Single Mothers: You Could Be Dating a Child M0lester


shadowIf you’re a single parent and decide that you’re ready to start dating and exploring the possibility of entering a relationship, you not only have to consider your own safety, but that of your child or children.

We often hear stories about women jeopardizing their safety by meeting men online and then inviting them into their homes and then being attacked or violated in some way. When a single parent goes out into the dating world, every person they meet can not be assumed to be suitable to meet their children. What is even worse is that some child molesters deliberately target single mother so they can have access to their children.

When a young child or a teen-ager is [email protected] or s*[email protected] m0lested, some of these children are brave enough to tell; maybe not right away, it may take weeks, months, or even longer for some children to come forth. They are scared, devastated and confused. Their whole life has been changed. They may never be the same. It’s not easy for these young people to just come out and say “I was raped or I was m0lested.”

For many other children, they don’t tell verbally. But their actions do tell. We as parents, grandparents, and guardians need to recognize the symptoms. When a child is m0lested or [email protected]; there is usually a dramatic change in that child’s behavior. Children may become withdrawn or afraid. They may shut themselves off from the family. They may become depressed. There may be changes in the way they dress. Occurring, nightmares are a very good clue that something is very wrong. Some children especially boys may act out at home and at school. These symptoms could very well be signs of other, serious, problems; regardless, of what the problem is; when children show signs that they are in trouble; parents or guardians need to intervene. However, it is hard for children to tell when they have been m0lested or [email protected]

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  1. This article is right on point!!! Women have to be so careful about who you bring around your children. You must educate them about act like this at an early age. This child molesting is on the rise and it’s sicking.

  2. Just think of the movie “Precious”. Don’t surrender complete, unadulterated trust to anyone! It has been my experience to know intimately the devastation of rape, friends raped by father, grandfather, brother, and the family somehow thinks it’s ok? They blame the CHILD for exhibiting behavior meant for their peers to be attracted to and act out of context on her behavior and rape her! There is nothing worse than a Pedophile or rapist!!

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