Singer Brandy Collapses On A Delta Flight


By: Krystle Crossman

R & B singer Brandy had a medical scare on a Delta flight today. Brandy Norwood fell unconscious on her Delta flight from New York City to Los Angeles just as the airplane was about to take off. The flight attendants and a few passengers rushed over to her to help her. Paramedics were on the scene quickly and she was taken to a local hospital. While they were treating her on the jetway she regained consciousness. She has been reported to be in stable condition. She was released from the hospital a few hours later and is at home resting. Norwood’s spokesman said that she was in a state of exhaustion due to her busy schedule but wouldn’t give any further details on her medical condition. She has had more than 10 long flights in the last few days and was in the studio all night the previous night according to her spokesman. Her schedule has been complicated and grueling over the last few months which could explain why she had exhaustion issues if that was the case.

Brandy is currently in the studio working on her seventh album. Her website depicts a new music video. Recently she was on a cooking show on Fox called my kitchen rules with her brother Ray Jp. She has also made numerous appearances at festivals. In November 2016 at the Soul Train Music Awards she became the second recipient of the Lady of Soul Award. She was praised thoroughly for her nine minute song medley at the awards show. She began to rise to fame in 1994 with her first studio album which ended up on the Billboard 200. She had songs including “Baby” and “I Wanna Be Down” which made it to the top of the R&B singles charts. She went on to star in her own show in 1996 called Moesha. When singer Whitney Houston father show she decided to handpick Norwood as the lead in the Cinderella remake. From there she continued to make studio albums as well as act on the big screen. She had a stint on Broadway in the hit musical Chicago.

Norwood has not stated that she’s canceling any of her upcoming appearances or performances due to this medical condition. She scheduled to be at the LA! Pride Festival on June 11th.



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