calories due to wind, temperature, hills, and terrain.

8. Myth: Don’t work out every day – Rest, but do that along with your exercise every day.

9. Myth: Working out makes you hungry – Actually some good exercise can help decrease food cravings.

10. Myth: Running is better than walking – Technically they both work the same muscles, just at different intensities. If you have the time, take a nice long walk. You will burn the same amount but it will just take a little longer.

11. Myth: It it better not to exercise when you’re sick – As long as you don’t have a fever and your symptoms are all above the neck, you are fine. Go lighter on your normal routine if you are worried.

12. Myth: Sweating means you aren’t fit – The healthier you get, the more you sweat!

13. Myth: Crunches are the best for your core – You are better off doing exercises that will work multiple muscles in your core, not just your abs.


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  1. As a personal trainer, I agree with everything except 4, 9, and 12. 1) Dynamic stretching has replaced static stretching prior to an exercise routine. It’s definitely a good idea to dynamically stretch the muscles. 2) Exercising makes some people hungrier because they’re burning more calories (including me)! 3) I’m a pretty fit guy, but I rarely sweat. I think sweat is more genetic. I know some people who sweat like pigs while others barely break a sweat.

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