Singer Mary J. Blige Calls President Trump a Racist


By Victor Trammell

Singer Mary J. Blige (pictured left) definitely supported Hillary Clinton during last year’s campaign for the U.S. presidency.

The Grammy Award-winning music performer and part-time actress has also been very vocal throughout her career about social justice issues that affect women and black people. Many people wrote off Blige’s singing routine to Clinton on the campaign trail during an Apple Music promo video as awkward.

However, the 46-year-old “My Life” songstress stood by her actions. Blige was using the art form of song to shed light on the hot button campaign issue of police brutality, which has decimated America’s black communities for many decades. She has never held her tongue when it comes to addressing the plight of her status as a black woman in the oppressive nation of America.

Blige’s outspoken and courageous nature was on full display once again during the Sundance Film Festival, which was held last Saturday (January 21st). Blige was there to perform her music and also promote the movie “Mudbound,” which debuted at Sundance.

When she got on a microphone in front of the crowd that was in attendance, Blige gave her honest opinion about Republican president Donald Trump (pictured right). Trump has been notorious for his outrageous antics, which have been largely viewed as both anti-black and misogynistic.

Blige’s onstage anti-Trump statements were recorded and a video of her moment at Sundance landed on YouTube. She said the following in the video:

“I just really can’t support this. It is what it is … He speaks about women viciously. Just racist. It makes me emotional, I haven’t been this emotional all day. My hopes are that this brings us together as people, period. Not as a people, not as black people … but as people, and understand that the only thing that’s going to make anything change is for us to love each other. I hope that it brings us all together and helps uplift us rather than break us.”

Blige’s latest album “Strength of a Woman” is available now.





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