Single Moms: What You Can Do To Better Cope With Your Busy Life


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

We all have busy lives between work, kids, and chores. Here are 10 solutions to the time-starved mother who does it all and is looking for a way to make things easier.

1. Want a night out with your partner but don’t ever seem to have someone to watch the kids? to the rescue! This website is full of reliable babysitters in the area who are qualified and trusted.

2. Do you need help with errands or a project that you are working on, like repainting a room? There is a website called in Orange County where a woman will run your errands or finish a project for a fee.

3. For single mothers, we need some adult companions that know what it is to raise a child alone. Enter It is an online community where you can meet up with other single moms in the area and have playdates for the kids and adult conversation for yourself!

4. If you find that you are having a hard time with keeping schedules in order, LivingTree is a great app. It has a sophisticated scheduling system that you can sync with family, friends, or other parents.

5. Don’t know what to make for dinner but don’t have time to go shopping? Get the app on your phone. You can put in the ingredients that you do have and it will come up with a bunch of recipes for you.

6. No time to clean? Take a look at You can find a maid in your area and they will be at your house in 2 hours from when you book. Whether you are looking for someone to tidy up or to do a deep clean, you can find them on this site.

7. Kid’s math homework got you down? Check out for online tutoring help. Great and affordable and you don’t even have to drive to meet the tutor.

8. If one of your kids is sick but you can’t get to the doctor or you don’t have anyone to watch your other kids while you go to the ER, check out You can send photos and symptoms and your doctor will respond with a diagnosis and treatment plan.

9. Don’t have time to shop for someone’s birthday? No problem with Input all of the people in your life who you shop for and when their birthday or occasion comes up it will suggest 3 gifts that match their age range and profile that you set up. It will deliver the gift wrapped and ready to open!

10. Kidlee is the Facebook of the kid world. If you don’t want to fill your Facebook statuses with every little milestone in your kid’s life, use Kidlee instead!


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