Single? There Are Health Benefits For You


women laughingSome people hate to be alone, especially on Valentine’s Day. They see other couples and wish that they had someone too. But what they don’t know, is being single can actually be good for their health. There are many studies that show that married people live longer, suffer less depression, and have a lower risk of dying from a heart attack. Studies have also shown that single men have a 34% higher risk, and women are at 23% risk of dying of a heart attack, as opposed to those who are married. Here are some other studies that have good news for single people.

Happy marriages are great, and great for your health, but what about an unhappy marriage? Eric Klinenberg states that an unhappy marriage can make you feel more isolated than being single. He wrote a book about trends in single people.

Veronique Greenwood did research on the benefits of being single and published it in The Atlantic. She stated that marriage was good for men’s health as long as they were suited for marriage and were happy with their marriage. She said that women who got divorced thrived and did well, and even women who were widowed. Women have the ability to rely on their friends and social circles to help them through a break up, and come out stronger in the end. Men who got divorced however had a higher chance of dying young.

In 2011, a survey was done of 10,000 young adults and found that married and coupled people were heavier than their single counterparts. Some of these weight gains could even be large enough to pose a health problem.

If you are single, having a good job, solid friends, healthy diet and lifestyle, you can have just as many health benefits as those people who are married.


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