Single Parent Home Kids Have Higher Risk of Obesity If Parent Is a Woman


single black motherRecent figures put out by the CDC have shown that 72% of African-American children grow up in a single-parent home. The impact of this is not only emotional, but can make a child’s waistline grow as well. This study was conducted by Rice University researchers.

The study involved more than 10,000 children across the country. Rachel Kimbro of Rice University headed the study. She found that children who lived in a traditional two-parent home where the parents were married had a smaller risk of becoming obese. These children had a 17% obesity rate as compared to a 31% obesity rate seen in the children that lived in a home where the parents c-ohabitated. They also found a 29% obesity rate for those living in a home with an adult relative, 23% for those living with a single mother, and 23% for those who co-habitate with a stepparent.

Interestingly, the study also found that children living with a single father or married stepparents only had a 15% obesity rate. Kimbro stated that this was because usually single-father homes had more economic resources than single-mother homes. A study in December 2012, by the CDC, however has shown that the obesity rates in low-income children have been declining.

Economic status was not the only factor that comes into play when looking at obesity rates however; there are a few different factors, and one of those was found to be genetic makeup. It was found that people with African ancestry have three different genetic variations. These variations work together with the environment to impact the BMI of a person. The result is that there is a high likelihood of becoming obese or having a high BMI.


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